Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Curio: Sophia and Jayne

Alexa from Pop Elegantiarum here again with some artsy craftiness. Since the SAG awards, Sophia Loren has been in my thoughts, probably because in her 70s she is way hotter than I was in my 20s. (I also owe everything I have to spaghetti, with mixed results). And last night I had really vivid dreams about Jayne Mansfield, probably because I fell asleep, rather unfortunately, to Law & Order SVU (Mariska does bear a resemblance to her mom now and then). It all came together today when I spotted this swell little embroidery by Jennifer Jackson, a.k.a. Lucky Jackson.

The photograph of these two is so reproduced that you almost forget how funny it is. I think the embroidery really brings out the catty girlyness of the encounter. You can see more of Jennifer's happy art (including her odes to Office Space and Tim Gunn) here.


Jim T said...

Oh Sofia, don't be jealous :p


right? Sophia's got nothing to be embarrassed about.

that is such a classic photo. God bless candid moments.