Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Hurt, Precious, Inglourious, Crazy, Complicated, Blind, Single, Serious, Up-in-the-Air 2010 SAG Awards Liveblog!

txt critic liveblogs SAG

Greetings all. I've just returned from my shitty movie day with my Quizno's, Tasti Delite and Orville Redenbacher in tow, ready and super-pumped for this evening's festivities. Feel free to chime in with any thoughts along the way!

6:17 EST: Revelation from Giuliana Rancic: "Guys, when TV stars and movie stars mix, anything can -- and usually does -- happen."

6:31 EST: She just suggested to Ed Helms that Susan Boyle appear in the "Hangover" sequel.

6:32 EST: Tracy Morgan: "Morgan Freeman could be my daddy."

6:35 EST: Ross the Intern just asked Carey Mulligan "Where is Shia LaBeauof tonight?" and she looked flustered and said "I don't know" (i.e.: "You're not allowed to talk about that"). Awkwaaaaaard.

6:50 EST: Questions are being asked about what Ryan Seacrest does in steamrooms.

6:57 EST: Apparently, the first award of the evening -- for Best Stunt Ensemble -- has been given to "Star Trek."

6:58 EST: Tina Fey just confronted Giuliana with "Are you one of the ones who took a big steaming crap on me last week?" Effing Awesome. For the record, I don't care what anyone says, I LOVED that dress.

7:08 EST: You know you're stoned when you see a commercial for "Valentine's Day" and think for the first time: "Hm, maybe that won't be so bad."

7:12 EST: Me still no likey Jon Hamm + beard

7:19 EST: Whoa, Meryl Streep is wearing a beautifully ugly dress. LOVE it.

7:25 EST: "An Education" seems to be buying a lot of TV spots for this E! pre-show. I know a lot of people who love it. I am not one of them.

7:39 EST: Is it wrong that I completely forgot about the TV awards? I totally associate the SAG awards with movies.

7:47 EST: Gabby Sidibe appears to be WILDLY drunk, and confirms her place as my favorite person at these awards. She just confessed that she's never watched the SAG awards.

7:55 EST: Holy hell. Why do I still get surprised when Helen Mirren shows up somewhere looking sexy as shit?

7:59 EST: Adam Lambert, diva that he is, is the last guest to show up before the awards start. Wait, why is he here?

8:04 EST: Jeremy Irons is wearing sunglasses indoors. Hrm, his pretentiousness is offset by his yellow-and-red bow tie.

8:07 EST: Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. Me say it's Baldwin, though him, Steve Carell and Larry David are all consistently great. I've never seen "Monk" or "Two and a Half Men," so I can't speak for Shalhoub or Sheen. And it's... Baldwin.

8:09 EST: Fuck, Christoph Waltz is handsome.

8:13 EST: Lead Actress in a Comedy Series. I've not seen "Samantha Who" or "The New Adventures of Old Christine." Noticing a theme? I don't really watch CBS except for Letterman. This will probably be Toni Collette. I'd be happy with Falco, Collette or Fey. Whoa, it's Tina Fey for "30 Rock"! Apparently, her 25th win from them.

8:14 EST: "I just want to take a moment to say to everyone at NBC... that we are very happy with everything. And happy to be there." So funny.

8:21 EST: There is currently a clip reel devoted to honoring/commemorating... Comedy. WTF? And set to the wackiest generic music you can imagine. I hate this.

8:23 EST: Man, Ray Romano just made a Kevin Bacon / Jon Hamm joke. Blech.

8:26 EST: Ensemble in Comedy Series. Even though I can't stop watching it, "Glee" consistently infuriates me. As great as the cast of "The Office" and "Curb Your Enthusiasm" are, this should really go to "30 Rock" or "Modern Family," currently my two favorite shows on TV. I'm sure it will be "30 Rock." And it's.... "Glee"?!?! Christ! Okay, I guess none of my issues with the show have to do with the cast, but still! Eh, as long as Jane Lynch gets an award, I can't complain that hugely.

8:28 EST: Gabby and Mo'Nique present a clip from "Precious" while holding hands. Me likey.


In a just world, would've been nominated: James Gandolfini ("Where the Wild Things Are"), Peter Capaldi ("In the Loop"), Garrett Dillahunt ("The Last House on the Left"), Robert Duvall ("The Road"), Saul Rubinek ("Julia")

ChrIstoph Waltz will probably win this, and he deserves to, but I wouldn't be angry with Woody Harrelson. Christopher Plummer is a threat to win simply because he's old, but the performance really isn't deserving. Damon is fine in "Invictus," but basically just has to shout things in a huddle.

I happen to adore Stanley Tucci, but I seem to be one of the rare few who thinks he's AWFUL in "The Lovely Bones" (though I don't outright hate the movie). He just piles on affectation after affectation -- like talking with a weird speech impediment -- that it feels like a parody of an actor playing a serial killer.

8:32 EST: Yay, it's Christoph! This is a thoughtful, eloquent speech, but it's not the YouTube clip, outpouring of emotion or fireworks display supposedly needed at an early awards like this. Luckily, the performance is strong enough that he doesn't need to rely on anything else to be the Oscar winner.

8:39 EST: Outstanding Female Actor in a Drama Series. The nominees are Patricia Arquette, Glenn Close, Mariska Hargatay, Holly Hunter, Julianna Margulies, and Kyra Sedgwick. I've never seen one episode of any of these shows. Wow, do I not watch any Dramas?

8:41 EST: And it's Julianna Margulies. Okay.

8:45 EST: Male Actor in a Drama Series. Simon Baker, Bryan Cranston, Michael C. Hall, Jon Hamm, Hugh Laurie. Oh, I do watch "Dexter" and "Mad Men." I guess I do watch dramas, just not those boring, lady-driven TNT detective-esque dramas. Yay, Michael C. Hall! Though that Bryan Cranston clip reminded me that I need to start watching "Breaking Bad."

8:47 EST: I will try to cut down on my "An Education" hate, since I really don't hate it, but these clips just remind me that I don't understand what anyone is finding special about this movie. It's a nice, fairly entertaining, middle-of-the-road, learn-your-lesson movies made for grandmothers. But whatever I guess.

8:50 EST: Ensemble Cast in a Drama Series. Never seen "The Closer" or "The Good Wife" and I only half-watch "True Blood," but I love "Dexter" and "Mad Men." This should really be "Mad Men" .... and it is!

9:00 EST: As president of the SAG, Ken Howard is doing his duty by saying some very boring things for minutes on end. He was wonderful in "In Her Shoes."

9:02 EST: And now Sandra Bullock is beginning the presentation of the Lifetime Achievement Award to Betty White. Is it wrong that the former golden girl's appearance in "The Proposal" last year (ever-so-slightly) diminished the love I had for her?

9:18 EST: This "Extraordinary Measures" commercial seems to be advertising a much happier, smilier movie than the two-hour dying-children movie I saw this afternoon.

9:22 EST: Best Actress in a TV Movie or Mini-Series. This should really, really, really be Drew Barrymore. I always like her, but always find her more charming than actually thinking she gave a particularly special performance, but she was truly fantastic in "Grey Gardens." If this goes to her co-star Jessica Lange, it's purely because Lange is older..... Ahhh, awesome, it's Drew!

9:24 EST: Loved that speech. Even with all the "um, um, um," it clearly was coming from the heart. I don't presume to think we actually really 'know' any Hollywood celebrity, but she just seems like a genuine person.

9:27 EST: Best Actor in a TV Movie or Mini-Series. I didn't even hear of these films with Cuba Gooding Jr. and Tom Wilkinson, and alas I missed "Georgia O'Keefe," but Kevin Bacon was terrific in "Taking Chance." It will likely be him... and it is.

9:33 EST: In Memoriam. I know they do it at every single awards show every single year, but I really wish they'd stop doing the applause-meter thing.

9:36 EST: P.S. We're 96 minutes into a supposedly-two-hour-long awards show, and they've officially given out ONE film award.


In a just world, would've been nominated: Catherine Keener ("Where the Wild Things Are"), Patricia Clarkson ("Whatever Works"), Marion Cotillard ("Nine"), Vera Farmiga (for "Orphan"), Melanie Laurent ("Inglourious Basterds")

Penelope was fun in "Nine" but she's playing the exact same role she won an Oscar for last year. I happen to love, love, love "Up in the Air" but count me among the few who doesn't think Vera was anything special in it. Sure, she's sexy and has great chemistry with Clooney, but I didn't think the role required a whole hell of a lot. Call me crazy. Kendrick and Kruger are deserving of their nominations, but not for the win. Mo'Nique will be winning this, and rightfully so.

9:43 EST: And like we all thought/knew, Mo'Nique won. She delivered a really excellent speech, to boot, one that seemed (to me) significantly more sincere than her Golden Globes one last Sunday.


In a just world, would've been nominated: Robin Williams ("World's Greatest Dad"), Nicolas Cage ("Bad Lieutenant"), Matt Damon ("The Informant!"), Tom Hardy ("Bronson"), Viggo Mortensen ("The Road"), Patton Oswalt ("Big Fan"), Sam Rockwell ("Moon"), Michael Stuhlbarg ("A Serious Man")

Honestly, anyone EXCEPT MORGAN FREEMAN would totally deserve this. Colin Firth was my personal favorite (though I didn't love the movie), but Clooney, Bridges and Renner are not far behind. Happy to see anyone win this, but it really should be (and will be) the long overdue Bridges. And unlike Winslet last year, it'll actually be for a deserving performance.

9:54 EST: Jeff Bridges for the win! Good for him. Meryl Streep encourages him to ignore the "Please Wrap It Up" cue.


In a just world, would've been nominated: Tilda Swinton ("Julia"), Ellen Page ("Whip It"), Catalina Saavedra ("The Maid"), Charlotte Gainsbourg ("Antichrist")

I want to see Gabourey Sidibe win this. Only her and Helen Mirren gave deserving performances, and Gabby is easily the best in the category. If Tilda had gotten nominated on the other hand... I still say if "Julia" had been put out by a distributor that had any money to support it (it was Magnolia), she would far and away be the frontrunner in this category. This will likely go to Meryl (snooze) or Sandra (cuts wrists). Thankfully, Carey Mulligan appears to have lost steam.

9:57 EST: Oh, fuck. Sandra Bullock. There are no words.

10:00 EST: Yes, yes, nice speech. But completely, completely undeserved. Just a little anecdote to share -- not saying it's related: I attended a SAG screening of "A Serious Man" a couple weeks back, and a gentleman behind me said to his screening partner that he was going to vote for Sandra Bullock even though he hadn't seen "The Blind Side," using the following rationale: "She's had such a long career, and she's always been good, as opposed to someone who just lucked into it like Precious."

10:01 EST: And Clooney clinches the best moment of the night by implying he's had sex with Betty White. And making the joke "An Education: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire." Interesting that he's presenting the category that his film was surprisingly snubbed from.


While Alfred Molina and Rosamund Pike rocked the shit, I generally don't think the ensemble of "An Education" is worthy of winning an award. I also think that, aside from Jeremy Renner, the cast of "The Hurt Locker" has been a bit overvalued. "Nine" -- don't make me laugh. This should go to "Precious" or "Inglourious Basterds," and dare I say, it will go to one of them.

10:02 EST: And it does indeed go to "Inglourious Basterds." I'm very happy about it, but somehow it seems inappropriate for Eli Roth to (again!) be the one accepting the award, considering he gives the worst performance in the film.

10:05 EST: And it's over. Well, to be honest, I enjoyed blogging this more than the actual awards, so I don't how all y'all who were just watching it felt. Either way, whatever the reason, I had fun, hopefully you did too. Now, I'm off to drink in the East Village, and I'll leave you with the following words:



Anonymous said...

I keep reading more and more online that Streep will likely take home her second consecutive SAG statuette...I can only hope this comes to pass.

Go Meryl!

Kim said...

Jon Hamm's beard makes me sad. Why cover up that gorgeous face?

Jim T said...

txtcritic, tour small contribution to the Globes was very nice. I'm glad you are doing this. By the way, were you born in 1986? I'm asking because of the Jur. Park post. I was about the same age only I did see it.

the boyfriend said...

Also not a fan of the Hamm beard - but, better than that creepy beard that Brad Pitt is currently sporting.

This is odd for me - it feels somehow morally wrong to be watching an awards show without Nathaniel in the room to explain to me what's going on.

Michael said...

Meryl dressed old!

And LOVE that Colin Firth has taken Tom Ford as his date. Cute!

What is Diane Kruger doing with Joshua Jackson?!?

Dominique said...

Ha, I also am born in 1986 and was wondering about Jurassic Park :)

txtcritic said...

Born in 85, for the record. I'm in the late birthday club (November).

Jim T said...

I'm 85 too. December 3. Very close in time (but far in space, I assume).
Fun to know.

Anonymous said...

what channel is this on

Anonymous said...


Jim T said...

TNT. Go to their site and you can watch it live. It's on another one too, but they both give the same link.

Jim T said...

By the way, I'm sad that Winlset won't be there to give an award.

cinema adventures said...

Whenever I see a poster for Valentine's Day I consider how good it might be based on the cast. I'm suspicious.

I'd love to get WILDLY drunk with Gabby Sidibe! I saw her on the Hope for Haiti special last night and got a little too giddy for proceedings.

An Education grew less and less 'meh' in my memory since I saw it.

Basically, I agree with everything you're saying. This is going to be a fun post, I can feel it!

the boyfriend said...

Is Meryl the new spokesperson forthe JC Penny in NYC or something? I know she's not a fashionista, but seriously?

txtcritic said...

Aw, I like how ugly it is! It's charmingly ugly.

Unknown said...

Hope Meryl will win again this year.
Nathaniel did you post your SAG predictions?

Jim T said...

the boyfriend, are you really the boyfriend? You do know Nathaniel will see that comment, right? You are screwed :p

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm that boyfriend. And don't worry, he defers to me in fashion judgment.

Jim T said...

Why do I find TV awards so boring? I mean, I'm fine with the Emmys but nothing more. I mean it!! :p

Murtada said...

Agree with you that An Education is a slight story and kinda old-fashioned. But it's full of great performances, everyone is so smart and immensely watchable. It deserves the ensemble nomination.

txtcritic said...

Join the club, Jim T.

Anonymous said...

This "An Education" hate is a tad juvenile. Grow up.

the boyfriend said...

OOH time for cheesecake!

Jim T said...

I don't know how to watch the actual ceremony so I'm watching the actors coming out of the main room and going to the place where photographers eat, um take their pictures. They probably feel like new-born pandas. Not talking, just being there looking cute.

Craig Hickman said...

Betty White is out of her mind.

I think you can forgive her, Nate.

txtcritic said...

Hrm, it appears a couple of you don't realize that Nat is in Sundance, and this is me, good ole txtcritic, doing this liveblog.

shawnp said...

ok, since this isn't Nate I can forgive the ignorant Betty White comment

Caden said...

100% agreed on Stanley Tucci in Lovely Bones. A ridiculous performance.

Caden said...

P.S. Thanks for live-blogging this! I'm following from an airport in Asia.

txtcritic said...

Um, I'm ignorant because I didn't like Betty White in "The Proposal" (nor anything else about the movie)? Suck it, Ironjohn. Suck it long, and suck it hard.

the boyfriend said...

I'm a little confused by Drew's dress.

the boyfriend said...

trust me, you're very glad you missed that O'Keeffe disaster.

Kim said...

I love how in love Kyra Sedgewick and Kevin Bacon still are. It's very endearing.

Poppy said...

How come you didnt mention anything about Betty White's speech? Or the fact that she got a lifetime achievement award? Yet you mention your hate for An Education.

shawnp said...

not liking a performance and diminishing the love you have for a performer?
I think you need to go back to writing class.
clarify your terms suckbot.

txtcritic said...

Um, I did mention that she got a Lifetime Achievement Award. I just didn't have much to say about the speech. And I actually explicitly said I DON'T hate "An Education." If you're going to be bitchy and negative, at least try to be accurate.

Kim said...

Anyone else chuckling at how Cuba Gooding Jr seems to be escorting all the ladies up the stairs?

Jim T said...

i liked An Education but didn't feel offensed by his comment. I actually like grandmothers :p

And hey, I like it that he is becoming more active in the blog. Let's not discourage him.

Anonymous said...

Mo'Nique is so scary.

Jim T said...

OMG, I meant offended. Yes, I'm illiterate :p

Ryan T. said...

So other than Tina Fey's win, every winner won last week at the Globes. Snooze.

shawnp said...

maybe I should go back to writing school. my comment was only about Betty White and how one performance should not color the "love" you have for an actor.
all actors make questionable choices.
look at Meryl Streep.
I still love her.
What irritated me about the comment is that the award was for a lifetime achievement.
Betty White is amazing. Commenting on her performance in The Proposal as diminishing her career (which is what the award is about) just seemed bitchy.
Bitchier than my comments at least.

Jim T said...

Kate was great in The Reader. But of course you can have your own opinion. :)

francisco said...

lol carey mulligan looks annoyed that sandra won yet again

Jim T said...

No hate for Bullock from people? Are we tired? Have we already said everything there is to say?

I hate her winning. I hate her for being too nice for me to hate her. I hate the BFCA, the Globes, the SAGs and I'm about to hate the Oscars.

Unknown said...

Sandra????? WTF!

Jim T said...

That's the spirit!! :p

Scott said...

While I love Betty White, I totally get what you mean about remembering her performance in The Proposal knocking her down a notch or two in your mind. And while I'm not at all surprised, I'm rather sad Renner didn't win at any of these shows. And is it just me, or is this shaping up to be the least interesting Oscars in years?

Klemen said...

Boring cuz it was a total Globe repeat.And scary as hell, cuz does this mean Sandra could win the Oscar?I'm happy for her as a person, cuz she's so nice, but this should be about acting and...just no.Seriously, if she wins it will be the weakest performance since...I can't even remember.Hepburn for Guess who's coming to dinner?maybe.

Kristin Regina said...

I don't get why Sandra won.

brandz said...

I'm surprised T-Bone Streep lost. I was hoping SAG would honor talent and Streep just got ripped-off.

OtherRobert said...

Someone else thinks Catherine Keener deserves the nomination for Where the Wild Things Are? I knew there was a reason I came to this blog.

Team "Lucked Into It With Precious" for the win!

Bryan said...

It looks like Steve Carrell will never win anything. Ever. Alec Baldwin is great. But can't they alternate or something?

I love how I have no doubt that Drew Barrymore is exactly like that in real life. Someone above called her genuine, and I totally agree.

How did Best Actress become the only acting race worth watching? And is Sandra the frontrunner now? The Academy won't give it to her, right?

And where was Kate Winslet?!?

Anonymous said...

It makes me sooooooooo sad that you said that someone was voting for Sandra because she has had a long career, and because she didn't "just luck into it." Talent is talent, people!

I REALLY want to believe that the voters actually watch the performances... what's the worth of an SAG award if they don't?

Walter L. Hollmann said...

Instead of watching the SAGs, i opted to watch the Lifetime Original Movie "The Pregnancy Pact" while drinking. Go me!

Anonymous said...

The SAG simply does not give an actor the award 2 years in a row. The academy will recognize Streep for the superior performance over Bullock and give her the Oscar. Don't fret. A Bullock win would be the biggest disastrous upset in Oscar history. I just don't buy it happening...

Marco said...

Even you Nathaniel is against Bullock? ;_;

Rooting for Sandra because I loved the performance (althought I still think she was a bit off in some moments) and I think Gabby and Carey should wait. They are so young and new in the industry (and the Oscars it's not just about the acting and we all know that)

marlasinger said...

im very happy for sandra:) really really happy and its almost 5 am for me...blind side is a real movie for real people which shows that anybody can be a good person...and im also happy for inglorious bastards these 2 were my favourite movies in 2009...well i know it might sound rather strange:D

Marsha Mason said...

Betty White is 88, still acting, and no matter how bad that acting becomes or how shitty the projects she does, she's Betty frickin White and I will always love her as much as I love anybody!

Anonymous said...

hoping sandra wins the oscar. great movie / great performance. of course she prob won't win; no one will vote for a character that is a republican & has big a heart. hollywood doesn't want to award or recognize something like that. republicans, as hollywood only knows, are evil racists!

Ryan Ray said...

Um, then how has Sandra been already winning awards already Anon? Your argument literally makes no sense. Hopefully they won't award her because she is unworthy here.

txtcritic's story at the Serious Man screening is ridiculous. I know people do this but they should at least have the courtesy to view all the films nominated. They shouldn't be allowed to vote.

O. Andrew D said...

Maybe I am the only one who thought Carey and Gabby's performances are the ones that do not deserve awards.

Michael B. said...

There are 120,000 members in SAG and I promise you that the majority of the voters who voted for Bullock saw The Blind Side.

An argument could be made against those who voted for Streep just because she's Meryl Streep. Happens all the time.

Cinesnatch said...

the anti-Bullock sentiment is annoying. Get over yourselves.

jimmy said...

i was assuming meryl had it in the bag 'til tonite. i didn't really care for j/j, if she is to win her 3rd oscar,shouldn't it really be for something terrific? too bad she didn't win for "The Hours" or last year. i still think she will take home oscar this year. christie won sag / marion wins oscar. streep won sag last year / kate wins oscar. seems like there are many splits. i think it would be kind of groovy for sandra bullock to win - she's a big star; nice performance in a weak year; brings in the $$$; seems like a nice gal.

Robert said...

When I read that Sandra Bullock won, I lost faith in humanity. WHAT is the big deal? Seriously...if she wins the Oscar, I will die. I love Sandy but the Blind Side made ME go blind, it was so bad.

And as for Glee makes me angry too, but since Jane Lynch won I will forgive them all...though it is an injustice to steal from Modern Family what is rightfully theirs.

Robert Hamer said...

Proof that visitors to this site are prone to the same political popularity contest bullshit that afflicts the Oscars:

"Rooting for Sandra because I loved the performance (althought I still think she was a bit off in some moments) and I think Gabby and Carey should wait. They are so young and new in the industry."

"im very happy for sandra:) really really happy and its almost 5 am for me...blind side is a real movie for real people which shows that anybody can be a good person..."

"hoping sandra wins the oscar. great movie / great performance. of course she prob won't win; no one will vote for a character that is a republican & has big a heart."

"i think it would be kind of groovy for sandra bullock to win - she's a big star; nice performance in a weak year; brings in the $$$; seems like a nice gal."

You want to know why Sandra Bullock is the frontrunner? It's because there are probably a lot of idiots like these voting for year-end film awards.

Alex said...

This is so awful!

Thanks for mentioning Charlotte Gainsbourg's work in Antichrist. Really want to see Julia!!!

Marco said...

Nice argument calling people idiot, Robert.

You're very eloquent.

Goren said...

Yay Sandra Bullock! Get your Oscar next.

Marsha Mason said...

I'm on record saying I want a real race in one of the acting categories...but this?

adam k. said...

Well Best Actress is now definitely a race. I do think the much smaller and more elitist academy will not give Bullock a free pass, and I can't help but feel like the critics' awards (and it being Meryl f***ing Streep) will tip it the other way, but Sandy's momentum can no longer be denied. Game on.

I kinda wish I could hate Sandra Bullock for winning all these, but I just can't. I forgot how much I liked her from her While You Were Sleeping Days, and no matter how many bad movies she does, she's just so endearing. And I actually liked her performance in The Blind Side A LOT, even if the movie was dumb and generic as all get out. She made it watchable, which was a major accomplishment. She was totally enjoyable.

And to be honest, J&J wasn't all that either. I can't get that upset about it not winning. I certainly didn't leave that film thinking "Meryl should win the oscar!"

But The Blind Side? Really? REALLY?

In truth, with Tilda and Abbie nowhere in sight, best actress feels rather pointless. I just can't bring myself to care that much.

Y Kant Goran Rite said...

Sandra Bullock. Wow. Really. Wow.

Next year we'll have Keanu Reeves as Best Supporting Actor (as a man, he's a bit too young for a lead prize) for playing a handicapped Iraq war vet with a disappearing-reappearing Texas drawl in something called I Hear the Robins in the Nighttime.

So maybe the fault doesn't lie with Ampass? Maybe it's a culture that gives credibility to mock-prestige-based awards bodies made up predominantly of people who who haven't read subtitles (much less, you know, a novel) in a decade.

Seriously. Best Actress. Sandra Bullock. This is up there with Best Picture: Crash.

Michael Shetina said...

I hope Meryl and Sandra split the vote and let Carey or Gabby win. I can dream.

Jacob Lives said...

In a perfect world, Carey Mulligan would be sweeping every award there is for "An Education." Not Meryl for her trifle of a film "Julie & Julia", and saying she's the best part of it is like saying what the best part of getting the flu is. Throw Oscar #3 at her for that? Whatever. Or Sandra Bullock, who gets the "I'm really a serious actor, ya'll" award for not sucking in a film for once and showing her "chops" in a blockbuster. I know the Oscars are just a popularity contest, and I've accepted that their tastes are nothing like my own, but all these pre-Oscars shows do is give voters free permission to rubber-stamp mediocrity when there's better things to award instead. It's so disheartening. And the worst part is that it so doesn't have to be that way with Carey Mulligan right there in the thick of things besting everyone else running and having nothing to show for it.

Robert Hamer said...

@ Marco: Not really sure how I can elucidate any further on the stupidity of people who think that only established Hollywood royalty should win Oscars, but to each his own.

Anonymous said...

Jon Hamm's beard sucks, while Clooney's one rocks!

and so now Bullock is the frontrunner? even if I can't say I agree with it, I'm just too happy for the haters :D

I liked Winslet in THE READER (and also in REVOLUTIONARY ROAD) but it's true that anyone has his own opinion. anyway I think that everybody should be glad Winslet is an Oscar (or any award) winner, no matter you owe it this to Stephen Daldry


ps: please Mr. Daldry, if u can hear me, make as soon as possible movies starring Natalie Portman or Julianne Moore, so they can become Oscar winner too...

mrripley said...

They'll give the Oscar to Bullock 'cos we all know Streep will have many more worthy roles it would be silly to give it to her for j and j just like it was silly to give it Kate for the mediocre The Reader.

Glenn said...

"In truth, with Tilda and Abbie nowhere in sight, best actress feels rather pointless. I just can't bring myself to care that much."

Exactly, that's what I've been saying! The precursors ruined Best Actress by ignoring the likes of Tilda and Abbie and Charlotte and others. People acting as if Sandra winning is the worst thing in the world, but the person they all want to win is Meryl Streep for a performance that is just as un-Oscar-worthy as they say Bullock is. Maybe if Bullock was constantly beating Tilda and Abbie when they were nominated then there'd be reason for anger, but... I gotta say, Sandra is really bringing out the bile and it's just making people look rotten.

Goran, if Keanu gave a good performance then perhaps he should get awards.

Troy said...

Sandra was great in The Blind Side. She was also great in Speed. But neither are award worthy performances. It is a shame that the bandwagon jumping effect has taken over. People are voting for a name, not a performance which completely removes the legitimacy of these awards. I am hoping her SAG win is simply a nice way of saying "but you won't win the Oscar." We shall see though.

Troy said...

Also, with the apparent demise of Brangelina, can we start giving Kevin Bacon & Kyra Sedgwick some deserved face time. These two are so damn talented, hot & just awesome. Hopefully Kevin punched Ray Romano in the face for his unfunny divorce joke. Let's hear it for Kyrin!!

FrenchGirl said...

"Sandra Bullock has a long career and she always was good!" why not?!Meryl Streep also!Betty White also(i don't know her but she's very old)!
Sandra Bullock's SAG dress was better than her GG dress.

obviously,french taste and american taste haven't the same thing!

and i agree with you on other actors who can be nominated as lead actors(Rockwell,Mortensen,Damon,...)and i also agree "2009 was a weak year for movies"(i perfered french movies this year)

Anonymous said...

Carey Mulligan or Meryl Streep should bring Kanye West as their date to the Oscars next month.

So when that mediocre film actress Sandra Bullock wins her undeserved Best Actress prize, Mr. West can go on the stage and do his thing.

"Hey, Sandra, I'mma let you finish and everything, but Meryl Streep and Carey Mulligan had the best performances of this year! THIS YEAR!!" LOL

Seriously, the star of "All About Steve" better not be cited as this year's best.

Gazza said...

Sandra all the way baby....she deserves it,brilliant in the Blind Side she really holds back the performance which could so easily have been over acted.

She is one classy lady.

Andrew R. said...


Seriously, send the AMPAS letters saying "Remember All About Steve? Give it to Mulligan or Streep or Sidibe."

Seriously, poor Carey Mulligan. She can't win at this point. It's down to Bullock and Streep, with Sidibe trying to assassinate one of them.

In a fair world, I definatly agree that Melanie Laurent gets a nomination. Though she probably will get nominated because of Nine's failure (the acting is not really Oscar-worthy, though Fergie should get something), and I'll be happy.

Anonymous said...

samantha who was an ABC show... not CBS

Unknown said...

Just saw Sandra's SAG acceptance speech, very cute and genuine, I've always found Sandra Bullock films to be charming, but that's where it ends, she's nowhere near the performer Meryl is, it's not only about Meryl, all the other 4 performances were MUCH stronger; Sandra will not win the Oscar ladies and gents, it's really nice that BAFTA did not even nominate her, this is something like the Julia Roberts story in 2000, a star that's finally doing something sort of good in a blockbuster; I do think Meryl is the favourite at the Oscars and for those who call the performance lightweight, well I can say something I've said many times, who says lightweight is easier than drama? and honestly speaking who can be as brilliant and absolutely marvellous doing lightweight as Meryl? (J&J, The Devil Wears Prada)

Meryl does something different for the 1011th time, something new again, it's fun, it's lovely, she has the Oscar people :-)

Owen Rex said...

Sandra Bullock was great in "The Blind Side," and it would be no travesty if she won the Oscar. Accept it already. And for me, it would be a vast improvement than Kate Winslet winning for that shit "The Reader" last year.

John T said...

I'm good with Bullock's performance getting this award. I liked this performance, and Julie & Julia, while good, isn't even in the Top 10 best Meryl performances. Yes, I know that you shouldn't measure it by previous years, but it's not like this is going to be a travesty on par with Crash beating Brokeback or Swank taking out Staunton/Bening/Winslet. And it's not even close to the worst performances to ever win an Oscar (Mary Pickford and George Arliss, anyone?)

Also, am I the only one glad that Cornish isn't in here? I get it-she was trying to be subtle, but there's a fine line between subtle and novocaine, and she towed that line dangerously close.

I think we saw the Oscar quartet here tonight, however-it's Oscar's favorite formula for each win: movie star (Best Actress), overdue thespian (Best Actor), come-out-of-nowhere character actor (Best Supporting Actor), and shocking scene stealer (Best Supporting Actress). About the only surprises I could see at this point would be Streep or Plummer, but they're both long shots now.


I am horrified at how many excuses i keep reading for Sandra winning for The Blind Side. And from people who ususally have good taste and principles about Oscar being an acting competition.

Just because we love a performer, does not mean they deserve to win an Oscar. Not every movie star deserves one. It's a different prize than movie stardom.

But Adam is right that the category is too frustrating to care that much about.

I also think it's telling that people are suddenly anti-Meryl this year "she'll have many more chances"

People, this is why Meryl has lost for 27 years, everyone assuming that next year will be the year. It's beyong irritating.

If we're accepting that someone's stardom and a decent performance and fan love for them, equals 'deserving of the Oscar' than I have to say this: it makes a LOT more sense for Meryl to be named a 3-time Academy Award winner than for Sandra to win one.

i'm just saying.

AND I LIKE SANDRA BULLOCK, don't forget. I'm not hear to hate. But come on. This is the kind of mass hypnosis, spurred on by the media that makes Oscar such a popularity circus rather than anything resembling a smart 'what was the best in film?' party.

it's just going to break my heart that Glenn Close, Sigourney Weaver, Michelle Pfeiffer, Julianne F'in Moore ...all with multiple great performances are never going to be named Oscar winners but Sandra Bullock is?

Colin Low said...

@Nathaniel: Agreed on all your points (and with Adam's and Glenn's), but there's something to be said for ostensible career peaks: many are saying Bullock's at her best in The Blind Side (let's ignore for now whether her best is necessarily Oscar-worthy), but how many are saying that for Meryl?

Without Tilda in the race, I don't care if the Oscar goes to Bullock or Mulligan or whomever. But I really don't want to see Meryl win it because I love her acting, and IMHO she's now in her equivalent of Martin Scorsese's Aviator/GONY phase (yes, Scorsese hadn't even won, and Meryl's won twice, but I'm talking levels of Oscar hunger here). In this sense, I care more for what the Oscar will do for Meryl than what Bullock winning will do for Oscar. Because I think where Meryl goes from here is more important than where Oscar ends up. If that's fair.

Kev said...

There's an inherent bias over Sandra Bullock winning an Oscar that's really sickening. Close, Moore, Weaver, Pfeiffer not having Oscars don't have a damn thing to do with Sandra Bullock winning an Oscar now for a performance that many people love now. Apples and oranges. And Meryl will have 16 nominations to her credit and 2 prior Academy Awards when all is said and done. No one else in the world can boast that, and that's a reward unto itself. I know I wouldn't give her anything for "Julie & Julia", and the Meryl fanboys should get at some point that there will be people that just didn't like her performance in it, and heaven forbid people like something else better (which can't be Sandra Bullock or the world would implode). And just about every loss Meryl has had in her career can be justified. It doesn't necessarily make it right, but it makes sense that gosh, other nominees could actually go the distance and win out against goddess Meryl. Hell, no one's talking about Carey Mulligan or Gabby Sidibe or Abbie Cornish anymore, but that's life. Those should be the frontrunners to win this year. Still, I'm happy for Sandra Bullock having her moment right now. I wouldn't pick her to win the Oscar, but there is worth to what she did in "The Blind Side," and it's a win I can accept and appreciate. As much as the fanboys hate to hear it, Meryl will be back really quick, and next time hopefully, she'll be in a better vehicle and performance for that elusive third win.

The Pretentious Know it All said...

I don't hate Sandra Bullock either, but having now seen "The Blind Side" I can't support a win for that performance. I just can't. And I know we put a lot of stock in the precursors, but Meryl did win SAG last year in that category. Call me Pollyanna, but I'm still thinking that Meryl is going to win in the end. What people don't realize is that the Oscars are like six weeks away. Any number of things can happen between now and then.

Film popularity ebbs and flows throughout awards season. Even though I think Meryl is still going to win, I have a feeling that in the next couple of weeks we're going to see a "Precious" resurgence that may throw a few votes Sidibe's way (and away from Bullock). For how fast Mulligan seems to be fading, that performance has its partisans. This is all hypothetical, of course, but I'm just saying that a lot can happen in six weeks.

Just think Marion Cotillard for a moment. Julie Christie won the BFCA, the globe and the SAG. Cotillard won the globe and the BAFTA and the Oscar. Bullock is not nominated for a BAFTA award, so Streep has a shot there (unless it's Mulligan). If Streep wins the BAFTA's, the precursors are evenly split and it's anyone's game.

John T said...

I'm not saying that I love Bullock's performance or that I necessarily want her to win for it, I'm just saying that I don't consider any of the frontrunners exponentially better than what she's putting out there. This isn't a Marion Cotillard in La Vie En Rose or Crash for Best Picture sort of scenario-I don't see this being listed as one of the Academy's "great regret" wins the way that Benigni or Crash were.

Rick said...

If Bullock wins the Oscar, it will be one of the weakest acting performances to grace the Academy... I, too, am not a Bullock hater.

Streep's performance in Jand J was not her best ever.. but she , at least, took a mediocre picture and did a brilliant job of acting but becoming Julia Child .. not imitating her.

I am still hoping Oscar goes to her... she is soooo taken for granted as an actress. How can anyone sat "greatest actress ever and then deny her an Oscar???

Pf_Iggy said...

"AND I LIKE SANDRA BULLOCK, don't forget. I'm not hear to hate."

And this is one of the craziest things coming from this Bullock/Streep thing. Everyone giving his opinion on Bullock has to make a clear statement to say that he's no Bullock hater. Have we all gone nuts? It's like one has to start by saying "Hi, my name is Pf_Iggy and I don't hate Sandra Bullock." Just look at the comments here.

One thing is for sure, if she wins that Oscar she'll be at the top of the "what the hell happened that year" list of awards. And that's not a place where you want to be if you're still working, imo.


Pf-Iggy... ha. i realize that preface is rather like "some of my best friends ar e________" before denigrating the group they belong to.

so i should be more clear: I think Bullock is good in THE BLIND SIDE. I think she's W-A-Y better than the film (which i find offensive) and I was proud of her for pulling it back when it could have been a 'big' performance.

but I don't necessarily like people to get awards traction because they were "good" or 'better than expected' because that's why so many great actors never win Oscars. they are taken for granted -- you can see this in the way people talk about Streep.

Granted, Streep has nothing to complain about in terms of attention paid. But people expect her to be gobsmackingly brilliant in order to deserve a win. But Sandra Bullock is only required to be good in order to deserve prizes.

and this disparity makes me all kinds of crazy.

Anonymous said...


Kristin Regina said...

I still don't get it. I really don't. Sandra's good in The Blind Side but...

SID said...

Sandra?????? Can't believe I'm still paying attention to this awards seasons.... Sandra______________

Anonymous said...

Carey Mulligan or Meryl Streep should bring me as their date to the Oscars next month.

So when that mediocre film actress Sandra Bollocks wins her undeserved Best Actress prize, I can go on the stage and do my thing.

"Hey, Sandra, I'mma let you finish and everything, but Meryl Streep and Carey Mulligan had the best performances of this year! THIS YEAR!!"

Seriously, the star of "All About Steve" better not be cited as this year's best.

Warm Regards,


John T said...

Seriously-what's with the All About Steve stuff that constantly comes up this awards season? There are many, many reasons Sandra Bullock shouldn't win, but having made a bad movie isn't one of them. If so, Jon Voight should be forced to return his Oscar about ten times over, not to mention Nicholas Cage, Jodie Foster (Backtrack, anyone?), Michael Caine, Gwyneth Paltrow, the list goes on and on and on.

Heck, if you want to stick to this year's frontrunners, you'd still have Clooney (there should be some penance for Batman & Robin), Mirren (Caligula), Harrelson (Indecent Proposal), Mo'Nique (Flavor of Love: Charm School), and Cruz (Captain Corelli's Mandolin). Even Streep has House of Spirits.

So for those who want to throw Bullock under, do it for The Blind Side, but stick to just that aspect of her filmography, because no one passes through their filmography completely unscathed.

Walter L. Hollmann said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Mo'Nique may have taken part in some productions of questionable quality, but Charm School is not one of them:

What a fucking bad-ass. Such insight. Best show on VH1, ever.

Anonymous said...

Good thing "The Blind Side" will be what Sandra Bullock's nominated for and not "All About Steve", since the latter film has absolutely nothing to do with the former.

Pf_Iggy said...

"but I don't necessarily like people to get awards traction because they were "good" or 'better than expected' "

That tendency is one of the things that worry me most. And I blame it on the celebrity culture we're living. Ever since reality TV and celebrity culture got into our lives and showed us people that literally do nothing to deserve public attention, we automatically (and probably even unconsciously) started giving more value to anything artistic. So, what on paper should be good (appreciate the arts), in fact it means lowering the bar, so that if you needed to be "outstanding" before, now you just need to be "standing" there with some dignity to get recognition.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nat, I'm thinking hard. Do you think Academy voters will give first place votes to Sandra in their nomination ballots?

Anonymous said...

Carey Mulligan or Meryl Streep should bring me as their date to the Oscars next month.

So when that mediocre film actress Sandra Bollocks wins her undeserved Best Actress prize, I can go on the stage and do my thing.

"Hey, Sandra, I'mma let you finish and everything, but Meryl Streep and Carey Mulligan had the best performances of this year! THIS YEAR!!"

Seriously, the star of "All About Steve" better not be cited as this year's best.

Warm Regards,


jimmy said...

not to change the subject - but - "to each his own" was on last night - olivia dehavilland's oscar winning movie - ugh - awful. so - there have been many mediocre nothing special award - winning performances - Olivia, Elizabeth taylor, Julie andrews, helen hayes in aiprort, goldie hawn, glenda jackson's 2nd win, faye in network, gywnneth, katharine hepburn in guess who's coming to dinner & old golden pond, the one from "as good as it gets", reese, etc etc. long long list of not-good oscar winners.

Anonymous said...

And now here we go to Razzie race as well:

Glad that Sandra Bollocks is one of Razzie target for worst actress (All About Steve).

Anonymous said...

Let me tell you a story. Around 27 years ago, Time has featured on its cover for the very first time a Filipina, and that is Corazon Aquino, wife of former Philippine senator, Ninoy Aquino (IDK if you know them but during the 80's they're quite famous),16641,19860224,00.html

Now, just last year, this woman had died. Yes, she just died last year. That's how long 27 years is.

Why do I know all of these things? Because I am from the Philippines.

Raúl A. Pinto said...

I'm agree... Catalina Saavedra should have been nominated