Tuesday, January 26, 2010

(Un)Lucky Star.

Jose here bringing you some more award news.

The Costume Designers Guild announced their nominees for 2009.
In what's becoming a ridiculous set of snubs, Jane Campion's Bright Star was once again ignored for much less remarkable achievements (odd considering how much the costumes are actual part of the movie's plot). After the egregious snub by the Cinematographers Guild it's been clear how much people have decided to just pretend the movie doesn't exist.
You didn't have to like the film to see how great the cinematography and costumes were, right?

Now on to the nominees,


  • Avatar (Mayes C. Rubeo, Deborah Lynn Scott)
  • The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (Monique Prudhomme)
  • Star Trek (Michael Kaplan)
The fact the CGI loincloths from Avatar were nominated in this category is a reminder of how much people are dying to reward this film.


  • (500) Days of Summer (Hope Hanafin)
  • Bruno (Jason Alper)
  • Crazy Heart (Doug Hall)
  • Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire (Marina Draghici)
  • Up in the Air (Danny Glicker)
Bruno being here proves my previous point about Bright Star. Both movies have fashion as essential plot elements, of course one's crass, the other's class, but still that doesn't diminish or improve their technical achievements.
I find it strange that they snubbed The Lovely Bones here though or did they think it was more fantasy?


  • Coco Before Chanel (Catherine Leterrier)
  • Julie & Julia (Ann Roth)
  • Nine (Colleen Atwood)
  • Sherlock Holmes (Jenny Beavan)
  • The Young Victoria (Sandy Powell)
I'm guessing this could be what Oscar's lineup will look like. With AMPAS favorites Atwood, Roth and Powell leading the way we might have ourselves another Oscar win in this category where the most blah movie takes the prize on account of how many ruffles and bows the gowns have.
I find it interesting that Coco Before Chanel made it here, especially because the most notorious costumes from the movie were actually Karl Lagerfeld's work.
I guess that guild members assumed that to snub a movie about a designer would be insane.
Which, don't make me say it, but only reminds me of the John Keats movie...

What was your favorite costume on a movie last year? do you think these nominees represent 2009 well?


DJ said...

Bright Star has my favorite costumes, best of the decade in fact, and its snub is just a sham(e). I think it's the most mad I've been this season. Enough is enough.

Jake D said...

I hated Bright Star, but would still be nominating it for Cinematography and Costume Design.


Well, the Lovely Bones would fall under "period" rather than "contemporary" although that doesn't quite explain PRECIOUS (unless the 80s are recent enough to be considered contemporary)

Fernando Moss said...

Damn! Bright Star AND Chéri SHOULD both be there and SHOULD both be nominated fot the Oscars... What's wrong with the world?

Timmie said...

I love the costumes in Brigh Star...so sad it didn't get recognized. The Young Victoria would be my second favorite. I hate that Nine made the cut, that ill-fitting mess that Nicole Kidman wore negated everything that was good about the costumes in the movie!!!!

Timmie said...

And Yea, where is Cheri in this mix??

Casey said...

your all forgetting INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS easily some of the most iconic costumes of the year

Scott said...

My favorites were Bang Bang's clothes in The Brothers Bloom and several of the pieces in Cheri.

Jason H. said...

Though I've recently become one of the Cult of Avatar, this is ridiculous. And well said, Casey, Inglourious Basterds' costumes should be recognized!

OtherRobert said...

Bruno's costumes are fantastic. They're probably the only objectively well done thing about the film, other than participating in the age old pasttime of torturing Paula Abdul.

As for Precious not being period: I know it's set in the 1980s, but I didn't exactly see much in the way of costuming to suggest that. It was very well done streetwear and underwear (Mo'Nique's long underwear ensemble alone deserves the Oscar nomination) that didn't scream 80s.

Peter Chan said...

Wow. Where's "An Education" and "Inglourious Basterds"?

Danny said...

Did these people not watch "Cheri"? That's the damn snub that people should be talking about. But "Bright Star" is a big one too.

Robert said...

Shosanna's red dress and veil in the final act of Inglourious Basterds should be enough to have gotten that movie nominated for both this AND the Oscars. Hopefully the latter will get it right!

eduardo said...

ugh... the Bright Star snub is simply disgusting. And seriously, Avatar???? Grace's lab coat must have been pretty impressive to the guild's eyes

Bernardo said...

Will Win: Up in the Air
Should Win: (500) Days of Summer (indie bliss!)

Will Win: The Young Victoria
Should Win: Coco avant Chanel

Will Win: Avatar? (stupid...)
Should Win: Any of the other 2

Snubbed: Bright Star & Inglourious Basterds

Prospero said...

I do not understand any of the adoration being poured on "Avatar." Sure, it's pretty and all, but so is a big ole empty-caloried sundae.

The plot is stolen from "Dances With Wolves," the characters are lifted from all of Cameron's other movies and the idea that a botanist would be heading up a diplomatic mission is patently absurd. Oh, how I hated this movie!

Jane said...

Avatar? REALLY?! Those army fatigues from your local Halloween store are just so impressive.

Over Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, a movie that had actual costumes. Or hell, even Transformers 2 for Megan Fox's white pants that stayed white even while running through the desert. Or freakin' New Moon even had costumes.

A N D R E W said...

A Single Man's costumes were stunning aswell. And Where the Wild Things Are was a pretty big achievment. I'm thinking Oscar will choose.

The Young Victoria
Sherlock Holmes
Julie & Julia
Inglorious Basterds

but PLEASE PLEASE choose Bright Star

Kurtis O said...

Jesus, the Bright Star snubs are painful and relentless. I don't get it. Such a shame. I agree with Fernando about Cheri, too. Those costumes were amazing.

I'm glad The Lovely Bones was snubbed. Everything about the design of that movie, from sets to costumes, felt super staged and inauthentic to me.

pasifauna said...

I guess next step for Avatar would be Best Make-Up nomination

I would go for Bright Star and Basterds, too. Still nice to see some recognition to (500) Days of Summer

Glenn Dunks said...

I would think the Academy would dump Julie & Julia before Coco avant Chanel, but who knows. I've been surprised by the lack of support for Chanel in this category since it seemed like an obvious choice.

But, then again, so does Bright Star and look where we are with that one. Bruno should definitely be on Oscar's radar too, but it most certainly isn't? Bruno, Bright Star and Coco are three movies in which fashion is essential to the story and that fashion is excellent for the ideas it is trying to represent. That they'll be snubbed for stuff like The Young Victoria or Sherlock Holmes (as nice as that work is) is just sad.

Caroline said...

Don't they realize that they are snubbing the first TRIPLE PLEATED MUSHROOM COLLAR EVER SEEN IN THE WHOLE OF HAMPSTEAD? For shame.

cal roth said...

Inglourious Basterds' costumes are wonderful, so iconic Everybody will remember that red dress, but there's much more. Love the whole Diane Kruger wardrobe, that Julie Dreyfus hat, the stylized uniforms.

Humor, glamour, colors - gold medal!

John D. said...

I was surprised not to see a nomination for Inglourious Basterds.


Caroline -- amen! And she made that triple pleated mushroom collar herself! Right now i am hating on the guilds for being so stupid.

I am a big fan of Avatar but a costume nomination (as well as the makeup nomination it got from BFCA) are straight up stoopid.

they ought to be embarrassed. If you're going with something animated AT LEAST go with something like Fantastic Mr. Fox where they had to sew tiny little outfits, you know?

BrianZ said...

Ugh!! This is so annoying.

Bryan said...

Wait, so if Avatar wins, who gets the award? Is there even a costume director position for that movie? I don't really understand.

And the Inglourious Basterds snub is confusing... Kruger and Laurent had great wardrobes. THE RED DRESS AND VEIL! 'Nuff said.