Sunday, January 10, 2010

Where My Girls At?

A link roundup, actress style

The Classics
NY Times Douglas McGrath demands a special Oscar for Doris Day. Time to give her her due
Film Art "Tell, Don't Show" David Bordwell examines a great scene with Liv Ullmann and Bibi Andersson in Persona to illustrate the power of extended monologues
Gawker Susan Sarandon shtupping the ping pong kid?
The Independent Elizabeth Taylor's White Diamonds is still the top celebrity scent. Talk about staying power. La Liz has been raking in the dough from that single career move for almost 20 years now. How many diamonds has she bought with the haul?
I Need My Fix "Cher (!) Films Burlesque"... though be warned. 'Fix' gets the headline all fucked up and adds several letters inbetween "Ch" and "r"... confusing the true story here: CHER ! Making a movie again.
Style List Catherine Deneuve's 60's era magnificence is still inspiring fashionistas

The Now
contact music Toni Collette to be honored by Nicole Kidman at a special Aussie Expat event in LA on Golden Globe weekend
LA Times Julianne Moore, still hoping for Oscar nom #5, says you should never take employment for granted
Huffington Post I avoid the People's Choice Awards like the Bubonic plauge but Nicole Kidman looked so good. What ever possessed her to stay blonde for so long? So glad the red is hangin on
Pop Matters Big Love returns. It's Amanda Seyfried's last season. Sissy Spacek is guest starring

The Stage
London Travel Julie Andrews is doing a one-off show this summer
Theater Mania and Isabelle Huppert is doing Streetcar in Paris in the spring. I expect a full report from one of you French readers. Comprenez-vous?


Alex said...

I do love Huppert, but isn't she a tad old for Blanche? Slightly related: I want to see Cate Blanchett in Streetcar soooo badly. Heard there might be a Broadway transfer, but that's probably just a rumor.

davis said...

Nathaniel, read elsewhere Kidman will be honoring Simon Baker, not Collette. Who Collette will have I'm not sure but I think each honoree gets their own former honoree to toast them. Kidman was honored by Blanchett in '05. Kidman is good friends with Baker and his wife and godmother to one of their kids. Just FYI.

Alex said...

I am SO happy that Toni is being recognised!! Isabelle Huppert as Blanche? Magic could happen. Red hair makes Nicole more likeable, which is a win for all involved. Julianne Moore... well... she deserves everything.

Rebecca said...

Speaking of tv...Have you heard that Alfre Woodard will be playing Lafayette's mother in 'True Blood' next season? That would be too amazing.

cal roth said...

Buying tickets to Paris. Fuck Visa.

cal roth said...

Re: Tell, don't show

I highly recommend Heartbeat Detector, not only for the great movie it is or the astonishing performance given by Mathieu Amalric, but also for the arresting final scene.

No spoilers, you can read this: a black screen and a two minute description of a moment the character saw during the Holocaust. Incredible, chilling, and you only hear the voice. No images at all.

Gary Y. said...

How will a French version of "A Streetcar Named Desire" work? Something that wholly American would be an entirely different beast in French (or any other nationality for that matter). Is it just a different play that has the same characters' names and some of the same general themes? Or is it being done in English? Like how can you be a haughty, disillusioned, unstable Southern woman in French? Huppert seems a bit old for Blanche too. I'd really be interested to read how that worked out from someone that watched it.

Anonymous said...

julianne link ain't workin' for me.

jimmy said...

i've read somewhere that doris day has turned down the honorary oscar in the past. she turned down the kennedy center honors. apparently she is happily ensconsed at home in northern california. i would really like to see angela lansbury to be given an honorary oscar - that would also be very deserving. the lauren bacall honorary oscar - feh. she got that because she is old and was married to bogey.

jimmy said...

please cher - make it be good!!! please.

Susan said...

I agree that Doris deserves a little gold question!