Monday, January 18, 2010

How I Felt About the Golden Globes (in Two Images)

Jose here with my reaction to the popularity orgy held last night by the HFPA.

Yes! Michael Haneke wins a major award in our part of the world and for what might be his greatest film so far!

To everything else, like Mickey, I say:

How did you feel about the Golden Globes?


Cristhian said...

Their shameless love for box office muscle (Sandra Bullock, Avatar, The Hangover and yes, even UP)just suffocates me a leaves a strange feeling inside me like that i wanna puke out of disgust.
Although my favorite quote of the night has to be Sandra Bullock's "I might not be the most talented, but I've been given opportunities" Exactly!

Anonymous said...

I hope Sally Hawkins eats something soon.

brandz said...

meryl streep looked divine and she gave a very classy acceptance speech. and, as mentioned, i also HATE the shameless box office love. the awards really ought to be about talent.

Jen said...

Shameless money whores.

Apparently the ratings aren't even that good.

Ripley said...

RDJ won for Best Actor? Seriously?

Anonymous said...

Avatar over IB, THL or UitA is a travesty.

The Hangover winning over (500) Days of Summmer?

Cameron winning over Bigelow, QT or even Jason Reitman?

Why did I ever think the Globes would have good taste?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that Avatar won best picture. I had hope that they wouldn't give in to the box office numbers but I guess my expectations were too high. Cameron is good at fx. That I can't argue and maybe the film has opened the door as far as the tech goes but you shouldn't feel like you've already seen the movie before you even sit down to watch it. No amount of fx was worth sitting through almost three hours of deja vu.

Pf_Iggy said...

I didn't know anything about her, now I've heard her speaking I think I love Mo'nique's voice "thank you, Gaawd".

More superficial comments:

Why did the camera show DiCaprio when Winslet said Jeff Bridges? The cameraman must have them bond together in his mind or something.

Loved the kiss Cruz sent to Kidman when she said her name, but why did she look orange?

Why was Jennifer Aniston so pissed if Angelina wasn't in the room this time?

Sophia Loren caught chewing when Colin Firth was called and looking surprised as if discovering at that very moment that that was the guy sitting next to her.

That said, I'm really curious to see what the Glee fuss is about Glee (not seen here yet). But anyway, you can't take too seriously some awards that abbreviate as GG (he he, if read in Spanish).

Liz said...

I see "Avatar" as being a lot like "The Jazz Singer." Groundbreaking technology is pretty much all it has going for it, and in a few years, when that technology is put to better use, the first movie won't be seen as anything special.

Garen said...

I really hate how best supporting actress is always the first thing awarded. Because last night it was basically the highlight. Everything from then on bored me out of my freaking wits.

Anonymous said...

I hope Zoe Saldana eats something soon.

I hope Joseph Gordon Levitt never appear high on another award show.

I hope they keep the champagne away from Kevin Bacon. He was SO drunk!!!

Anonymous said...


Michael C. Hall did not look good, is he really in remission? Poor guy, I hope he feels better. I've been a fan since Six Feet Under.

Carey Mulligan looked genuinely deflated when she lost, I have feeling people kept telling her this was her last shot.

Jason Reitman looked pissed when James Cameron won. He couldn't even hide it.

Harrison Ford and Mickey Rourke seemed drunk(er) than usual.

Lara said...

Boo to Avadar (my new pronounciation a la Arnie) for winning Best Director and Best Picture.
Can we have more Julia Roberts, please? I love her when she's ditzy.

Julia said...

I was very happy about the TV awards, but the movie awards with a couple of exceptions (Michael Giacchino for score, Up for animated, Jeff Bridges) SUCKED.

I swear to God, if Cameron beats out Bigelow for best director at the Oscars, I'm burning down the Kodak Theater.

Robert Hamer said...

I'm so proud of Sally Hawkins for being just wonderful at the ceremony, because I would be pissed if I was her at this whole Streep vs. Bullock Oscar story when her performance in Happy-Go-Lucky TOWERED over both of theirs.

I don't really mind The Hurt Locker getting shut out, since the HFPA is made up of media and glamour whores and, with luck, the GG/AMPAS curse will afflict Avatar on Oscar night. At least, I hope it happens with Best Director since I've long stopped caring about Best Picture.

Too bad for Fantastic Mr. Fox. This is where it needed a win, and it didn't make it. How long will the Pixar formula continue to dominate awards?

Shame that Robert Downey, Jr. had to be the winner, since his performance was arguably the weakest of the Best Actor - Comedy/Musical nominees (well, maybe better than my hero in Nine). There was no way Stuhlbarg was going to win, but Damon and Levitt were excellent and were far more deserving than RDJ doing his usual shtick.

Well-Fay-Uh said...

I didn't even know rdj(doesn't deserve caps) was nominated...

First half really was great then it just sucked.

I think the only thing that would've helped is Gabourey Sidibe winning. If there was a place to win it was here. I always that her chances were better than Carey's and I thought there was a good shot of Sandra losing. FUCK!

Poor Precious. Such a hyped movie is becoming underrated.

Rick said...

hey... stooopid! I mean Robert Hamer

Sally Hawkins won LAST year vs. Streep!!!


Julia -- don't light the match!!!

Lara -- i should start using that pronunciation myself

Beau said...

I'm content. Would have loved anything for BP-Drama sans 'The Hurt Locker' and 'Hangover' was a stronger (and better) pick than either of Meryl's films. I've yet to see either of Bullock's films, but I am overjoyed for Streep.

Robert Hamer said...

Hey moron, I mean Rick:

I know that. If you had taken the time to READ what I had written, I was referring to Sandra Bullock and Meryl Streep as OSCAR contenders, or have you forgotten that Hawkins was snubbed last year?

Holden said...

Ricky Gervais was very funny in my opinion, but the awards portion could have been much better. Bigelow clearly deserved Best Director over Cameron, but the HFFA loves kissing his ass. Best Director wouldn't have been too bad as giving too much credit to Avatar goes, but Picture? It's not all that surprising that Locker wouldn't have won in that category, but hell, the HFFA could have given the award to Basterds or Up in the Air, even Precious would have been fine, but that was just ridiculous. Not that it matters terribly. If you go back and look at the correlation between winners of Oscars and Golden Globes, you'll find that they don't match up all that well. It's not something to worry about.

But it was nice to see The Hangover win. I haven't seen it yet, but after that clip, I can see why it might have won.

steve said...

the whole show had a certain non-intentional comedic charm to it

would have made a good MST3K episode in an alternate reality

but i did manage to accept the awfulness of most of the people there

was pissed Jane Lynch didn't win... i could live my remaining life without seeing Chloe Sevigny in anything & be content

Anonymous said...

Actually, Carey Mulligan looked disappointed and very nervous when her category was being announced.

Rick said...

Oops! sorry Hamer.... maybe your syntax was a little weak... I apologize for the misconception.

Bryan said...

Drew Barrymore was cutely idiosyncratic. Her salute was adorable. And she was right-on when praising Mo'nique's speech. Phenomenal.

Robert Downey Jr.'s win was surprising and awful. Ugh. Basically anyone else would have been better.

Amy Adams looked so pretty. Pregnancy always makes stars look so rosy and happy.

Too bad that, one by one, the acting categories are becoming less and less of a contest. Mo'nique and Waltz were always sure things, but now its looking like Bridges is a frontrunner, too. I was really hoping for a Firth (or even Clooney) upset to keep things interesting. [Sigh] At least we still kinda have Best Actress...

Alex said...

I was OVERJOYED when Toni Collette won! She has been losing for too many years!

Everything else was rather boring.

Peggy Sue said...

The guy who ripped Ms. Sevigny dress should be in jail.

John T said...

I don't understand this-we all complained last year when the Academy ignored the Box Office titans like WALL-E and The Dark Knight, but when the awards season actually recognizes populist and critically-acclaimed films, we shame them for being money-grubbing. Sasha Stone has the maxim of "no one knows anything" when it comes to the Oscars, but I wonder if "no one is satisfied with anything" would be more apt.

Craig said...

I hope the GGs aren't a harbinger of things to come next month at the Oscars -- bet they will be, though . . . That said, what a complete U-turn the HFPA made from last year when independent films/performances were honored. Now they're back to business worshiping the money and popularity gods.

Come on -- 'Avatar'? Take away the visual and special effects and what do you have? A plot that is as old, creaky and shot full of holes as 'The Perils of Pauline'.

Craig said...
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Marsha Mason said...

I am happy that HFPA has made Best Picture and Director into a race, even though I prefer Hurt Locker to all the other contenders that I've seen. I think the acting categories are over unfortunately (Bullock winning helps Streep, since those thinking Streep's perf was too light aren't gonna be too excited about Sandra's paint-by-numbers (not that I've seen it), and the anti-Streep vote will splinter.)

I feel a little embarrassed for Drew. She got so excited; doesn't she know Actress in a Miniseries is like the ghettoest category there is?

Rebecca said...

John T - I think the big complaint last year was that 'Wall-E' and 'The Dark Knight' were both strong at the box office, and were critically acclaimed. Not so much with Avatar, even if it gets decent reviews - i.e. 'it's pretty but empty-headed.'


John T ... that is ABSOLUTELY true and what i've been saying for years when people griped about the box office thing. If it starts becoming the norm people will just gripe about that.

it must suck to be an AMPAS member sometimes.

Travis said...

The awards this year were a travesty. So many good films went unnoticed so that now "Sherlock Holmes", "The Hangover" and "The Blind Side" can put "Golden Globe Winner" on the front of their dvds.

It's especially disheartening after the far more interesting and gutsy choices they made last year, what with "In Bruges", "Happy-Go-Lucky", "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" all winning...


Travis... that's true. it was like the polar opposite of last year which seemed like it had to be what they actually thought was deserving since it wasn't what was "hot" or hugely successful.

Holmes said...

The Good
Mo"Nique speach
Christoph Waltz's speech
Ricky Gervais' Mel Gibson jab

The Bad
James Cameron looking like a menopausal woman

Drew Barrymore's speech

The Ugly
Avatar winning BP deserves a facepalm

Jennifer Anniston's bitchface


Marsha... you really think the antiStreep vote will splinter?

I don't see why they would now that awards bodies have forgotten how good MULLIGAN & SIDIBE are with all that stardust in their eyes.

i thought for sure that Streep had this sewn up and now i'm worried.

I REALLLLLLLY want the story of Streep's 3rd Oscar to be over with already. It's not that i think it's one of her best performances. It's that she's been waiting so long and until she wins again they're going to have to nominate her every single year whether she's deserving or not. It's the whole "overdue" thing which can be a real drag on the system.

and plus, the idea of Streep having a win for a comedy seems exactly right in the grand scheme of things.

I like it when Oscar records reflect an actual career (even if the films aren't the exact ones). Sigourney Weaver is such a great example of that: even though her noms are all bundled together they're very reflective of her career: spiky COMEDY, excellence with GENRE FARE and skilled with DRAMA

Marsha Mason said...

I'm thinking the anti-Streeps splinter because Bullock just doesn't look that good as an alternative. If you liked Streep, but were inclined to vote against lighter fare, I don't think Sandra (a light actress) in a stupid movie would be all that appealing. That means that you want to go somewhere else, but nowhere is there consensus where you actually should go, so you splinter b/w Sidibe, Mulligan, and Sandra. If the globes had pointed to Mulligan or Sidibe, then all the anti-Streep vote would go to that one winner.

To my mind, it's like when Zellweger won. A lot of people slowly came to the conclusion she was unworthy, but there was never a unified voice on whether the prime alternatie was Hunter, Agdoshloo, or Clarkson. When Brokeback lost to Crash, there was a unified voice (Ebert's) on where the anti-BBM vote should go, and so it coalesced around one, which won.

In game theory, this notion is called a co-ordination game.