Monday, May 03, 2010

Ang Lee and Tang Wei Reuniting?

I've been hearing Ang Lee's next project The Life of Pi mentioned everywhere lately. When I attended the premiere of MicMacs at the Tribeca Film Festival, Jean-Pierre Jeunet even referenced the cinematic adaptation (his own that is, long abandoned due to budgetary problems). But today I'm hearing about another new Lee project that's also enticing even though it's a biopic. The masterful director has been given the right's to Teresa Teng's life and -- here's the enticing part -- Tang Wei may be playing the singer.

Ang Lee and Tang Wei during the Lust Caution brouhaha

Their previous collaboration Lust Caution was a triumph as a film (ignore the way it was brushed aside -- it's marvelous) and especially as a star-making performance so any reunion between the two is fully warranted.

I had never heard of Teresa Teng (sometimes spelled Teresa Tang to confuse us) so I had to look her up. Turns out I had heard both her name and her music. And as ever it's the cinema that teaches me. She's the pop star that Maggie Cheung and Leon Lai obsess over frequently in a movie I have seen (and quite enjoyed) called Comrades Almost A Love Story (1996).

Teng was a massive figure in Asian pop where she reigned during the 80s. She died suddenly in the mid-90s from asthma complications. You know how early deaths tend to cement celebrity legends.

This is one of her biggest hits "The Moon Represents My Heart" and a Teresa Teng moment lifted directly from Comrades. (Argh! Now I miss Maggie Cheung.)

Do you look forward to a Lust Caution reunion? (If you haven't seen it yet, what's your excuse? Get on that.) Can we a get a cameo from Tony Leung in this reunion? No? How about Lee-Hom Wang?


Greg Bennett said...

I... can not think of an excuse for having not seen Lust, Caution. To the DVD store!

Anonymous said...

On Tang Wei+Ang Lee Part 2: orgasm.

Mirko said...

I'm glad Tang Wei is working again, they have been quite harsh with her after LUST, CAUTION expecially considering how excellent (and brave) she was in Ang Lee's flick.

I wish we could see Joan Chen in another supporting turn. she also was great as Tony Leung's beautiful and (seemingly) careless wife.


Mark said...

i love this blog, for showing some ang lee/tony leung/teresa tang love.

Rebecka said...

I read today Tang Wei was denying this rumour, but I'm still hoping! Biopics bore me, but a Tang/Lee-reunion would be glorious. Although I'd actually be even more thrilled to see a Leung/Lee-reunion.

... and I miss Maggie Cheung almost every day...

Alison Flynn said...

I would definitely love to see a Lust, Caution reunion. Such a great movie and Tang Wei was amazing. What an incredible debut. I agree with Mirko that it's great to see her working again. It was shameful how she was treated.

Both lead performances in the movie were so underrated and overlooked that year (says this Tony Leung fan).

CNO said...

OMG! Not only a Ang Lee & Tang Wei reunion. Ita Teresa Teng biopic!!

I love her songs, since she was a big star in Japan too. I grew hearing several of her japanese songs.

Edward said...

I can't think of a better combination. I just wonder how they will handle the voice? Teresa Teng had such a distinctive sound.

Lynn said...

Two of Chinese cinemas best reuniting. What else needs to be said? Hope the other best (Tong Leung CW) will join in.

If you have not watched Lust Caution, pls watch it. It's a gem!