Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A New Link State of Mind

Eddie on Film is hosting a John Williams blog-a-thon. That man just doesn't get enough attention you know obviously I'm joking a few pieces are already up. More to come
ONTD hilarious bit on public reaction to celebrity sightings. Starring Jake Gyllenhaal
Towleroad watch Sex & The City 2 in 60 seconds. Teehee
CHUD '50 Cent about to win Oscar' through the weight loss gimmick!
Arts Beat fans ask The Lovely Laura Linney questions. Our very own par3182 gets one in. Yes, that's right. I'm claiming TFE readers / frequent commenters as my own. You are all mine mwahhh haha ha ha

The L Magazine how have I never heard of this Liza Minnelli/Vincent Minnelli movie A Matter of Time (1976)? Is there a leak in my brain where I keep Liza?
Noh Way "How Carrie Got Her Groove Back." I suspect this is the most positive review of Sex & the City 2 that you'll read
The Stranger "Burkas and Birkins" I suspect this is the most negative review of Sex & the City 2 that you will read.
NY Magazine Joan Rivers doesn't hold her tongue
I feel so totally forgotten. The fucking New Yorker did this big piece on the genius of Rickles, who is brilliant but who hasn’t changed a line in fifteen years. Meanwhile, I am totally ‘old hat’ and ignored while in reality I could still wipe the floor with both Kathy [Griffin] and Sarah [Silverman].
...and sure is pushing this new documentary. I smell an Oscar nomination in January. Not for Joan Rivers exactly (she didn't direct it) but still.


Glenn said...

That Joan Rivers doco looks incredible. Cannot wait for that one to arrive down here.

NoNo said...

Yikes, the Sex and The City Reviews have been brutal. The more sequels they make, the more it tarnished the great TV show.

I hate that I'm being dragged to see this with my girlfriends. If I say I don't like this movie, they'll say I know nothing about movies and that I'm a snob. Blech!

Rich Aunt Pennybags said...

'50 Cent about to win Oscar' through the weight loss gimmick!

They usually don't award actors for losing that much weight (Christian Bale, Matt Damon, etc.), but they might make an exception since Fiddy isn't primarily known as an actor first, and he lost his trademark sixpack for this role.

I actually thought that he might be nominated Get Rich or Die Trying because of the Jim Sheridan connection, so maybe he'll get in for this role. That's funny though, who would have known that when he became an actor that he'd arrive so soon at his Oscar baiting stage.

Dorian said...

Yikes, 50 Cent! What in the world was that? Does he think he's really going to win an Oscar or something? That's so not worth ruining your health for a part. I'm sure he'll shoot up to his normal bulk eventually, which after a drastic weight loss like that is so terrible to your body, especially your heart. That film better be worth all of that trouble, Fiddy.

PT said...

I don't care what the reviews say. I'm going to see the Sex and the City movie on Friday movie and have a great time while doing it!

Paul Outlaw said...

Nat, be happy you hadn't heard of A Matter of Time...

Anonymous said...

Whenever I see Joan Rivers I get so excited! Jewelry, fashion, comedy, she hit the trifecta with her career. I can’t wait to see how she does it!