Sunday, May 09, 2010

A Scarface Party. Why Not?

One of the indisputable joys if clichéd truths of the internet age is that you can always find other people who share your particular obsession(s). Because of this I've made many virtual pfriendships over the years with other Michelle Pfeiffer addicts. One of them Mike Azevedo, an actor, sends me invites to his parties. Which is sweet because I love pretending to be at fab parties. This party (see invite below) is probably still roaring as I post this. I wish I was there!

[Yes, he gave me permission to share all this.]

Not only does he actually throw Pfeiffer themed parties (this isn't the first time), but he demands that people come "in theme". And they do. I love this and am officially in awe of the effort that is undoubtedly required.

Do you ever throw movie-themed parties? Do share in the comments.
Wouldn't you love to go to a Scarface themed party... or a Witches of Eastwick party (bowls of cherries should litter the room), or a Stardust or Hairspray party? The only movie related parties I throw are during awards season but they're never themed after just one movie. Maybe I should get more specific.


Admin said...
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Admin said...

Scar Face.. very classic movie.. Al Pacino is fucking awesome in that movie...
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Philip said...

Hairspray sounds like a really cool party!
With the original movie, of course.