Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August Wrap: Bring It Swan!

The end of August fills us with excitement. Summer is ending. That's all. Soon we'll be cooled off and the best season for movies will be upon us. awesome oh wow like totally freak me out! But in case you were offline in the hot season -- and smart people often are. Pity I stayed chained to the computer -- here are 10 highlights from the month.

Bring it Swan: Coming to Theaters in 2012

Hit Me With Your Best Shot
the new series gazed appreciatively at Showgirls, Black Narcissus, Angels in America and Bring It On. I had a ball. Did you?
Kate's Heavy Dinner a monologue from 1935 Best Pic' nominee Alice Adams.
The Essential Me The Bening returns for a rare guest-blog.
Yes No Maybe So: Black Swan The chorus of "yes" was deafening. Everyone's already in their toe shoes and tutus, queueing up.
"What do you look for in a movie?
" Prompted interesting comments

The Devils I'd wanted to see this Ken Russell flick forever. My friend even drew me a pic.
Dennis Quaid and "Tim Riggins" Breaking Away and Friday Night Lights.
Take Three: Anjelica Huston Time for a big comeback role, right?
A Stupid Question Netflix, Have we met?
This is Happening Right Now...
Not everyone took to this District 9 revisit but there's no sense devoting yourself to creative pursuits if you're never going to experiment. So I did.

Coming in September:
David Fincher, Never Let Me Go, Hugh vs. Colin, You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger, A Face in the Crowd, Streep at 60 Wrap Up, Lily Tomlin, New York and Toronto Festival Coverage, Brides of Dracula, Foreign Oscar submissions and more episodes of the regular features you love*.

*That's an order.

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