Sunday, August 29, 2010

Emmy Live-Blog 2010

Refresh your screen often for updates.

6:30 So Kevin McHale of Glee was very nearly the first person "E!" has talked to that I remotely cared about. He's wearing a yellow bowtie -- I almost typed yellow boytoy -- Weird. I blame Madonna.

Glee Boys.

Kevin named Sally Field as his celebrity crush (!) and Brothers & Sisters as his favorite show. I hope he was conveniently forgetting this past season because it blew.

Moments before Ryan Seacrest was actually wishing Emmys on the Jersey Shore cast. I am so embarrassed for everyone. E! should have rechristened themselves S! for Shameless or Stoopid long long ago. But at least they changed their red carpet people and got rid of the silver haired pancaked makeup person.

6:40 Claire Danes looking gorgeous with relaxed hair and shimmery gown. A Truth: I sometimes wonder what Angela Chase would think of Claire Danes. It's not that I get fantasy and reality confused so much as I just tend to prefer fantasy. Danes claims the only critic she worried about for this movie was Temple Grandin herself. Danes always strikes me as so fragile with all the tics and flinching that I imagine that bad reviews ACTUALLY hurt her, like cause blistering or some such.

6:45 Eva Longoria. That rumor she was going to play the Wasp in The Avengers was one of the darkest moments of my summer.

6:50 Jon Hamm (Mad Men) named Tatum O'Neal as his first celebrity crush because of Bad News Bears. That's so cute. She was one of mine, too. Only it was because of Little Darlings which scandalized me as a kid. Scandalized! But there's definitely a connection between being scandalized by someone and crushing on them, don't you think?

7:00 Ryan Murphy is wearing a blue tux and blue sunglasses. And he actually seems a little blue (mood not porny). Maybe he's less excitable in real life than he as a TV god. Because Nip/Tuck and Glee are nothing if not excitable.

7:01 January Jones is going to play Emma Frost "The White Queen" in X-Men: First Class which I think is kind of a brilliant casting decision. I understand the internet thinks otherwise but the internet is craycray

7:03 I'm not kidding you that this is what the E! cameramen did intermittently throughout Christina Hendrick's interview. Again: S!

or maybe E! is correct: E! for Exploitative. P.S. I love those Mad Men barbie dolls. I don't have Joan though. Just the Drapers.

7:12 Bill & Sookie (Anna Paquin) are now married. It's true. And yet they still have to answer constants nudity and sex questions on the red carpet. They're talking about their Rolling Stone photoshoot and how they covered each other's bit. One of the weird annual joys of awards season is watching Bill (I forgot his name. Deal) get embarrassed while talking about the sex scenes and use hand motions to describe body parts. Last year he used his hands, cupped, to demonstrate his butt pumping technique on the show. I kid you not.

Classy! But True Blood is A grade B trash and that's why we love it.

7:34 I'm so bored right now. I was all excited for about 41 minutes. But there are too many TV stars I don't care about. Like Juliana Marguiles. I have this fear that The Middlebrow Wife is going to win lots of awards tonight. It seems so Emmys.

7:52 Julie Bowen just said that her favorite shows on television are 30 Rock which she deemed an "old school" choice (... um, it's only been on for like four years. It's not like Law & F'in Order) and Project Runway her guilty pleasure. Meanwhile the reporter appeared to be headed to Las Vegas right after the show. A cut-out at your waist?

7:59 Billy Bush is TERRIBLE at his job. He really is. He's like "The Emmys" like that's as interesting as a message from their sponsors.

8:03 Opening skit. Glee themed. Gee, I wonder who will win tonight. Was that really Jon Hamm's voice just now? It's fun to see Dr Drew reunited with Liz Lemon but otherwise that number was atrocious. There were lots of pauses for laughter with no laugh track and (presumably) no one laughing. NEXT DAY NOTE: I'm reading around that net that people mostly loved this opening. Hmmm. The dangers of live blogging and divided attention?

8:10 Supporting Actor Chris Colfer, Glee | Neil Patrick Harris, How I Met Your Mother | Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Modern Family | Eric Stonestreet, Modern Family | Ty Burrell, Modern Family | Jon Cryer, Two and a Half Men And the winner is Eric Stonestreet. Yay!

Reaction shots!

So the straight man playing the gay man in the gayest category ever won. But he is truly hilarious on that show. "I ate the sun!"

8:20 txtcritic explaining The Bing Bang Theory to my clueless BFF "it's about three nerds that live together." That sounds unmissable! Modern Family takes another award for Best Writing in Comedy. Well deserved.

8:26 Supporting Actress Julia Bowen, Modern Family | Sofía Vergara, Modern Family | Jane Lynch, Glee | Kristen Wiig, Saturday Night Live | Jane Krakowski, 30 Rock | Holland Taylor, Two and a Half Men And the winner is... JANE LYNCH as expected.

Thanks the cast, her agent, "my lord and creator Ryan Murphy"
(ha!) her wife. and then a "God Bless"

She's so talented but I feel a bit bad for Krakowski who had her best season ever I think. Is she having a "rage stroke" right now?

8:35 Ryan Murphy wins Best Comedy Director Glee. He says the show is about the value of arts education. My friend (who watches Glee every week) "That sounds so interesting. I'd love to watch that show. What show is he talking about?" Ha! Something tells me that Glee has peaked. Even fans are mocking it tonight.

I should note that somewhere in there was a skit with the Modern Family cast that actually had a good 3D joke featuring Sofia Vergara's boobs. I feel certain that the entire camera crew of E! television guffawed.

8:40 Comedy Actor Jim Parsons, Big Bang Theory | Larry David, Curb Your Enthusiasm | Matthew Morrison, Glee | Tony Shalhoub, Monk | Steve Carell, The Office | Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock And the winner is... Jim Parsons.

Comedy Actress Lea Michele, Glee | Julia Louis-Dreyfus, The New Adventures of Old Christine | Edie Falco, Nurse Jackie | Amy Poehler, Parks and Recreations | Tina Fey, 30 Rock | Toni Collette, The United States of Tara And the winner is... Edie Falco.

In her acceptance speech she says "I'm not funny." Ha. Well, that's true. But your supporting cast sure is. And Edie is marvelous on that show, don't you think? And even better: very little like her Sopranos self. That's range.

8:51 Top Chef wins Best Reality Series. I had no idea that Padme was this divisive but my friends all started arguing about her. There was only pure hate and big love. Nothing inbetween. Weird.

8:55 They keep showing Oprah commercials. We're laughing because we've decided that "Steadman" is the best fake boyfriend name since "George Glass."

9:00 Chris Meloni. I just had to turn the air conditioner back on.

9:02 Best Writing Drama for Mad Men. This is the lamest live blog ever. I apologize. The Emmys are somehow sucking the life out of me. Maybe it's because the awards have not been embarrassing. And the acceptance speeches have been very standard so far. And the hosting not inspired. So... uh... APOLOGIES.

9:04 Supporting Actor Nominees Aaron Paul, Breaking Bad | Martin Short, Damages | Terry O'Quinn, Lost | Michael Emerson, Lost | John Slattery, Mad Men | Andre Braugher, Men of a Certain Age And the winner is...Aaron Paul. I guess I need to watch this show. Aaron Paul looks like the tiniest person alive. A pocket Emmy winner.

9:10 Supporting Actress Nominees Sharon Gless, Burn Notice | Rose Byrne, Damages | Archie Panjabi, The Good Wife | Christine Baranski, The Good Wife | Christina Hendricks, Mad Men | Elisabeth Moss, Mad Men And the winner is...Archie Panjabi. I like her but it's not OK that Christina Hendricks lost when she doesn't even get nominated for each season. But Mad Men doesn't have much luck winning acting prizes, does it.

9:15 Lead Actor Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad | Michael C Hall, Dexter | Kyle Chandler, Friday Night Lights | Hugh Laurie, House | Matthew Fox, Lost | Jon Hamm, Mad Men And the winner is Bryan Cranston for the third time. Poor everyone else. This is actually why I've never been into the Emmys. It's like making your bed in the morning. There's always deja vu.

Beautiful gracious speech from Cranston, though. If there's a takeaway from the evening it's that we're all supposed to be watching Breaking Bad. I feel left out.

9:24 Jimmy Fallon just isn't funny. I think that's the problem. He's doing a musical In Memoriam to shows that went off the air. The lyrics were mildly amusing for the 24 spot. But otherwise I'm lost. And he's doing Lost "I didn't understand it, but I tried."

9:25 My best friend on Glee "If Glee loses, it will follow the storyline of the show. And thus, will only serve the show." Hee.

9:30 I forgot to mention that Dexter won Direction of a Drama. I feel like I am seran wrapped to a table right now and the Academy of Television is a serial killer ready to do me in. I'm so over this.

9:34 Lead Actress January Jones, Mad Men; Connie Britton, Friday Night Lights; Kyra Sedgwick, The Closer; Glenn Close, Damages; Juliana Marguiles, The Good Wife; Mariska Hargitay; Law & Order: Special Victims Unit And the winner is... Kyra Sedgwick

This will not help to free me up from the seran wrap.
I'll say come on, come on, come on, come on, yeah take it!
Take another little piece of my heart now, baby. (break a..)
9:36 I swear Jimmy Fallon is hosting this show from his basement. It's so 12 year old boy "funny" rather than funny.

9:40 The Tonys just won something. My friend thinks that awards shows should be ineligible to win prizes at other awards shows. Listen, I love Broadway but seeing a Broadway show will not change your life. And as my friend Ed says "It'll change your bank account."

9:53 Ricky Gervais is SO funny. "Bucky Gunts" for the win.

9:55 I may actually expire before this show is over.

10:08 Julia Ormond just won Supporting Actress for a TV Movie Temple Grandin. They spelled her name wrong "Julia Ormand" and then she couldn't remember Catherine O'Hara's last name? A joke? I'm very confused right now. Earlier today I forgot the word to "balcony" I am terrified that I have Aphasia. Or at least I am terrified that awards shows have it.

10:16 Temple Grandin won another. Is that about a disease? I shouldn't joke about Aphasia. But I really did forget the word for balcony earlier. WTF?

10:17 Jewel is doing In Memoriam? But without an intro. I remember HER but I can't remember "balcony"

10:20 These In Memoriams are always so sad. Sniffle.

10:23 We're now eating Iceland skyr... it's a little mealy or chalky or something. Do not like. Sorry Iceland.

10:24 I have lost the thread.

10:26 Some time ago George Clooney won a humanitarian prize. He really is a great person. But my apartment -- I have a couple friends over -- we're now experimenting with cuisine and discussing the Scissor Sisters. I tried!

Look how A-MAZ-ING this photo is that my BFF took? The light is emanating from Jake Shears chest. It's not the first time. Light is also absorbed there. The light in my eyeballs.

10:30 Oh all right. If I must. Back to the Emmys.

Lead Actress Nominees Joan Allen, Georgia O'Keefe | Judi Dench, Return to Cranford | Maggie Smith, Capturing Mary | Claire Danes, Temple Grandin | Hope Davis, That Special Relationship And the winner is... Claire Danes.

Her acceptance speech was fun. I would quote it for you now but I lost the thread. I'll have to backtrack. But she was cute and, it's like, something Angela Chase would've said if she'd become, like, a tv star. For reals.

10:38 Lead Actor Nominees Jeff Bridges, A Dog Year | Ian McKellen, The Prisoner | Al Pacino, You Don't Know Jack | Dennis Quaid, That Special Relationship | Michael Sheen, That Special Relationship And the winner is... Al Pacino. I hate his hair so much.

BTW Latisse is probably loving how many opportunities Claire Danes has had to blink and coo at the camera tonight. Those lashes sure are lovely!

10:40 Yes, please wrap it up Pacino.

10:41 OMG. He is STILL talking? They would drown anyone else out with orchestra music.

Except maybe Betty White.

10:42 I am beyond TIME. I am now going to share a screencap that happened before Al Pacino won. Because I cannot be contained by time or by my own time stamping. F*** you 10:42 I am 10:36 or something. Take it. You'll take it and you'll like it.


10:46 I feel like if you add up all the times Tom Hanks has been on awards stages accepting prizes -- best miniseries -- you would equal my life. Or at least up until say high school graduation. He's logged years up there is what I'm saying.

10:50 So Claire Danes was just called "bottomlessly talented" does this mean her bottom is without talent? She'll always have her eyelashes.


Defending New York City champs 30Rock and Mad Men, both of which have won for every season aired (thus far), defend their titles. Will they repeat for their 4th and 3rd respective seasons? We'll find out in seconds.

Drama Breaking Bad | Dexter | The Good Wife | Lost | Mad Men | True Blood And the winner is... MAD MEN. Yes! Best show on TV. You know my feelings about it. January Jones is wearing a dress made of a blue chinese new year dragon. Shell breasts. How cute was that little exchanged look between the Drapers on stage?

Comedy Curb Your Enthusiasm | Glee | Modern Family | Nurse Jackie | The Office | 30 Rock
And the winner is...
[nailbiter] Modern Family! Great great show. Yay. Deserved. So consistent and so beautifully executed and just, well, funny. And the award is called "Best Comedy"

10:59 Okay wow. So the awards went to fairly deserving things but Jimmy Fallon was terrible. I'm out.

The clear winner of the night is... (I think we all know).... Claire Danes. How soon does HBO offer her her own series?

11:54 OK. I really must sleep now but I just wanted to remind Sofía Vergara of her commitments.

The End.


JJ said...

Fingers crossed for True Blood & Glee.

JJ said...

Fingers crossed for True Blood & Glee.

James T said...

January Jones to play Emma Frost??

Dear future "based on my favorite comic ever" movie: Please!!!!! give her the chance to be as good as she can.

I have actually watched only few of Mad Men episodes but I like her and think she and Rosamund Pike (not only because she was called Miranda Frost in the Bond film) would be the best choices.


JJ -- well Glee will probs win but not True Blood.

James T -- make time to watch more episodes.

bbats said...

Best Cameraman ever.


where is everyone? it's about to start!


bbats -- i make fun but at least E! has personality. Trashy personality. But personality all the same.

Anonymous said...

Did Jewel say to Billy Bush that her jewelry is like wearing crack?

Anonymous said...

I'm on the fence about January Jones, I actually really like her on Mad Men but I definitely think Christina Hendricks and Elizabeth Moss are on another level. I hope she can muster up the wit and personality that it takes to be an effective Emma Frost (her performance on SNL really puts doubt in my mind).

And as for Rosamund Pike, poor girl! She's such a wonderful and underused/appreciated actress. I was bummed when I found out she wasn't playing Moira in the new X-men movie (they went for Rose Byrne instead).

As for the Emmy's...I'm totally rooting for True Blood, Glee, and Christina Hendricks!!

Terence said...

wow that opening number was high energy

John T said...

Two for two so far for Modern Family-apparently I need to start watching this show.

Terence said...

I think modern family is going to have a great showing today and as much as I love Glee, Modern Family is the funniest show

aclp said...

Stephen Moyer!!!! Vampire Bill's human name!

aclp said...

True Blood wont win anything, unfortunatly.

I'm probably the one single perosn in the planet that thinks Glee sucks big time.

James T said...

I feel like a total alien.

What *is* Modern Family and why does everyone seem so like it so much? I kind of hate the Emmy's. They're all about America.

In Greece, series come really late.

jbaker475 said...

I think there might be a lot of rage strokes in the audience tonight...

John T said...

Agreed on the "arts education" show, but I think Glee needs a few more episodes before we find out if it peaked or not.

OtherRobert said...

Glee fans have made fun of the show since the Season premiere. The show lost its magic after the pilot where it was tweaked to be a little more...level? Even-handed? Not so in your face? Normal?

Jen said...

Honestly, even though Modern Family never experienced the dizzying high points like Glee has had, they also have never had the perplexing lows. If Glee loses tonight I won't be surprised or disappointed. They have to work out their crazy writing issues. That said, it's addicting and delightful and I want to put Lea Michele in my pocket.

Let's go Christina Hendricks!! But damn is Elizabeth Moss looking good! Divorce does wonders for the complexion.

sp said...

So ecstatic Aaron Paul won- well deserved . His work in "Breaking Bad" is breathtaking ( also on "Big Love") But, Terry O'Quinn was not happy about his lost. Even though O'Quinn won an Emmy previously.

P.S. Hopefully, after Aaron Paul's Emmy win he will get some juicy film roles. He has the potential to be a wonderful character actor like Ryan Gosling.

James T said...

You live-blogging is pretty good in my book. That said, I'm not watching the show so I can't really know for sure :p

Clover said...

Your live-blogging is fine. It'd be pointless to try to make something good out of this awards show. Worst Emmys in years, if you ask me.

jimmy said...

ann-margret should be in the movies.

Kyle said...

The AV Club describes January Jones as "acting placebo" which was probably the best description I've ever seen.

sigh...Rosamund Pike...<3

I hate the Emmys...and this year has reaffirmed that as it always does, every year. Glad Mad Men is about to come on.

Carl said...

God I feel so depressed I would like the little girl from the ring coming out from the tv to be killed right now. I've never hated the Emmy's so this much.

Carl said...

God I feel so depressed I would like the little girl from the ring coming out from the tv to be killed right now. I've never hated the Emmy's so this much.

Kyle said...

As much as I complain about the Oscars sometimes...the Emmys make it look like the World Cup by comparison.

Carl said...

It's kind of ironic how they prize best writting in variety when their is so bored. I don't think is just the host, since I saw the first video with the glee club I knew this would suck, that wasn't original at all.

Mia said...

Why doesn't Ricky Gervais just host everything?


Mia -- right? He's about 3,500 times funnier than Fallon.

Carl -- don't wish that samira on us. yikes. was that her samira her name?

Matt said...

Gervais kills again. Very happy for the Daily Show!

Leehee said...

Have to disagree. Seeing a broadway show *has* changed my life. Really.
And I gotta admit it's slow this year... But YAY for Kyra Sedgwick. LOVE her and "The Closer"!

sp said...

Mia, why is Ricky Gervais so hilarious on award programs and other tv shows- but completely unfunny in feature films ?? This is a mystery that needs to be solved.

Terence said...

Yay for Kyra! after 5 times being nominated it was about time.

And while I love Archie on The Good Wife, Christina Hendricks should have won

Marshall1 said...

I agree, I NEVER EVER gets Fallon's brand of "humor". It's like made for ppl between 12-18/college frat boys.

Anonymous said...

He's hilarious on awards shows cause he's just being himself, which is funnier than anything any writer could ever put on paper. Especially a writer like Jimmy Fallon.

On another note, George Clooney's humanitarianism is almost as sexy as George Clooney by himself.

Mia said...

He's hilarious on awards shows cause he's just being himself, which is funnier than anything any writer could ever put on paper. Especially a writer like Jimmy Fallon.

On another note, George Clooney's humanitarianism is almost as sexy as George Clooney by himself.

Marshall1 said...

Oh, if Aaron Paul is a pocket winner, he's one of the most adorable, cute, and talented one...
big things come in small packages:)

Anonymous said...

As far as I'm concerned "Glee" peaked a whle back when the Glee Club went from having no budget to miraculously having sets & costumes that look like a Broadway show.

John T said...

That was a joke, right, that Julia Ormond made, right? She didn't actually mean Catherine-O'What's Her Name, right?

aclp said...

Whatever Julia Ormon was on, it was not good.

Lucky said...

O'Hara was Julia Ormond's costar. It was a joke.

sp said...

But, Mia , Ricky Gervais is a wonderful writer , he has written most of his film material, and he knows his own strengths . Ricky is just one of those unfortunate comedic actors that cannot translate his comedic gifts to films.

Joe said...

How great did Julia Ormond look? Sure, that award could have gone to a great speech giver like Susan, but Julia looked amazing and you know she needs that thing. Wouldn't mind seeing her get a comeback.

Ditto on Fallon being a mediocre host. He's no Conan.

Anonymous said...

Also, did anyone just see Hugh Dancy! Even if it's just for a second with his wife, it livens this show up.

sp said...

Hugh Dancy is HOT , HOT, HOT !!!! I read somewhere that Anne Hathaway stated her best ( and favorite) onscreen kisser was Dancy in "Ella Enchanted". Hugh deserves a better film career. He was so splendid in the " Elizabeth I " mini-series, and unbelievably charming in the "Jane Austen Book Club".

Anonymous said...

Gotta say, I'm disappointed you're not enjoying the show... more disappointed that you didn't enjoy the intro. I thought it was hilarious and on the, 87% of pollers think it's the Best Emmy Intro EVER! I have loved Jimmy Fallon as host; he's no Conan or RIcky, but think he's a likeable host and has done a good, solid job. (Also, Julia Ormand pretend to forget Catherine O'Hara's last name as they were costars and Catherine is obviously awesome. It was a joke.)

Anonymous said...

Weird, even though pretty much no one I wanted to win has won, I'm actually really enjoying this year's telecast. Fallon is hit and miss with me, but I think he's doing pretty well tonight.

Arkaan said...

I love that Mad Men three-peats and Nathaniel's all "yay" but Cranston doing so gets a "I don't watch the show but deja-vu."

That said, I don't like Mad Men and having seen Breaking Bad.

Marshall1 said...

The guy who's accepting the best comedy for Modern Family looks like a much hotter version of Ray Ramano.

Arkaan said...

***HAVEN'T seen

John T said...

Mad Men won, which is nice, but nothing compared to if my beloved Lost had won. Oh well, I love them both deeply.

Marshall1 said...

I've missed the beginning song/dance number, but my west coast channel's replaying it. It's actually quite good!
I think Cory Monteith's super hot, those dimples!

Miss Tufsy said...

Jesus Nathaniel, Pacino is 70 years old now. No need to be snippy, I thought you always wanted the elders/legends to have their dues? I doubt we'll see him at an awards podium again.

Scott said...

Fallon was the worst host of a major awards show in memory, and the writing/production of the show was terrible. Nonetheless, the awards themselves tended to go to very deserving people. So I guess that outweighs just how lame the show itself was.

Oh, and as to Hugh Dancy - yes, please, we need more of him.

Marshall1 said...

I think Glee made 2 big mistakes:
1) the tone of the show changed completely from the Pilot after the first hiatus. Less grounded and character=oriented.
2) the show took an even worse turn after the 2nd hiatus. It's like being put together the night before it airs. Now it only has a few months and I think they are going to stick with whatever brought the ratings (i.e. not the writing/storylines etc., but popular gueststars in random episodes with no storyarcs whatsoever)

HOWEVER, I think one good thing about Glee is the performances/soundtracks are actually great. I almost listened to it everyday. The SONGS have staying power.

Taylor said...

Nat, I'm with you. As Kristen Scott Thomas would say, I was bored to sobs.

James T said...

I really hate it that they gave it to Danes instead of making Dench an EGOT!!

Lucky said...

Is Dench just an Emmy away to EGOT?

Paul Outlaw said...

Breaking Bad is genius TV. Bravo!

Cluster Funk said...

I l-o-v-e Mad Men but last season was FAR inferior to the first two. And Christina Hendricks, albeit divine, had little to do in it. (She should've won for season one, no question, just like January Jones should've won for season two. Both aces.)

Marshall1 said...

Ha, EGOT!!!
Definitely have to get the complete first season of Modern Family when it comes out.
Missed almost the entire season:(


Miss Tufsky -- i just really don't believe in time limit on speeches unless they're true for everyone.
and they never are. They pick and choose who will be asked to leave the stage and who should ramble.

but mostly it was because the "miniseries/movie" section went on forever. I think i realized why i was annoyed. I like good tv series. and as y'all know i love hte movies. But the tv movies i'm like "why can't you just be a feature if you're so damn good." so i get weird about that. QUIRK.

arkaan -- it's true about Cranston. It's just that when any actor hogs an award i end up feeling bad for the other actors. I don't even like my favorite performances winning every year. With series I feel more ok if the same one wins (as long as it's deserving). I think its' that a series is an abstraction and an actor is an actual person and why not spread the wealth?

it's sad to me that Michael C Hall and Jon Hamm may never get recognized for their work beyond nominations.

Marshall1 said...

Yes, Nat, they should cut the whole tv movie/miniseries section (no matter how deserving the people are) because it really bogs down the award (I was online the whole time) and they can keep the show around 2 hours.

Anonymous said...

Breaking Bad is the best show on TV...Cranston and Paul are brillant. And, by the way, Nat. Aaron Paul is hot, hot, hot when he shows us his bare chest on the show.

Michael said...

I can't believe Lost was shut out! Mad Men is great and all, but LOST had the best emotional payoff ever and they could have at least handed its best director, JACK BENDER, the award for directing the devastatingly beautiful and magnificent series finale. Nothing like LOST will ever exist again. Mad Men always has next year, you know? And, not to bash the other nominees, but they're all good and done well, but I find that there's a difference between being good and done with consistency and LOST, which of course had its weak spots but opened up incredible discussions on faith, loss, redemption, and all the while gave the audience characters to connect to. We all may love Betty Draper or Peggy Olson, but when Jack and Kate would kiss, or Claire and Charlie would flirt, or Sawyer would call Juliet "Blondie," these were moments that people would obsess about for weeks. These other shows, Mad Men, Dexter, Breaking Bad, The Good Wife, True Blood: they're good if not great a lot of the time, but they don't have the intangible "it" quality which made LOST a phenomenon. I just think it would have been nice for a strong, solid drama like MAD MEN to take a back seat to the much more emotionally resonant LOST in its final season. This is a rant, I'm sorry, but I think even if episode-to-episode LOST may have been considered weaker than MAD MEN, it was still a wildly ambitious show and it should have gotten more recognition for its poignant, heartbreaking final season.

Unknown said...

It'll make you laugh, scared, and even confused! Check out Catfish

bbats said...

Breaking news: The E! cameraman has just been offered the director's chair for the Fantastic Four Reboot.

Forgive me I must make this joke:
The Fantastic Two.

Seriously, forgive me!

Sid said...

You should start watching Breaking Bad! I love love love Mad Men, but Breaking Bad deserved to win this year's Drama Emmy!

Volvagia said...

Or John Hodgman? Some of those "colour comments" left me in stitches. And yes, Fallon as host was awful. People may complain about Jon Stewart's Oscar host job, but, well, anything's better than what Jimmy Fallon did last night.

Mirko said...

Dame Judi Dench is an Emmy and Grammy away to EGOT

Billy Held An Oscar said...

Oh come on, the opening number was not atrocious.


ok. the jon hamm ass shaking part was good. and i probably would have thought the kate gosselin part was funny if i had ever understood who she was (outside of being on magazine covers and having her own reality show) but thankfully i only know OF her through hearsay. Have never subjected myself to caring about nobodies who manage to get their own reality shows.

i don't believe in celebrity without merit. which is why reality shows should always be about talented people (like project runway or top chef or whatnot)

sp said...

Nathaniel, Jimmy Fallon wishes his Emmy opening musical number was better than Hugh Jackman's 2009 Oscar musical opener. The Emmy opener had some of the cast of "Glee" and a sexy Jon Hamm- but it didn't compare to Jackman and Anne Hathaway 's chemistry and their song & dance expertise.

Dimitra said...

@sp, he needs to do more dramatic roles.

@James T, are you Greek or do you just live in Greece?

Since i was watching only Big Bang Theory this year, I have only one thing to say: Dr.Sheldon Cooper FTW!

Lester said...

Not a very clever or inspired live Emmy blog this year. Yes, you should have been watching "Breaking Bad" from the beginning, and "The Good Wife" is quite good if you give it a proper chance. Al Pacino is a mess, "Temple Grandin" got a wee bit too much hardware, and my beloved Jon Hamm has to sit out yet again in best actor drama. Embarassment of riches that category, but still, it's DON DRAPER! It was a nice awards sendup on "Mad Men" last night for the two people that watched it (AMC and HBO should have given us a break on Emmy night, but HBO is taking off for Labor Day like usual, so I guess there's that). Jimmy Fallon bombed as expected. The rightful host for NBC's Emmys (CONAN O'BRIEN!) was silenced for the entire night. Damn you once again, NBC.

Paul Outlaw said...

I'd never seen Gosselin before she appeared in that number last night and I still thought the opening was brilliant. (Then again, I love the song, I love Glee and I loved all the cameos--except Randy Jackson.)

Criticlasm said...

I did see Clare Danes crying and grabbing on to a wall after a screening of "Les Miserables" at the Sony airport on 68th. There was a paparazzo snapping pictures of her. It was sad, but it led me to believe yes, bad reviews probably actually hurt her.

Isaac M. said...

Can't believe Hugh Laurie lost...AGAIN...his performance in the season finale of House this year was worth the Emmy alone!

Elisabetta Evans said...

Hugh Laurie is the moral winner of the Emmy 2010.