Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Links and Other Drugs

I'm so behind on movie news and readings. It will take me a week to catch up. I'm also aware that I need to revamp the Oscar predix this week. Where to even begin? Links.

IndieWire TIFF completes their lineup. I haven't been posting about TIFF much because I'm so depressed I'm not going. Maybe I'll find someone to cover it for me... [hint. hint]
NY Post will The Walking Dead be a hit for AMC? I do wonder how anyone can make the zombie story fresh these days. This looks exactly like all the rest of them, barring the horseback travel. When will entertainment's zombie addiction end?
Coming Soon a big screen adaptation of the app/game Angry Birds? I have now heard everything. This would only work as claymation. Oh god please not glossy CGI for this property.

Nick's Flick Picks His 2009 Honorees continue with Screenplays. Better late than never, especially with the intriguing but concise writeups.
Cinema Blend video of Viggo and Fassbender in costume and makeup for the new David Cronenberg picture. Oooh, can't wait to see them in action together.
Marc Malkin Meet Kurt's Glee boyfriend
PopMatters "like touching the dead" another rave for Ken Russell's The Devils (1971). I really wish they'd put this on DVD. It really is amazing in scope and the world so needs it right now given that the global addiction to religion is more dangerous than ever these days.
The Ausselio Files creative tension on the set of Diane Keaton's HBO project Tilda
Freckle Face The Musical Yes, Julianne Moore's children's book is now a stage musical. They start singing and dancing in early September
We Are Movie Geeks Readers near St. Louis, MO? You might want to check out the Black Expo later this very week. Movie legends Pam Grier (!), Louis Gossett Jr and Mario Van Peebles are all appearing.

<--- Yay. It's P&A. The filmmaker and his only real male muse have reunited. They've started shooting The Skin I'm In (2011). Here they are on a break.

Cinematical offers strange speculation about why Penélope Cruz is not in Pedro Almodóvar's The Skin I'm In which just started shooting. Um... how about, Pedro's just using a different girl this time? He does that sometimes. Nothing in P's filmography suggests she'd be uncomfortable with nudity, sex scenes or anything Pedro would ask of her really.
Moviehole Apparently Joss Whedon is aware that people are worried that there are no women in The Avengers. He assures there will be. Um, extras don't count. If you don't have The Wasp or Scarlet Witch, you have a sausage fest, plain and simple.
The Playlist First look at Uma Thurman in Ceremony. I hope this is a hit for her.
Joblo DeNiro, Norton and Jovovich get their Stone poster. I'm falling asleep.
Dial P for Popcorn more Black Narcissus images.

Please someone tell me they watched Narcissus specifically due to all this cheerleading we're doing. Blogging must not be in vain! Speaking of... Tomorrow's "Best Shot" episode is Bring It On. Are you joining us?

Finally, I saw this short at this tumblr where the author said "oh my little heart!! cute/sad shakes" and there's no saying it better. Unfortunately I can't tell you who said so. If I don't save things immediately on tumblr I never see them again. (I don't understand tumblr at all. So disposable it is!)

MARCEL THE SHELL WITH SHOES ON from Dean Fleischer-Camp on Vimeo.

My favorite part is the 'lint puppy'. I would've teared up if my ducts worked properly. One of the undeniable truths of our modern online world is that it has blown out whole new walls as window. There's just so much creativity from so many folks to discover.


Craig Bloomfield said...

Ah, you know me Nat - I'm happy for entertainment's zombie addiction to keep on being fed and fed. The last thing I want it to be is fresh: I want it rotten, decaying and ungodly!

Sawyer said...

Nothing to do with the post, but I just wanted to say I could stare at that picture of Winona Ryder all day. Huge eyes, drink in her hand, obviously insane. I want her to matter again in the worst way. Let's hope this small part will be a showcase for how amazing she can be.

jamila said...

First review for RABBIT HOLE up at Toronto Film Festival official site, review by the co-director of TIFF :

"Kidman is remarkable"
"One of the best performances of the year".

Take that haterzz !!

jamila said...

First review for RABBIT HOLE up at Toronto Film Festival official site, review by the co-director of TIFF :

"Kidman is remarkable"
"One of the best performances of the year".

Take that haterzz !!

Volvagia said...

I don't know. It may not look very original, but it's better to be awesome at something that's a bit derivative then being incompetent at something that's trying to be fresh and different. (On cinema: I think Up was trying to push the boundaries of animated movies and failed, while Toy Story took a pretty standard animation track of examining what a weird thought process means and achieved wild success. (See: Any cartoon that explores an alternate dimension in a mirror for an example.)

anna said...

I think that's the cutest thing I've ever seen. Thanks for that. :)

Anonymous said...

Hint received. Although I can only do five days, unless I tell my work 'Hey, I'm not available in these 11 days,' in which they kill me.


anna -- isn't it just? and the voicework for "Marcel" is just superb. That phone call. lol. more believable than most movie phone calls ;)

sawyer -- maybe Aronofsky will use a freeze frame there in a really weird avant garde way and *actually* make you stare at it all day. a 25 1/2 hour running time then.

OtherRobert said...

Zombies are awesome and frightening. We have so much zombie entertainment because, like all horror, we wish to confront something that frightens us--the pending zombie apocalypse--and know that we are safe. The smart ones have their zombie preparedness kits ready to go at a moments notice. One day, we'll be able to say "I told you so," but will choose not to as the non-believers will be legion.

Until someone writes the tween Zombie romance (oh, we're getting dangerously close, as Zombie Romance is a hot niche genre right now (eww)), overexposure will be avoided. I doubt the AMC show will succeed (wrong market). I know I'll be watching.

Kyle said...

I dunno if it'll translate into a great series or not, but it's nice to have The Walking Dead as the first major tv series I can think of that takes place in Atlanta. (It was also actually filmed here)

Glenn said...

Jamila, the director of a festival isn't going to say Kidman is "merely adequate" are they?

Deus Ex Machina said...

OBSESSED with Black Narcissus! It has to be one of the most beautifully shot movies ever made.