Monday, August 16, 2010

'Hit Me With Your Best Shot' The Schedule

A reader sent me this YouTube link (thanks David) so I guess that means people are thinking about the new series which honors indelible shot work from directors and cinematographers. Sometimes it's about the actors, too. But that depends on you and which cinematic moments sear into your brain.

I'd like to thank the blogs that have played along so far like Against the Hype, Nick's Flick Picks, Much Ado About Nothing (twice each). Plus: Agony & Ecstasy, Crossover Man, Serious Film, Low Resolution, Well, hello Achilles, missemmamm, vg21 Random, My New Plaid Pants and Stale Popcorn. So visit those fun blogs. And why don't you join us? You don't even need a blog. Post it to twitpic or flickr and the film experience will still link up on the alloted Wednesday evening. Here's the upcoming schedule.

  • Wed. August 18th: Black Narcissus (1947)
    In which Deborah Kerr and a group of misfit nuns hang in the Himalayas in three strip technicolor. This is available on Netflix instant watch and in a new Criterion Collection release if you've got the $.
  • Wed. August 25th: Bring It On (2000)
    This is the 10th anniversary of the greatest cheerleading movie in the history of the cinema. Please pretend all those direct to DVD sequels never happened. I mean, you don't knock Disney classics because of Ariel's birthday party dvd ripoffs or whatnot, right?
  • Wed. September 1st: Harry Stradling Sr. and A Face in the Crowd (1957)
    This is the 109th anniversary of the legendary cinematography. He won two Oscars and his filmography is one jaw-dropping beauty after another. I'd like to concentrate on the inside showbiz drama A Face in the Crowd (1957) in honor of Patricia Neal's recent passing and because I've never seen it. But if you happen to have one of his other movies handy in your DVD library, I'll still link up to any post honoring the great Stradling Sr. on this particular day
  • Wed. September 8th: TBA


Jude said...

Can Wednesday September 8 be Mean Girls! hahaha.

Colin Low said...

Thinking about Bring It On makes me smile when I'm brushing my teeth. =D