Friday, August 27, 2010

Fall Films: Harry Potter, Anne Hathaway and More

A movie tagline from Warner Bros...

Do you promise? Because I am so ready for that particular franchise to wrap up. I didn't say nice things about the Deathly Hallows in my FALL FILM PREVIEW over at Towleroad because the corporate greed has left a bad taste in my mouth. Movie tickets are like $13ish now in NYC but 3D is like $18ish so instead of people paying $13 to see the Potter finale they're going to have to pay $36. No way does that book need 5 hours to tell itself. That's like when TV series end their seasons with those bloated 2 hour finales and it's totally obvious that they're only used to dreaming up 1 hour of drama. Prepare for FILLER at high prices.
"Movies are as addictive as dope, but they are far less injurious to health and they ought not to be as expensive."
-Quentin Crisp
Anyway, that's just a small part of the article so go read it.

Which film are you most looking forward to in the next three months? I'm getting more excited about David Fincher's The Social Network which I understand would be a classy answer to the question. I like nearly all of his movies and l-o-v-e a few of them. I haven't read the rave reviews that have been making the rounds (I don't like to read reviews before watching movies) but I did think it was absurdly hilarious that Blurb Whore Peter Travers is suddenly acting like he's a tough-to-please Slant critic or something.

If it's the first film he's given 4 stars to this year, how does he explain all those 'Hallelujah i've seen the face of god in this masterpiece' type of quotes that are plastered all over 2010 movie posters just like they are every year?

This friend-of-a-friend style -"review" for Love and Other Drugs seems much less suspicious...

I don't necessarily think LaOD is going to be a great movie but it's probably the one I'm most looking forward to (prior to December that is. Black Swan is the ultimate "want now"!). That's entirely due to my twin devotion to Jack & Lureen Twist. I was watching The Devil Wears Prada again the other night (post forthcoming) and just stunned myself with how much I love looking at Anne Hathaway's face. I could watch her closeups in slo-mo for hours.

A loyal Film Experience reader who wishes to remain anonymous also saw a recent screening of LaOD and sent a few thoughts:
The movie is well above average in the world of romantic comedy, and rest assured, that's what it is. As you could clearly note from the trailer, it has all of the usual romcom trappings and succeeds primarily due to the strength of Jake & Anne's chemistry - which is ENORMOUS and immensely satisfying. I must admit, and then dodge anything you might throw my way, that I'm not a big fan of Rachel Getting Married, or Anne's performance in it. So, given that, I'd have to say that this is her best performance. It's really a perfect role for her, as it's mostly comedic (which is where she excels) with tinges of drama.

Jake pulls off the smarmy-but-charming almost George Clooney-esque character incredibly well, and his character's transformation as he becomes more involved with Anne is not necessarily written as well as it could have been, but he's great. And he ultimately sells one of the rather cliché romcom moments far better than anyone had any right to. It's really all about the two of them, so the supporting cast's screen time is quite limited, although Oliver Platt steals every scene he's in.

P.S. Jake & Anne spend like half the movie completely naked. This movie is sexxxxxxy
I ignored the heresy about not loving Anne in RGM. Wha...? We briefly talked Oscar. He thinks Anne is a real possibility but only if the movie itself gets good reviews but even though he loved it, he doubts that a movie that is essentially a romantic comedy will get much play.

Of course, there are a lot of factors involved in winning Oscar favor and the court of public opinion can be very persuasive for voters. I haven't seen the movie yet so I'm speaking generically about Oscar races. When movies are big hits, they often transcend feelings about their genre. And couldn't this be a big hit?

  • Which fall film are you dying to see?
  • Are you aching for a rom-com that isn't terrible? (There's been a famine)
  • Do you mind parting with $36 to see the conclusion of Harry Potter?
  • And I guess we should start discussing it. Do you see a bright Oscar future for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (either part)?


Unknown said...

Fall films I'm dying to see:
Black Swan, Love and Other Drugs, The Social Network

Aching for a rom-com that isn't terrible? Absolutely

Do I mind parting with $36 to see the conclusion of Harry Potter? Probably won't see it in 3D, and ticket prices are different in my area

Oscar hopes for Harry Potter? Right now I'm just seeing lots of tech nominations. I have it shortlisted for Picture consideration, but I don't see it happening

Paul Outlaw said...

Wasn't As Good As It Gets (blecch) a glorified rom-com?

Naked Jake puts this movie into top five anticipated, but...

...let's say Black Swan, Machete, I'm Still Here and The Social Network are the other four...for the moment... ;-)

Terence said...

Movies I'm Dying to See: Never Let Me Go, Black Swan, Love and Other Drugs, The Social Network, The Town

I would love to see a good rom-com

Since I won't be seeing Harry Potter in 3-D, price doesn't matter. I actually like the decision to split the book. As many times as fans have complained about stuff getting left out, this is a good way to fulfill the epic scope of the novel.

Oscar Hopes? Tech noms and maybe the second part will get a Best Picture nomination. I feel like Harry Potter will be like The Dark Knight. Wasn't it you who said one of the reasons Dark Knight didn't get a nom was because it was the 7th film in a franchise? ;)

pomme said...

Black Swan,Social Network,The fighter,the Town,Never Let me go,Tree of Life

Robert said...

Black Swan is definitely on the top of my list. The Social Network is starting to grow on me, although I'm not really a big fan of the College Students Behaving Badly genre, and Fincher needs to redeem himself after Benjamin Button.

Harry Potter I've been skipping for a while. They seem like fine films for fans of the novels to see things visualized. But if you don't have knowledge of the books to contextualize everything, it's just kind of a mess.

And yes please please please can we do something to bring back the RomCom? Has any other genre that's brought so much joy through the history of cinema fallen so far?

SoSueMe said...

Black Swan, Never Let Me Go, Blue Valentine, The Fighter (for Leo and Adams), The Social Network, Due Date, Morning Glory. Maybe Burlesque and L&OD if they get good reviews.

Ryan T. said...

Don't even know where to begin in terms of telling you which fall films I've dying to see right now. There's a ton of them certainly. I agree with the usual answers (Swan, Network, Drugs, Let Me Go), but I'm just ready to see Blue Valentine now now NOW. Then again with a Dec. 31 release date... it's not a fall film is it? So just ignore what I just said.

As for Harry Potter, I agree that it's a lot of money, but a) I won't see it in 3D so it'll only be $26 for me and b) I'm going to see it with my super hardcore HP friends during most likely opening night/weekend. THAT movie EXPERIENCE itself is most likely worth $26, even $36.

Finally, a non-terrible rom-com? YES PLEASE. Though I quite liked Date Night with Fey and Carrell from earlier this year. Not super great, but the leads were. said...

are we including december too? in that case:

Black Swan
True Grit
Never Let Me Go
Social Network
The American
The Tourist
The Tempest
Love an Other Drugs

and if they actually get a release date:

Tree of Life
The Way Back
London Boulevard
The Conspirator

Yes, the rom-com is in dire need of saving. If it's well written and acted and hits all the sweet spots a good rom-com SHOULD hit, it will absolutely get nominated (think Jerry Maguire, and even as far back as The Apartment).

I'll see it in 2D if possible, since I'm already waaaaay over the 3D fad, but I don't mind the book being chopped in two. There are a number of great set-pieces in Deathly Hallows, and I feel this way they can give them their proper due instead of rushing through them. I know it's ultimately a financially beneficial decision, but I remember finishing the book when it came out, and thinking splitting in two might actually be a good idea, especially since the structure has broken away from the 'year in Hogwarts' format.

If Harry has any oscar chances, it will be a nom for Deathly Hallows part 2 in 2011, as a way of honoring the entire series. but i definitely don't think it has a chnace in hell of actually winning it.

Roark said...

Re: Harry Potter, um, relax? Go to matinees and see it in 2-D. That probably brings it down to $20-24, even in overpriced NYC. Or, y'know, just don't see it, if it's vexing you so!

Ambrož said...

You haven't read Deathly Hallows, have you, Nathaniel? That book can't be put into one movie. Just can't.

My single most anticipated film this year is Never Let Me Go.

Alex said...

I'm really excited for Rabbit Hole (am I the only one left in that camp?), Somewhere, The Social Network (excitement builds every day), and Love and Other Drugs.

After a year of The Bounty Hunter, When in Rome, The Switch, The Back-Up Plan, and whatever movie is next on Jennifer Aniston's docket, I am DEFINITELY ready for a good romcom. I guess the last Oscar-nominated romantic comedy was probably Juno...does that even count? I agree that I could see this hitting like the next Jerry Maguire.

Anonymous said...

I see the decision to split Deathly Hallows into two films far less a money grab than the same decision to split the last Twilight book into two. I mean, really?

Robert Hamer said...

I'm as excited for The Social Network as anyone, but I'm going to take any review of it with a grai...make that a pint of salt. After the absurd hyperbole that dumbass critics were slobbering on to The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, I've decided most of them can't be trusted to give a measured response to David Fincher.

As for other fall releases, I'm dying to see It's Kind of a Funny Story (surprised no one's mentioned that one yet), Hereafter (another hopeful rebound from a great director's shitty film), and Devil (NOT from M. Night Shyamalan! The Dowdle Brothers are directing, and they're not half bad!).

There's also a part of me that wants to see Going the Distance, for personal reasons. Me and my girlfriend will be long-distance in September.

An Oscar future for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is as bright as the one for Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

Dempsey Sanders said...

The last Harry Potter book was bound to get a two movie deal as it is huge, but even if it wasn't they still would have just like what Twiglight has catched onto now. As for the my most anticipated, never let me go has my attention.

Lara said...

I wanted to say the same things Robert at 11:31 said but he put it so eloquently that I'm just going to co-sign his post.

The romantic comedy genre has been so bad lately that I'd be willing to pay $18ish for a great one. That's how bad it has been (and still is).

Anonymous said...

I'm a sucker for a good rom-com, and (500) Days of Summer has recently renewed my faith in the genre, so I'm desperate for another one on that level (I'm not holding my breath though). I have to say Anne Hathaway just looks luminous in the trailer for LAOD and she's really the draw for me, but I'm also looking forward to Going the Distance, call me crazy, but it actually looks really good to me.

As far as my most anticipated, I'd say Rabbit Hole, Black Swan, Love and Other Drugs, The Town, Never Let Me Go and The Social Network are at the top of my list. God I love this time of year, everyone I know is excited about football season, but I'm just ready to see some good movies!

joe burns said...

I will see Love And Other Drugs and Black Swan I guess, but I'll definetely see Harry Potter, maybe not in 3D. The splitting decision seems made to indeed be able to show everything, they would have to edit out a lot to squeeze the rest into a single movie.

Volvagia said...

Technically, it's fall from September 21st-December 21st, but it's awkward to be that exacting.

With that space in mind, my 5 most anticipated are:

1. Black Swan
2. The Fighter
3. The Social Network
4. Love and Other Drugs
5. Bagman (nee Casino Jack)

Xena said...

Not at all excited about Love & Other Drugs. I hate to say this, but Jake and Anne just seem like fake, more generic versions of George Clooney and Julia Roberts with about half of the charisma and charm. Jake and Anne may be better actors (debatable) but they just don't have the "it" factor that differentiates between just regular actors and movie stars. The only thing that would make this film more appealing is if the story is stellar because if it is just one of those films that banks on charm, likeability, and charisma I think I'd probably be spending the entire movie wishing I WERE watching George and Julia instead.

John T said...

I am about to become a New York resident, so I shall have to be prepared to shell out $36 for those HP films.

I'm most looking forward to Tree of Life, though, and will look forward to it most until it is in front of me at a theater.

jbaker475 said...

The must-sees from Sept-Dec:

1. Black Swan (I should probably stop watching the trailer so much but GOD DAMN it looks amazing)
2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (2D version all the way)
3. Never Let Me Go
4. Rabbit Hole (I am so ready for the Kidman Awards Season comeback to's hoping this is the one)
5. The Social Network
6. Tree of Life (would be #1 if it had a 100% confirmed 2010 release date)

And as far as HP's Oscar chances go, it's a tricky situation. AMPAS' willingness to embrace the franchise has dropped enormously (though HBP did score that cinematography nom), so it's hard to tell whether they'll take the last (two) chance(s) to really reward the franchise with a ton of nominations...or just continue to nod them in a handful of arts/tech categories. They might just save all of their awards love for Part II since it will be the "omg NOW it's over" one.

sp said...

Nathaniel, I share your love for RGM & Hathaway's performance. RGM, in my mind, is the best American family drama film since maybe " Ordinary People". Their were times, when I was watching RGM, I felt I was watching a well-acted Broadway play. I'm still shocked that RGM's Rosemarie Dewitt , Debra Winger, and Bill Irwin were not nominated in the Supporting Acting Oscar categories- they gave some of the finest performances of 2008.

My most anticipated are : LAOD, Social Network, Blue Valentine, The Way Back, 127 Hours, The Town, and True Grit.

Anonymous said...

Another one I'm excited about is Last Night. I know I'm in the minority, but I'm a fan of Keira Knightley and I'm excited to see her in a movie that's not a costume drama.

Daniel Armour said...

Harry Potter is definitely my most anticipated film for the rest of the year! I won't be seeing it in 3D because I'm 3D'd out and it hurts my eyes. As for its Oscar prospects, maybe it'll finally win a technical awards or two but I'm not betting on a Best Picture Nomination for either part of Deathly Hallows unless the reviews/receptions for each part are LOTR good. I'd love to see a HP nominated for Best Picture, though. It's a pretty underrated franchise in terms of quality, IMHO.

I'm also looking forward to The Social Network and Never Let Me Go. I'll see Black Swan because I like Aronofsky but the trailer didn't blow me away like it did to a lot of people here. Still, it does interesting and there's always room for a surprise. As for everything else, I'm just taking a wait and see approach. Nothing looks too exciting.

Bailey said...

A. Anne Hathaway is amazing.

B. Jake Gyllenhaal is amazing.

C. They so obviously have so much chemistry I'm dying for them to become some kind of Hepburn/gay Tracey animal for the rest of their (and our) lives.

D. I fully believe he french braids her hair at night before they retire to matching pink twin canopy beds.

E. Harry Potter blows goats. I wouldn't shit on it for $36, let alone pay.

F. Black Swan will be epic. I only hope Kunis is used effectively and enough. 2 full hours of 'confused Natalie Portman faces' will annoy me. And long live Winona Ryder. God bless that crazy talentless bitch. She has been my fave since I was a child.

Michael said...

Burlesque, of course! But for reasons totally un-Oscar related...

But also Rabbit Hole, Black Swan, Never Let Me Go, and The Social Network, for reasons of "these could be great!" and Oscar. I wish Andrew Garfield weren't doing Spiderman though. I don't want him to have a Tobey Maguire career (start strong in prestige pics., go the Spiderman route, and then do the occasional "meh" film like Brothers). Also, I'd like to nominate Never Let Me Go for best trailer so far*.

(*Okay, Black Swan has the best trailer, but let's disqualify that for a moment.)

grburbank said...

I'm looking forward to Never Let Me Go, Wall Street 2 (if only for Carey Mulligan), Love and Other Drugs, and, of course, Black Swan.

I haven't been keeping up with the Harry Potter films. I'll probably wait till they're on DVD.

And I'm always up for a good rom-com.

Connor said...

Black Swan.
Lengends of the Guardians.
Red (this one is a maybe).
The Tree of Life.
The Tempest.
And The Town (also a maybe).

Out of all of them, I want to see Machete and Black Swan the most.

But what I'm looking forawrd to is the stuff coming out next year: Melancholia here I come!

Simon said...

Love and Other Drugs, I think, is a weird's technically a biopic, but is being sold as a romantic comedy, which is probably is. There are other movies like that, surely, but I can't think of them right now.

I'm losing my shit over Black Swan, at this point I'll settle for another trailer.

Also, the Tempest. I don't know when that's coming out, but I'm going to assume it's fall. Someone give that damn thing a trailer.

Danny King said...

My most anticipated fall films: "Black Swan," "Never Let Me Go," "Hereafter," "The Social Network," "127 Hours," "The American."

Caroline said...

The only good thing about seeing "Eat Pray Love" was the previews beforehand. I think "Catfish" and "How Do You Know" can be considered a twist on the usual romcom formula, and in "Morning Glory", romance is actually reduced to a subplot. How exciting!

stjeans said...

I know it's a little out of topic, but since fall rhymes with Award season. So I tackle my favorite categorie (Best Supp. Actress) & If I were the academy at this point in the year MY list would go like this:

*Dale Dickey (Winter's Bone)
*Greta Gerwig (Greenberg)
*Charlotte Rampling (Life During wartime)
*Sissy Spacek (Get Low)
*Jackey Weaver (Animal Kingdom) can always dream!


Bridge -- i have read Deathly Hallows. It could definitely fit into one film. There's about 200 pages in the middle where virtually nothing happens. And the films are super repetitive anyway. Plus many film sequences are much faster played out than describing them in novel form is.

I realize that i don't "get" Harry Potter the way most people do. I feel like I've seen the same film six times already... (there's a definite formula) and it ebbs and flows in quality but it's never GREAT CINEMA. I'm much more charitable to it when i think of it as a tv series and honestly that's what I think it is. In its length and repetitions and longform narrative it's definitely more of a television experience.

for the record i'd rate the fimls like so

ORDER OF THE PHOENIX B* this is the one I enjoy the most for sure but I don't think it's quite as "good" as Azkaban because the plot is kind of a mess and it doesn't feel as artistically conceived.

adri said...

I feel it's been like a summer where I hardly saw any movies. Hurrah for some possibly wonderful movies coming up!

I want to see:
Black Swan
Brighton Rock
The Tempest
London Boulevard
The Way Back
The Tourist
The American
Tree of Life
Never Let Me Go

Cici said...

As a Harry Potter fan, I am fully willing to be exploited for the purposes of seeing the HP movies make more money than Twilight.

George P. said...

# Which fall film are you dying to see?
-"Never Let Me Go"
-"Lovely, Still"
-"The Romantics"
-"Black Swan"
-"Blue Valentine"

# Are you aching for a rom-com that isn't terrible? (There's been a famine)
-Of course, cause there are so many forgettable ones released every year.

# Do you mind parting with $36 to see the conclusion of Harry Potter?
-Yes, I mind, so I won't. I haven't seen a HP film since #2...

# And I guess we should start discussing it. Do you see a bright Oscar future for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (either part)?

Castor said...

Anne Hathaway needs to stop pumping rom-coms for a little while. Please go back to some dramatic role!

Jackie said...

Does The Kids are All Right count as a rom-com? Cause that's the kind of rom-com I can get behind.

Count me in on the RGM love too. Anne Hathaway was totally my Best Actress of 2008.

Sam said...

omg no Hogwarts? I will be very sad if there is no Snape pounding his way down the hall as the new headmaster with his cloak billowing out behind him.

He Said She Said said...

I find it funny that you are cynical about 3D prices for Harry Potter. Go see it in 2D if you don't want to pay extra! I am seeing it in 2D because I want to focus on the film, not the stupid glasses that keep falling off.


he said she said -- it's the principle of the thing. Even with 2D prices they're trying to get you to pay $26 instead of $13. and they'll make an extra billion doing it, and when will that end? (see Twilight)

poof. gone goes anything other than money grabbing, like the beauty of tight storytelling. extinct.

that's my cynical fear. and i don't think it's unfounded.

Dimitra said...

DYING to see: Brighton Rock, Never Let Me Go, The Tempest, Black Swan, Tron:Legacy and The Way Back. But I'm eager for others as well.

I disagree about HP7 not needing 2 parts, but the way ythe films series have turne out, I'm not sure if it's going to save the situation. (especially with David Yates directing) But in the end I'm going to watch it anyway...*sigh*

Anonymous said...

I don't get how you can complain about Potter, but not about Twilight. Twilight and its Stars and fans are 10 times worse.

Anne Hathaway isn't cute nor a great actress, but to each his own.

I'm looking forward to Black Swan and The Social Network.

Anonymous said...


You share my sentiments exactly. Nathaniel must live in England or something b/c the HP Frenzy has certainly died down in America. It's all about Twilight and Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart. That a series that needs to end like YESTERDAY. Team Edward or Jacob STFU already. I cannot fathom how on earth any sensible person can complain about HP and not Twilight.

Why would anyone pay $13 bucks for a non 3D movie ticket? Do they not have earlier shows for cheaper. I live in Chicago and I mostly pay 5 bucks to see a film, 8 bucks at the most. Even AMC has deals for their early shows. I'm talking about 1030 or 11 am. Not 8 or 9 am. Or try a Free Screening, I get them all the time.

DogDay said...

Wow, I bet you wouldn't be complaining if meryl streep was in the Harry potter series. its for the fans, I'm sure they dont mind. Just wait for netflix or something if Harry isn't your thing. People wants there to be more, that's why it's successful in the first place. like Twilight.


DOGDAY-- i assume you haven't been around here long. I'm only too happy to complain if Meryl Streep does something i don't like, too (HATED her in Manchurian Candidate for instance.) and i'd still complain if they split a Meryl Streep movie in two to try to rip me off.

ANON -- there are very few discount shows in Manhattan. Not all theaters even have a matinee price but most only have the matinee price for the very first show of the day. And those "free shows" generally involve arriving at least an hour early and waiting in lines and hoping you get in and I don't play it like that. Too much of a diva. ;)

but the response to this thread just goes to show you why they keep hiking prices: people are willing to pay them.

I am a die hard moviegoer. Have been going once a week at least (paying) since I could drive. And the fact that *I* am regularly hesitating now (despite loving sitting in a movie theater more than any other activity) i thought it was a warning sign that movies are getting too expensive. But maybe not since people are asking me not to complain about ticket prices.

Another example: I went and saw HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON and just loved it. But I was still like "wow, that cost way too much" while exiting the theater. And for me to be thinking abotu the money I parted with when i actually loved what i saw? That is so sad. The only place that happens is at broadway shows which have priced themselves way out of the mainstream and the habitual.

as for the reason i don't complain about Twilight as much as Harry Potter: the Harry Potter movies are good enough that i want them to be better (plus i actually go see them) and the Twilight movies i avoid like the plague because the first one bored me silly and i couldn't imagine spending several more hours with all of that morose staring and incessant mopiness? ARGH.

Alex said...

I wouldn't be complaining if Angels in America was released theatrically in two parts...


Alex -- right. But Angels was actually written AS two parts. It's meant to be six hours long in its original version :)

Anonymous said...

Okay, I see your point, I'm sort of glad I don't live in Manhatten. 13 bucks is a bit much for me (unless someone else is paying).

I understand your frustration with the HP series now. I get it now, unfortunately I'm always stuck seeing Twilight in theatres (forced) and HP on DVD.

Manuel said...

01. Black Swan
02. Tree of Life
03. Rabbit Hole
04. The Tourist
05. Harry Potter
06. Biutiful
07. Fair Game
08. The Fighter
09. Narnia

Burning Reels said...

The initial premise of The Social Network put me off, as did Fincher's last overblown foray into Oscarville.

However, talks of him tapping into All the Presidents Men has me intrigued, as Fincher's last ode to Seventies cinema was a big win:)