Monday, August 30, 2010

First and Last, "The Unexplainable"

Need another clue. Highlight for the first and last lines of dialogue
first - "Greetings my friends..."
last - "Heck, It'll probably stop by the time we get around the corner. Let's go."
Can you guess the movie?

If you're still stumped you can highlight for the answer. Some people consider this the director's best film. It's... Tim Burton's Ed Wood (1994).


Chris said...

Ed Wood! Finally a first!!!

MovieNut14 said...

Ed Wood. A fav of mine.

James Colon said...

It does feel very Ed Wood-y. The enthusiasm of the previous two commenters kind of confirms this feeling, I think. So yeah, Ed Wood.


Ed Wood it is.

Mierzwiak said...

What a great movie. Nathaniel, it should be in "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" : )