Thursday, August 19, 2010

Link Narcissustic

Box Office Mojo The Tourist with Depp & Jolie will be opening in 2010. Time to adjust those Oscar charts? Yeah, yeah. I'll try to start this weekend.
Rope of Silicon mixes Inception music over Black Narcissus images for a 2010 trailer for the 1947 classic. Neato (if a bit spoilery)
Mighty God King P.S.A: Fozzy vs. Pac-Man (?!)
I Need My Fix pics from the premiere of The Switch. In a just world Juliette Lewis would be 1,000 times more famous than Jennifer Aniston. You know it's true.
Dennis Cozzalio just turned 50 and celebrates with a funny post. (Mmmm, brains.) Go wish him a happy 1/2 century year! I mean it.

Camp Blood True Blood "Rolling Stone" cover now made extra gay!
DListed Speaking of... Alexander Skarsgard cracks me up. So casual about his scorchingness. What would Daddy Stellan think of all of this?
popbytes has my favorite reaction to this whole sockless news. How do you really feel about this "news" Jeremy? Quit hedging!
Ginger Williams made nesting dolls of Golden Girls and Steel Magnolias. Wha...?
The Entertainment Junkie remembers Lost in Translation and thinks Sofia Coppola's Oscar is a bit of a cheat (in a complimentary way!)
BlogStage Jenelle meets Dennis Quaid. I love it when writers meeting their acting idols. Sweet.

Off Screen
Tom Scott I love these warning labels to place on bad journalism. My favorite is the press release one. So many blogs are like that. Sigh. Though you can't really stick stickers on a blog. Can you? You wouldn't be able to see your screen when you click away!
Just Jared Ricky Martin's memoir is called Me. That's all they could come up with?

And finally, for no reasons other than it made me laugh, excuse me, lol -- and I am the type that reads scifi/fantasy novels -- and I'm in a juvenile mood (sorry!) try this hilarious raunchy ode to sci-fi novelist. NSFW unless you're on headphones.


Anonymous said...

"the tourist" isn't a Oscar contender,it will be a blockbuster with A+++list actors

James T said...

I have no idea who that novelist is (I hope he is not THAT famous outside the USA) but the video convinced me his writing is at least hot. :p

Oh, and I must remind you your tomorrow's schedule: try to love Aniston ;)


james t -- huh? did i forget something?

James T said...

It was re: Aniston being more famous than Lewis and the fact that i know you kind of hate her

(in case you asked sincerely and not jokingly. i couldn't tell)


James T - it's all her fault. I actually loved her (my favorite Friend) until she went to the movies and had NOTHING to offer them. Perfect TV star. Annoying movie actress.


James T said...

Hey, hey. I know her choices have been mostly bad ones but aren't you a little harsh? Since you mentioned it (well, kind of), you forgave Moore for Next so why not consider Aniston's recent movies an extended Next? Personally, I still hope she'll impress us in the future.

And really, it took you longer to give up on Lohan.

Anyway, i'm just trying to fix your relationship with her. Not make you mad at me :p

Andrew R. said...

Inception/Black Narcissus-Interesting combo.

Lost in Translation-I kid you not, I saw it last night. Plus Ebert's Great Movie review for it is the newest one. It's EVERYWHERE.

Fuck Me Ray Bradbury-Can I just say that I hated Fahrenheit 451? Still hilarious, though.


James T -- there is probably no fixing ;) i don't think i've enjoyed even one of her performances onscreen. unless i'm forgetting something.

andrew -- i guess i should go read Eberts then. his reach is pretty amazing. the power of getting famous on television. I tells ya.

Volvagia said...

Umm, really, anonymous 3:37? Since when is a December blockbuster not also a Best Picture contender? (Ben Button, Avatar, all three LOTRs and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon within the last ten ceremonies.)

Lara said...

OMG! I must be like the slowest person ever because until today I had not put together that Stellan and Alexander are father and son!

Anonymous said...

People saying The Tourist isn't Oscar contender because it's a commercial film...Inglorious Basterds, Avatar, District 9...That's 3 blockbusters which got Best Picture nominations last Oscar season. If The Tourist gets excellent reviews, then it definitely has a chance. Remember the director is behind The Lives of Others.


Lara -- funny how that happens with celebrity bloodlines.

you know what i frequently forget? kid you not.... That Jamie Lee Curtis is the daughter of two famous actors. I always forget. isn't that weird?


even though her name kinda contains both of theirs.

billybil said...

I want me some Dennis Quaid! For years now!

Guy Lodge said...

Why must you hurt me with these Jennifer Aniston digs? ;)

Cease and desist, or I'll start getting mean about Anne Hathaway!

Lara said...

I do tend to forget that about Curtis as well. And yet other parent/child combinations are so indelible in my mind, like Michael and Kirk Douglas, Charlie and Michael Sheen, Ryan and Tatum O'Neil.

I'll say something nice about JA: I want to see The Switch.

Anonymous said...

@Nat - Have you seen Office Space? I only ask because it's probably Aniston's best performance in a feature film. Her character's basically Rachel on Ritalin. Also: the movie itself is hilarious!

Burning Reels said...

I thought Aniston was respectable in The Good Girl.

And i've been away for a month or two and I see you've met the great Julianne - has that sunk in yet?! I need to set aside some time to catch up, priorities!:)

Dean said...

I second the Office Space citation.

kin said...

Yeah, I think Nat is this close to coming up with a negative nickname for Aniston.

OtherRobert said...

The funniest part of that video for me is the girl with the "I [heart] Kurt Vonnegut" shirt. I'm more of a Vonnegut man myself, though I've read enough of Bradbury to realize how clever this song is. Halloween Tree references? Illustrated Man joke? Great.

That's a lie. The funniest part of the video is the YouTube comment war over Bradbury being a horror or sci-fi author. Because clearly, no one could do both, especially not in the same book. I'm tempted to create an account to argue why he's a fantasy author, just for kicks.


Burning Reels -- how on earth have you been away for two months. DON'T LEAVE MEEEEEEEE

also: i hate Aniston in The Good Girl. Putting a wet blanket on your charisma and a blank look on your face is NOT an acceptable idea of playing "depressed." zzzzz

Kin -- help me come up with one.

OtherRobert --that's my fav part too. I love when she slaps her. so funny.

Burning Reels said...

Haha sorry, I won't ever leave you Nathaniel:)

Hate is a strong word for her performance but I can see where you're coming from. Just caught up with The Blind Side - wow, how did the thing even get nominated - i'm sure some tinkering around with the tone and you'd have yourself an absolute parody.

kin said...

Nat, I am not condoning that behavior. Not towards Aniston anyway. ;)