Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Don't Be Afraid of the Link

<-- The poster and the teaser for the British noir Jack Falls. Hmmm, somebody has been mainlining Sin City!

Victim of the Time on Susannah York. My god I love this scene in They Shoot Horses Don't They
Guardian Stanley Kubrick's widow speaks. How they met, how he danced (?) and more...
Cinema Obsessed is spooked by the Don't Be Afraid of the Dark teaser. I am too. Guillermo Del Toro found created his scaried creature yet called "Katie Holmes"!
And Your Little Blog, Too shares memories of meeting Patricia Neal (RIP)
Videogum Inception themed casual encounter [NSFW... and by Not Safe For Work I mean NSFP... Not Safe for the Prudish]. You know it's funny. I was just going to post about how I'm just DONE with reading about Inception on the internets and then this hit. Hee.

Tribeca Film my column "best in show" spotlights John Hawkes and Dale Dickey in Winter's Bone
52 Bad Dudes This is a cool tumblr. Adam Sidwell is drawing badasses from the movies each week
50 Best Illustration Blogs If you're like me and you love drawrings, check these out.
Daventry Blue "12 Songs About Movie Stars" Can you think of any more?
Quiet Earth isn't too happy about these plans for Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter

On a final note, I read Sunset Gun's piece on a meeting with Lindsay Lohan before that infamous trip to Cannes with great interest. Like Kim, I think Lohan is gifted and like Kim I'm all for forgiving stars their scandals. I have roughly zero use for the weird media demand that they also be role models. But I'm not defensive about LiLo anymore. Give me fine movie appearances and I'll forgive all but Lohan isn't delivering in the movies... or even in the movies so I can't rally. I wish she'd come back but until she recovers her acting focus, I have no real use for her. Party girls bore me. Give me actresses!


Bia said...

Lilo proved to me that she was more than just Mean Girls with Georgia Rule and Prairie Home Companion. How or why she would piss that great path she was on away is just so perplexing. She hasn't done a damn thing since to prove she wants a respectable career.

Chantale said...

Totally psyched for it. No doubt we'll watch half of it with our eyes closed!

Brian Tayour said...

I am reading AL-Vampire Hunter right now. About halfway through now and so far, a pretty cool read.
I think a movie adaptation would be alright.
Anyone hear anything on the Red Riding Hood flick with Amanda Seyfried ? I hope that's not hokey. It's supposed to be a serious premise with Catherine Harwicke helming and a decent cast.

BT said...

Hardwicke :)

Unknown said...

Not sure if it counts, but what about Madonna's "Vogue" (fun fact: David Fincher directed the video) for songs about movie stars? She references TONS of iconic movie stars in the spoken word verse...

Eric Arvin said...

Thanks for mentionming my lil' blog (DavenBlue)!

Julian, I tried to avoid songs that came to my mind immediately, and that was one of them. Still a great song, though.

Andrew R. said...

Kubrick's Widow-Very interesting.


52 Bad Dudes-Very nice. Chaotic as hell format.

50 Drawing Sites-Hmmmm. Interesting list.

12 Songs About Movie Stars-Bette Davi-oh. Never mind.

Abe Lincoln, Vamp Hunter-I'VE BEEN MEANING TO READ THOSE BOOKS. (I have so many books I want to read...I got through so few this summer, which is because of lack of time and not because I'm a slow reader. I'm way too effing fast, actually.)

AND I DON'T CARE ABOUT LINDSEY LOHAN. I never liked Prarie Home Companion, and she sucked in Freaky Friday. Her one good performance: Mean Girls.

Janice said...

I actually enjoyed LIlo in Freaky Friday - can't be easy going toe to toe with Jamie Lee Curtis in one of her best performances, but she carries it off, even if JLC rules the film. Unfortunately, I think Bia summed up the situation pretty well - nuff said. (Wondered when you'd give up the ghost, Nat.)

Songs about movie stars - well, Russell Crowe's "Somebody Else's Princess" has always been rumored to be about Nicole Kidman, but I suppose it can't be proven. (Although somehow I wouldn't doubt it, either.)

cici said...

But many movie-goers also have zero use for the policy of ignoring an actor's lack of basic decency as long as they provide us a good bit of entertainment. Frankly, I hope she never comes back to the big screen.

Walter L. Hollmann said...

Just saw Winter's Bone about eight hours ago. Dale Dickey floored me, and I love the way her lip quivers when she watches Ree near the end. You know the scene. I thought, "My God. She must be a mother." My favorite character from the book, but she adds so much with the simplest of expressions.

Don't know about that Jennifer Lawrence nom, tho. I predicted it, but now...hm.

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Anonymous said...

"Kiss Them For Me" by Siouxsie and the Banshees is about Jayne Mansfield and is named after one of her movies.