Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Curio: Film and a Felt-Tip

Alexa here with more film arts and crafts. Jessica Mae Hendrickson's doodles may just be proof that it's impossible not to have fun with markers. I came across her etsy shop recently, and even though it seems like an elaborate prank (it's called "Buy My Shit", after all), I may put up some cash for her punny, absurdist, felt-tip magic. While she makes marker art of all kinds, here is a selection of her film-related subjects.

A framed Corky St. Clair.

Track (suit) Galifianakis.

Michael Pitt, and banana, in The Dreamers.

The many faces of John Goodman, as balloons.
(Wish I'd had these for my daughter's birthday party.)

Ari, Chas, and Uzi Tenenbaum.

Tim Roth as a sloth.

Resigned romance in Eternal Sunshine.



corky st. clair even cracks me up drawn. It's the bowl hair and those hideous outfits i'm sure. CORKYYYYYYYYYYY


p.s. michael pitt with banana. also quite funny.

hours later i am still haunted by the idea of John Goodman face balloons. If i have nightmares tonight i will blame Jessica Mae Hendrickson!

Alexa said...

The Goodman balloons are both scary and funny. Kinda like his Cyclops in O Brother.