Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Curio: Billy Zane, Killing with Love

Alexa here. I've always had a soft spot for Billy Zane. I'm still blown away by his breakout performance in Dead Calm; he was all mad energy, like Brando without the digression. Since then his career seems to have had a few too many arch roles and unfortunate hairpieces. It was while he filmed Titanic, playing his most celebrated toupeed villain, that Billy took up painting. He is now quite an accomplished artist.

Billy is currently showing a series of his paintings, titled "Killing with Love", at the Frank Pictures gallery in Los Angeles. He describes his work as being influenced by the found materials he gathers on location and the Japanese martial art of Kendo. I think I see a little of Paul Klee's influence, too. Here is a sampling. The show is up until September 1st.

Madonnarama, oil on canvas, 39" x 60.5", 1997

Despotiko, 20" x 20", 2010

Gettysburger, oil on canvas, 21" x 19", 2010

Bucephalus, 21" x 17", 2010



Given all the supposed down time on movie sets this seems like a valid pursuit. Maybe if more stars picked up paint brushes instead of... well, whatever it is they pick up.

Janice said...

I thought he was wonderfully hilarious in Zoolander as himself. (Yes, I only just saw it last month.) But it's true he's been terribly typecast - not sure why. Maybe he prefers playing bad guys? Titanic was - forgettable for me, but he was memorable in Dead Calm wasn't he? That movie made Nicole Kidman's career but it should have made Zane's.