Monday, August 30, 2010


Behold: The Poster for Burlesque. I think the marketing department deserves kudos for managing to pay homage to both of their leading ladies simultaneously in a way that's flattering to both. Although the hot pink "they airbrushed my face" quality won't be a sale for everyone.

MTV Whoa! Darren Aronofsky originally conceived of Black Swan and The Wrestler as a single film. Now I'm even more intrigued.
Hollywood Crush Bradley Cooper and Ryan Reynolds as action co-stars? Media to swoon.
In Contention Isabella Rossellini to head Berlinale jury
Stale Popcorn Gypsy 83. I never hear anyone talking about this movie so I had to link up. Way too underseen for something so heartfelt.
MNPP Good morning. Hey, I love bookshelves, too. They scream "I am what I am."
Serious Film "Pulled from the Wreckage" Fine acting in terrible films
Cinematical freaks out over the amount of stunts in Mad Max: Fury Road
Awards Daily on the current cynicism and the Oscar race.
Movies Kick Ass picks his favorite Emmy dresses. Christina Hendricks was probably mine. But I'm a sucker for attention grabbing cleavage ... and lavender come to think of it... and redheads (come to keep thinking of it). Triple success.

Go Fug Yourself
on Diana Agron's (Glee) Little Women look on the red carpet.
PopWrap first official image of Kristen Bell in Burlesque. They think she'll be the most quoted character.
Geekscape asks "What if The Expendables had an all female cast?" Answer: Nathaniel would've seen it twice already. (P.S. A female version is so not a bad idea.)

And finally The Awl asks a question that's really been haunting me lately "Why is American selfishness so widespread now?" It's been a disheartening summer -- lack of empathy everywhere. I think you can even see this in reviews of movie dramas. People just have no time or patience for other people's heartache.

OK that's too depressing to end with.

How about By Ken Levine's (who knows from television) Emmy recap:
You realize of course that you watch a lot more television than the people who made these decisions? If it weren't for screener DVD's, many Academy members would still be voting for HILL STREET BLUES.
Ha. Good one.The only reason they're lazier than Oscar voters is they can be. Movies tend to be, like, ineligible after their debut year.


Anonymous said...

Where's MM@M?

MJD said...

January's dress was legitimately fantastic. That electric blue, the sexy hair, she looked amazing. I don't get why this is considered such a miss. Elizabeth Moss's dress was boring. Christina Hendricks' is pretty nice. But January wins this one in a landslide!

Joe said...

Who would you cast in the female version of the Expendables.

I can see Angelina Jolie and Sigourney Weaver. Maybe Glenn Close (though I think she's more lethal without a gun or explosions). Geena Davis? She has "The Long Kiss Goodnight." Obviously Angela Basset, because her arms rival's Arnolds. Really though, I'm having a hard time coming up with a solid list.

But, I would have definitely seen it too.

jazz said...

I like the tag line on the Burlesque poster
"it takes a legend"

the rhinestones

"to make a star"

well i'm queening out over this movie anyway..

the female expendables
Angelina is a surefire bet.
Meryl Streep totes a gun quite well - Think the river wild.
Sandra Bullock?
and for the Jet Li part - Lucy Lu
Megan Fox - do people still find her hot?

let me think about this some more


Paul Outlaw said...

Female Expendables:
Sigourney Weaver, Linda Hamilton, Demi Moore, Angela Bassett, Angelina Jolie, Ziyi Zhang, Lucy Liu, Michelle Rodriguez, Michelle Yeoh, Brigitte Nielsen, Grace Jones, Daryl Hannah, Linda Carter, Lucy Lawless and Pam Greer.


see ... it's a great idea! There are far more choices than we think until we think on it for a moment.


are the must haves.

then so many other choices would work but i think you have to go with


Paul Outlaw said...

Now that I think of it, FAMKE is missing from my list...