Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Breakfast with... Claudette and Clark

Rise and shine, Claudette!

Clark's making breakfast. He's really a catch even if you haven't quite figured it out yet. In your defense he is gruff, middle class, conceited and terribly bossy. But he's making breakfast. A man who cooks? C'mon girl. Tear down those walls of Jericho.

Claudette: Scrambled eggs!
Clark: Egg. Single. One Egg. One donut. Black coffee. That's your ration until lunch. Any complaints?
Claudette: No, no complaints.
Clark: I'd have some cream for your coffee but it'd meant buying a whole pint.
Would you eat what Clark Gable served up... even without a pint of cream? (I love donuts and eggs but... no cream?)
Claudette Colbert It Happened One Night


Scott said...

gorgeous screen grab of Claudette! bravo!

Volvagia said...

Great movie. Comedy has just gotten so lazy (e.g. The Bounty Hunter), overly dark (Malkovich and Fight Club!?) or trying to be dramedic. (The Kids Are Alright and As Good As It Gets.) Just once I'd love to see a great, light, apolitical comedy to rival Harvey. Any takers?

Andrew R. said...

That movie deserved its Best Picture Oscar.


Scott -- all credit to Claudette for being so damn screen grab worthy

Volvagia -- if you're hoping for apolitical, IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT isn't a great reference point. I love the way the movie slyly situates you in socioeconomic realities. it's a bit like Y Tu Mama Tambien in that way, road trip surveillance of US/Mexico while being a sexy comedy.

Andrew -- damn straight!


nobody answered the question though

egg. donut. black coffee?
Gable breakfast ok by you?

dinasztie said...

Love this movie! Just rewatched it. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant (especially Colbert).

Volvagia said...

That thought was bottled up in me for a while. And yes, I understand this has politics, but I'm using Harvey, not this, as a reference point.

cinema adventures said...

I used to drink black coffee all the time, but have recently discovered the wonders of coffee regular (cream and sugar).

I'd eat whatever that man's dishing out. Claudette knew what was up.

grburbank said...

I just saw this movie for the first time and loved it!

Egg, donut, and coffee is fine by me. I prefer it with cream, but I'll drink it black--especially if Gable's serving it.


grburbank -- i love Gable in this but even Gable probably couldn't get me to down a whole cup of black coffee. YUCK.

danielson said...

Amazing how many years Gable was considered one of the A list heartthrobs for a 20 year period at least and since his early 20's had been wearing a full set of dentures.
Because of his days of being poor and no dental insurance, when he was coming up in the acting game, a sugar mama took care of him and his dental needs and set him up with some new choppers and thus came leading man looks.