Friday, August 20, 2010

Randomness: Drew, Deneuve, Emmys

<---- A photo from the premiere of Going the Distance that I saw at I Need My Fix. Is this pose, caught foregrounded against a rainbow subtle "Box Office" halo, some sort of sign from god that this Justin Long / Drew Barrymore romcom is going to be huge? Hmmmm. Drew is so impossible not to love but I'm hoping that one day she gets and nails a movie role as good as her Grey Gardens outing. Her movie roles are always so samey-samey and GG sure let her stretch her wings beautifully. Won't one of our A list directors give her a real big screen opportunity? The Barrymore dynasty hasn't been in the Oscar mix since, what, 1944?

Slant Magazine sizes up the Emmy rosters with should and could wins. Great read, dependably bitchy. But I must say that I think Christina Hendricks deserves the Supporting Actress win over Elisabeth Moss for Mad Men. Moss has such rich material constantly and does a tremendous job. But Hendricks is just constantly elevating the shit out of what, in lesser hands, could be one of the show's most surface characters. P.S. I don't get the hate for 30 Rock... Sure it's increasingly uneven. But it's still goddamn funny in its best moments.
The Wrap Christina Hendrick still models for friends? So cool.
Towleroad The Switch, Fela, celebrity forgiveness chart and more.
MNPP The Fog or The Mist? It's a question of the utmost importance. Condensation forever!
Dark Eye Socket a follow up to that "what do you look for in a movie?" question we were just chatting about.

And reader Patrick sent me this image of Catherine Deneuve from François Ozon's new film Potiche which will play at Venice (god, I wish I was going to the Venice Festival. This AND Black Swan?) with this amusing note "trying to to be the new Sue Sylvester..." ha.

I'd don a track suit to hang with Catherine Deneuve any day any time any where. But especially in Venice. Wouldn't you?

Have you any movie plans this weekend?


Volvagia said...

Movie plans: Scott Pilgrim, if it rains in Markham/Toronto. Other than that, the spread of cinema just isn't for me. I like my new cinema two ways: Bold, fast and syrupy, willing to drench the audience in its gatorade, however it's flavoured. But I am growing to like slow and hypnotic cinema and, thus, should probably give Lost in Translation a 3rd try. 1st try: Didn't make it through. 2nd try: B-. 3rd Try: Will be soon. But I know I'll make it through.

Volvagia said...

And the dynasty probably should have received another nom (Lionel's Mr. Potter in It's a Wonderful Life.)

Volvagia said...

Not a win. That's for Marius Goring's A Matter of Life and Death/Stairway to Heaven turn. Funny, sympathetic and awesome.

1946 Supporting Actor:

Marius Goring, A Matter of Life and Death
Roger Livesey, A Matter of Life and Death
Claude Rains, Notorious
Lionel Barrymore, It's a Wonderful Life
Walter Brennan, My Darling Clementine

1946 Lead Actor:

Harold Russell, The Best Years of Our Lives
Fredric March, The Best Years of Our Lives
James Stewart, It's a Wonderful Life
David Niven, A Matter of Life and Death
Cary Grant, Notorious

1946 Lead Actress:

Ingrid Bergman, Notorious
Myrna Loy, The Best Years of Our Lives
Rita Hayworth, Gilda
Cathy Downs, My Darling Clementine
Josette Day, La Belle Et La Bete

1946 Supporting Actress:

Kim Hunter, A Matter of Life and Death
Leopoldine Konstantin, Notorious
Linda Darnell, My Darling Clementine
Donna Reed, It's a Wonderful Life
Teresa Wright, The Best Years of Our Lives

Volvagia said...


Supporting Actor: Goring
Lead Actor: Stewart
Lead Actress: Ingrid Bergman
Supporting Actress: Teresa Wright

van said...

Slant is as obnoxious as ever I see. Half of those predictions are wrong anyway.

I've decided to see "Vampires Suck" tonight. Haha. I don't care how awful the reviews are (and they really suck). I want some empty laughs badly, so that should do the trick.

Ambrož said...

Since I'm watching all the BP nominees of the 2000s, Ray, Sideways and Master and Commander are on my schedule this weekend.


Deneuve looks like Sue Sylvester !!!!!

Volvagia said...

And can I say: Yes to a Jim Parsons win. If he does, hopefully he thanks autistics and AVEN, especially AVEN, for the existence of the character in his acceptance. (I did not see a single notably "asexual" asperger in all my experiences in my high school programs. Maybe it was an accident, but it was a lucky accident of this performer, this moment. In fact, it should have been a series nominee, even though it's almost entirely The Jim Parsons 1/2 hour. What to remove? Dramedy Nurse Jackie (looks to be 70% drama, 30% comedy). TV has so many good comedies and straighter dramas, so they should discourage nominating dramedies in either category. (Of the major nominees Slant lists, this eliminates Nurse Jackie, House, Dexter, True Blood, Burn Notice and Monk, all to be dropped into a new category, Dramedy Series.)


volvagia -- you've nominated everyone from The Best Year of Our Lives except the two best players: Myrna Loy and Dana Andrews. :)

van -- aren't there better options for empty laughs. Like The Other Guys? Or even *gasp* The Switch?

van said...

Can't stand Mark Wahlberg, so no to "The Other Guys." "The Switch" might be an option. Gotta see how the showtimes work out for my schedule. But I'll likely stick with "Vampires Suck" though.

vg21 said...

Haha, Catherine Deneuve as Sue Sylvester. I have seen this picture several times but the analogy never occurred to me :). I sooo want to see Potiche, even more so in Venice but though it's the closest film festival to us, I can't go :(. I really hope it's coming to Hungarian cinemas since distributors have not been very generous with Cath's films recently. Early reviews give me hope.

Marshall1 said...

I really don't understand his profound hatred for 30 Rock. Yes, this season is uneven, but towards the end, the episodes got funnier and funnier (Matt Damon!). Also, people who think Tina Fey is one-note, should watch the episode with the green screen. Her comedy is not one-note. I don't understand the love for Mad Men (I've watched a few episodes in the beginning, but it just doesn't interest me), but it's just me, nothing to do with the quality of the show.

I really want Edie Falco to win. Not Toni Collette again. I love Toni Collette, but I think Falco has so much more nuances.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I also find Justin Long one of the sexiest guys out guess it's his eyes
Cute as a button type, just like Sam in True Blood

van said...

Just wanted to report back on my night of comedy that was anything but. "The Switch" might have had about three laughs total in the entire film. They're pulling a fast one on the audience billing that as a comedy. Nothing terrible about it, but lots of missed opportunities there for something great. See it for Jason Bateman. He might surprise some people. But the film's quite dramatic. "Vampires Suck" well, sucked, but there were some cheap laughs to be had, and any way to mock the insipid "Twilight" franchise is cool with me. I got what I expected and wanted I guess, but it's worse than any of the "Scary Movie" spoof films or those sorts. Oh well. Please bring on the Oscar films. Fall can't come soon enough.

principessa1121 said...

I'd go ANYWHERE with Catherine Deneuve, track suit or no track suit! She is simply divine. I love this photo and how strange I never thought of Glee, though she really looks like Sue in this outfit. :D Let's hope Potiche is at least as good as 8 women was (and is :)).

Volvagia said...

I listed Loy as Lead Actress, but switch out Livesey in supporting actor for Dana Andrews.