Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Too bad Vanity Fair ain't an EEO company when it comes to their annual Hollywood issue. You know they'd never ask the boys to do this. Just try and imagine this cover with ScarJo or Keira's contemporaries on it? Maybe the Brokeback boys. Imagine the uproar.

Of course they don't even make male movie stars this young. Scarlett is 21. Keira is 20. That'd be like who? Um... Ashton Holmes from A History of Violence with, let's see Jamie Bell? Imagine it. Or maybe you better not. It's a double standard right? Anyway. Scrap it. Can I just get a personal photoshoot with Tom Ford? No movie stars necessary. Or cameras for that matter. Just Tom and me, me and Tom... sigh

[See Just Jared for the full cover. Src: OscarWatch]


adam k. said...

There is clearly a double standard if gay men and women have no young men to drool over, while straight men get all the young female stars they'd ever want. I am outraged. I demand that some famous young male star do a revealing photoshoot RIGHT. NOW.

adam k. said...

And by young, I mean not old enough to drink.

(btw, I am clearly kidding here... I am taking shots at Hollywood ageism... although hey, I wouldn't mind if this happened, either)

Glenn Dunks said...

Rachel McAdams was meant to be in the photoshoot! Interesting.

And seriously, I'd do anything to be in a secluded room with Jamie Bell minus our clothes. Or... maybe no ANYTHING but you catch me drift.

mmmm... sorry, drifted off there.

Ramification said...

How jealous am I of Keira Knightley right now!

Anonymous said...

Hey - I saw Tom first (you know, back when he was a fashion designer, before he embarked on this misbegotten hollywood lark). He's mine!