Monday, February 20, 2006

Date Movie

So, I saw Date Movie.
I blame the multiplexes where it's easy to watch one movie after another without paying.
I blame Joss Whedon for casting Allyson Hannigan as Willow on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
I blame Allyson for taking this role. I mean American Pie is one thing but, come on.

Mostly I blame myself and my odd fascination with the public's usually enthusiastic response to the unfunny comedy technique of movie referencing leading me to these bad decisions. It's like the overpraised Shrek movies only without any visual wit and with much muchslower gags. And never multiple jokes simultaneously which the animated spoofs can sometimes pull off well. Weirder still some of the jokes are just literal repeats of jokes from other things without much of a spin at all. I think parodies are supposed to 'spin' their references, right? I presume the audience laughs because they recognize the movie where the joke comes from (?) Although I'm still not sure why recognition = automatic laugh. I felt like a scientist at the serious business of testing out theories as to why people were laughing at all.


par3182 said...

just tell me you didn't choose this over julianne's new movie?

StinkyLulu said...

Ack! MrStinky & I saw it too.
But the big question I left with: did anybody laugh? At anything other than the squick-out humor/misogyny?

I didn't hear a lot of laughing in our moderately peopled screening. In fact, I was one of the loudest guffaw-ers & most of that was from utter exhaustion.

And, yes, we did opt for Date Movie over both the Julianne (Freedomland and the Juliette(Cache). I'm not sure what we were thinking.


No I paid for the Julianne movie. it was the others i snuck into. (also Underworld: Evolution

Anonymous said...

Only a C- for Freedomland? Wow, is it that bad, Nat?


Tonio Kruger said...

I've been kinda disappointed in Ms. Hannigan's choices too. If it weren't for her guest appearances on "Veronica Mars," I'd lose all faith in the girl.

Apparently Charisma Carpenter will be the only "Buffy" cast member who avoids the "Buffy" curse--I hope...