Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Happy Birthday My Sisters!

Today, February 8th has always been a very special one for me. Both of my sisters were born on this day. One is my biological sister, the oldest child in the family (I am the baby) and my idol from the time I was in diapers until I was in 6th grade and she moved away [sob] to college. The other is my chosen sister, my best girlfriend of the past [ahem] 20+ years whom I immediately replaced my real sister with as my muse. Ha ha. Yeah. Christine and I go WAY back. We met in school and long before the driving-license days, I would walk her home after class let out and we would talk. talk. talk. talk. talk. talk. Two decades later we still have the ability to whip up a killer long-distance phone bill.

My sister is more of a reader than a moviegoer. Her taste in books also extends to movies: sci-fi and fantasy mainly. She's big on Star Wars and Lord of the Rings...that sort of thing. [If you've only been with this site and blog for a short time you can click here for an illustrated remembrance of my childhood at the movies that briefly stars my sis.] When we were kids she thought about becoming a costume designer (you know how I feel about that breed of people) and as adults, she did indeed follow her thread and needle muse. She's a successful designer of a work clothing company.

And my chosen sister Christine? Well the first movie I vividly remember us seeing together was Return of the Jedi (1983). We were both obsessed, very obsessed, with The Breakfast Club(1985) but the sympatico obsessions didn't last with all things celluloid. We don't always agree on movies. She prefers a happy ending. I like things a little dark. Another example of our divergence? Woody Allen doesn't agree with her and he's my favorite (for the most part), though we did see and enjoy Hannah and Her Sisters(1986) together. I can't do extremely violent films often but she doesn't respond well to them at.all. so I haven't suggested A History of Violence. She once nearly left permanent marks on my arm sitting beside me when we saw The Piano(1993), so upset was she at Holly Hunter's fate during one particularly ghastly moment involving an axe. This year she likes Crash and Walk the Line.

When it comes to TV shows, though, we're totally eye to eye soulmates again. We both enjoy love OK...we both worship anything by Joss Whedon starting with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She also turned me on to Freaks and Geeks for which I am forever grateful. And I'm trying to get her to watch Battlestar Galactica as we speak, something I suspect she'll love.

So "Happy Birthday" to two of the greatest women on the planet! You don't know them but wish them well.


Glenn Dunks said...

aww, happy birthday to them. It's my two best friends' birthdays today (its the 9th here) and Saturday. Birthday central. It hurts my wallet.

Ramification said...

Your two 'sisters' sound fab! Sending them a happy birthday wish from London!

Dr. S said...

Yes, happy birthday to both, even though I'm now a couple of days late.