Friday, February 24, 2006


I try not to watch American Idol but it seems like each year someone ropes me in. At least for awhile. This year it's a combo of me pal Joe, doing those recaps (they're funny even if you don't watch the show. If you do watch, they're hilarious) and a certain Katharine McPhee (pictured here to your left).

I just love her. Also I hate her because I fear she will convince me to watch this time-sucking show. If it were like any other show it'd be fine but it basically wants to devour your soul. Hours and hours and hours a week. And within those hours: Long stretches of tedium and repetition. But as long as people watch they'll keep filling the time.


Andy Scott said...

Ah, Katharine! I love her. Not only is she gorgeous, she also has a kick ass voice.

But ugh! This semifinal crap is ridiculous and completely unnecessary. They should've just picked the final 12 in the Hollywood round.

Andy Scott said...
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