Thursday, February 16, 2006

Hilarious x 2

The Gilded Moose continues to track Jake Gyllenhaal's every move. Hilarious stuff. Bookmark this site. It's good for you. It's nearly impossible to choose a favorite post. I've been laughing all week.

Meanwhile in other funny: Nick almost made my Diet Dr. Pepper (or was that an Amaretto Sour?--never mind--) come out my nose last night whilst reading this. Clearly no one is safe from Dick Cheney's accidental wrath or Project Runway's addictive power.

1 comment:

Calum Reed said...

Nathaniel.. This is totally irrelevant but...

I am worried for Joan Allen's weight in that picture on the front page. She looks like she's wasting away. Can't we plug together and send her a hamper or something?