Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Over There

My dearest readers,
I am super busy right this second. But here are some other fun places to go while you wait for me.
Yours, Nathaniel R.

oh yep. those places
The Felixes. Have you voted yet? Each Oscar race with jibbie-size soundbites.
Cinephilia reads my mind. Time travelling to 1961. May I come along?
Reverse Shot is also clairvoyant. Frightening!
TWoP on Battlestar Galactica "Hell, yes" is right. This show gets better and better and better. If you're not watching by now you don't take direction very well, do you? How many times do I gotta spread the love?

...and to the anonymous reader who sent me this new pic of La Pfeiffer from "I Could Never Be Your Woman" which opens in only 4770-ish hours. I heart you.


Anonymous said...

Like a fine wine, La Pfeiffer just gets yummier with age, doesn't she? I wish she wasn't saddled to her sad-sack-hack of a producer hubby on his next film, but I *heart* her (to the umpteenth power) nonetheless. Michelle, babe, I'll be your woman/bitch/whatever, anytime, ya heard?

Big kiss,


Anonymous said...

You're very welcome Nat. I'm actually pretty excited about her new film. Let's hope Heckerling is back on top of her game. How can you not love the idea of Fred Willard, Tracey Ullman, Paul Rudd and Stacey Dash all sharing the screen with Belle Michelle?!?!

Let's all pray for a hit, Lord knows Michelle needs one now.

adam k. said...

How does Michelle Pfeiffer still look like she's in her 20's!? Especially since she grew up tan in southern california. I don't get it. At all.

adam k. said...

This is random, but where exactly is Maggie Chung (2036) in the best cameo category? As I recall, you were practically orgasmic over her tiny part in this film when you saw it.

adam k. said...

Sorry, Maggie Cheung (yeah I spelled her wrong) is from the film 2046, not 36. I knew that.

c.p. iñor said...

I can't wait for this film!!!!


Glenn Dunks said...

I think Nat just said he was orgasming at the thought of seeing Maggie. But she's like barely there and when she is she's just... there. I still love me some Maggie though.

OMG! Nat, you put The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello on the front page!!! That's so awesome. Is that saying you saw it and loved it like me? Cause... you should. It's awesome. Fucked up. But awesome.

(sorry for swearing)

Anonymous said...

for some reason all these links are bringing me right back to the blog and not going to external sites. anyone else having this problem?


that's strange. I changed the look of the links and it seems to be working.


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