Saturday, February 25, 2006

New York Resident

Julianne Moore has appeared on a few Vanity Fair covers in her day. Now that things have been going south career wise, her cover girl moment for Freedomland is on the newsprint pages of free city weekly, New York Resident! Living in Manhattan is expensive... so I guess this is why this paper can't afford a Graphic Designer or an intern with Photoshop skills.

Inside they ask Juli how she picks her roles (a subject Film Experience fans are always arguing about in the post PT Anderson & Todd Haynes downward spiral. She says:

"It's just reading something, liking it and doing it. I wish there were something trickier than that because sometimes you wish you had more control over it. But most of the time you're hoping for something to come down the pipeline that you like so you can say, 'I'm going to do that next.'"

Oh dear. You mean she likes these scripts she's been doing? I thought she just wanted to keep buying things.


adam k. said...

Oh dear is right. This cover is embarrassing. Although Juli herself does look unbelievably beautiful, which make the bad design and anonymity of the magazine even more embarrassing.

Something is seriously up with Juli. It's bad. It's very bad. What a weird answer about why she picks roles. I personally think the stuff about "wishing to have more control over getting projects you like" stuff is a diplomatic way of saying "I wish there were more projects I could get paid a lot for that aren't total crap" or "I wish that when I signed onto oscarbait dramas, they wouldn't switch the director on me and turn them into crap" etc.


adam k. said...

Also, how fitting is it that she's on the cover of "New York Resident" in particular, as if to broadcast to the world that she is, yes, a New York resident, which is why she only films THERE now, come hell or high water.

So, world, pay attention: Julianne Moore is no longer an actress. She is now a New York Resident. This is her new career. Take note.

Anonymous said...

Heh. Maybe she's been taking advice from her Freedomland co-star, Samuel L. Jackson.

Jackson recently revealed that he he signed onto his new magnum opus, "Snakes On A Plane" without having read a script.


Because Jackson thought the title "Snakes On A Plane" sounded "cool".

This is the sort of company Julianne Moore is keeping. Is it any wonder that her choices seem so lame.

Anonymous said...

Oh, come on guys. Is it that bad? (Maybe it is....)

Still, it hasn't been THAT long since FAR FROM HEAVEN and THE HOURS. Maybe she's just in a slump. She really does need to do a sexy comedy right about now, something where she vamps it up a bit.

Anonymous said...

It HAS only been three years since Juli's last triumph. I mean, look at her work between 1999 and 2002 - she went from an great year (The End of the Affair, Cookie's Fortune, Magnolia, An Ideal Husband, and A Map of the World)to a slump (Hannibal, Evolution, and The Shipping News), ultimately having another great year (Far from Heaven, The Hours, World Traveler). She's got some exciting projects coming up, so I'm pretty optimistic for her.


i'm only being hard on her due to love.

you only hurt the ones you love.

Anonymous said...

o all of u being hard on her...shut up! She was very good in Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio and even better in Freedomland.

adam k. said...

Note: to all those who lambasted me for giving Kidman a hard time back during the ending of THE COUNTDOWN after saying how much I cared for her, look at what Nathaniel just wrote. It's true.

I hurt Nicole because I love her. Same with Jules.

Glenn Dunks said...

Scary stuff, really.

Anonymous #1! You don't think Snakes On A Plane is the most genius title for a movie since the heyday of 70s/80s exploitational horror movies?

Okay, I may be exagurating things, but seriously, that title is brilliant. If that movie doesn't open to over $30mil something is bonkers.

Anonymous said...

i am glad someone like nathaniel's around to bitch Juli out when she needs it... she may be GOD and I absolutely think she IS... i hate to be so one-note but in my universe she woulda won 4 oscars already.

Totally overboard but I honestly try to view each performance discretely within its given year.

I am totally partial to Magnolia since that's the first time I ever saw her and she BLEW ME AWAY, and I basically saw everthing else she ever did. So she wins that for me, even though I think Catherine Keener was similarly revelatory in Being John Malkovich.

and, of course, she wins for Safe. which is easily one of the best performances I've ever seen. I gotta agree with nick davis - the best American performance of the 90s.... flawless.

boogie nights? perfection. no one even comes close (for that year or for the decade).

far from heaven (she's better in safe but that's like saying the monet's impressionest works are more impressive than the great wall of china... haha both hugely impressive feats of artistry serving totally different artistic ends)

And, FYI, I've seen all (and I do mean ALL) of Juli's competition in these given years, even the very, very dark horses and she still comes out on top. Maybe I'm just unreasonably obsessed.

I prefer to think she's the greatest living actress... sue me.

I also would've nominated her for The End of the Affair, The Hours, and Vanya on 42nd Street (for which she would have won yet another Oscar from me if not for Juliette Lewis's magnificent performance in Natural Born Killers).

Honestly, I think I need counselling. If these next projects don't redeem Juli (in a critical sense) I will start going to therapy.

A life without a successful Julianne Moore is no life at all, says me.

Also, I'm very drunk.

adam k. said...


That was amazing.


i second that.

Anonymous said...

"i'm only being hard on her due to love.

you only hurt the ones you love. "

you love renee?

adam k. said...



oh. i walked right into that one.

adam k. said...

Well you used to love Renee, so isn't it kinda true?