Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Updates. Polls. Eastland Alums.

Lots of details up on the Best Director page. This HAS to be the first time two Facts of Life alums are ever vying for Hollywood's biggest prize. You know this is going in Eastland's brochure! (What would Jo and Blair ever make of this?)

In other site news, Ledger won the Best Actor poll in a landslide. (The poll with the most votes ever at the site -thanks for playing). Will any of the Best Actress candidates have as easy a ride in the new poll? You decide. And there's been very few contest entries received just yet, so get pitchin'. You could win.


adam k. said...

Hm, I am guessing that perhaps it will actually be Cronenberg who takes the film bitch award. We'll see...

Anonymous said...

Does the contest winner really win a War of the Worlds DVD? If so, I'm incredibly reluctant to enter.

Anonymous said...

I just... don't... get... the Witherspoon love. I really liked her in the role. Couldn't imagine anyone doing a better job, in fact. But was it really all that impressive? Apparently so, since everyone thinks she SHOULD and WILL win, but...

I just don't get it is all. And I WISH I could because I think she's great, and I love that she gets to win an Oscar. I thought she was more impressive in Election and Legally Blonde though.

It's just me isn't it?


adam k. said...

I did do a little double take when Reese actually ended up winning most critics' awards, of all things... though why should I have been, since she has gotten critical love before (Election) and of course her role is a lot like Foxx's role last year that swept the critics. But it just seemed weird... even the NYFCC and NSFC got behind her (the snooty ones!). I think it was sort of a default thing, cause who else was going to win anyway. Allen maybe could have, but people just don't seem to remember her anymore. But anyway, Reese deserves it, so I'm fine with all the love.

Ramification said...

I have yet to see Walk The Line but am a big Reese fan and would be very happy for her to win.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen Huffman yet, but of the other four I'd vote:

1 Dench
2 Theron (cue mass groan, but I thought she was super)
3 Witherspoon
4 Knightley

Of course, I'd rank Joan Allen, Toni Collette and Radha Mitchell higher than Theron on that list. Which, by default, means that I probably wouldn't have nominated Witherspoon this year. Hence my not getting the sweep.



well i loved her in the movie. but it is at least partially a default thing and still very weird that critics didn't care about Toni or Joan or Emmanuelle or other very admired performances (judging on reviews) when it came time to vote.

nick -funny and yes, i was afraid of just that response ;)

Glenn Dunks said...

I was gonna say, I sorta really hate War of the Worlds but if I get time to actually think of something i may enter... even though i'm not in America. 'tev.

I just saw Walk The Line tonight (session finished approx 50 minutes go as a matter of fact) and thought Reese was indeed spectacular. Great ball of energy. Whenever she or the music aren't there the movie is a drain though, which makes Reese all the impressive.

In the absense of Joan, I hope it's Reese all the way (er, but I have only seen Reese and Keira. North Country was only released here last week, Mrs Henderson just looks like SUCH a dvd movie and I've got free passes to TransAmerica for when it's released next week. yay.

Anonymous said...

I agree with others here who do not understand the Reese Witherspoon tidal wave. My problem with the performance - and with the movie too - is that there are no shades of gray in the movie. The same scene is repeated over and over again.

Johnny: "June, I love you."

June: "No, Johnny. I don't love you."

There is no in-between for Reese. She goes from not liking him to loving him. I didn't see the transition, and thus, I feel lost in all of her acclaim.

I thought that she was much better in Election (second only to Annette Bening that year) and Legally Blonde.


Nick M. said...

All the Reese love from the critics awards just makes me believe that not enough saw Kings and Queen. There may be varying opinions on the film (I, personally, have been quite a big fan of it since I saw it last spring), but everyone justifiably praised E. Devos. Shockingly enough, the top 21 lead performances in the Village Voice critics poll only included 5 female performances, and Ms. Devos placed 4th!. Therefore, I have no idea how Ms. Witherspoon snatched the NYFCC and NSFC (come on, snobs -- live up to your title!).

The five actresses thatmade the list, with their ranking:
4. Emmanuelle Devos, "Kings and Queen"
11. Reese Witherspoon, "Walk the Line"
12. Nathalie Press, "My Summer of Love"
13. Q'orianka Kilcher, "The New World"
15. Dina Korzum, "Forty Shades of Blue" (damnit, I still need to see this one!)


I loved Q'Orianka but to some degree I think the acclaim for her portrayal belongs to Malick and Lubeski who both absolutely worship her throughout.

She's good in it. no mistake. but I fail to see how she's one of the 4 best. But then critical reaction to the female performances this year has been odd at best (Reese tidalwave and lack of love for many good performances) and terrifying at worst (Huffman's obvious and broad performance being widely embraced. It's almost like you CAN'T be seen as giving a bad performance if you get a gimmicky "transformative" role.)

Glenn Dunks said...

But I think the thing with June Carter is that at she loves him from the start but he's married and she's just divorced and there's that woman who is all "divorce is a sin!!!evil!!" so she waits until Johnny finally shows the thing she saw originally before saying yes.

...or, that's what I figured.

Anonymous said...

I loved Reese's was the best of the nominated performances this year. But last year was not a strong year for lead actress roles. If Reese does go on to win the Oscar, it will be a well-deserved win, but it won't be remembered as one of the greatest actress performances ever. She'll continue to be more known for her role in Legally Blonde, and her brilliant work in Election.

If there is an upset on Oscar night, I hope that Felicity Huffman doesn't win. If there's one overrated performance this has to be Felicity's. I think even Charlize deserves to win more than her.


melvel. i agree.

Theron was better than the movie. I don't think she deserved the nomination really but it's not at all a bad performance. Just not a great one.

my order of preference
REESE -way out front
JUDI -very close behind Keira