Friday, February 24, 2006

Quick Hits

Hey kids. Do y'all hate these link roundups I do? Do you follow them? I'm not doing it as space filler --I just like to share. I am a good sandbox companion. plays well with others

"Lego" Brokeback Mountain - Fun and creative. [src]

size queen bitchery from Queerty. Um, like I said with Jude Law --nobody complained back when they saw the goods in a movie. But if the stars take one unflattering candid on a cold day they'll be emasculated in the media. Mostly I am just hot for Daniel Craig and any reason to post about him is a good one. I have never been this excited to see a Bond movie. Not even as a child when I didn't yet know that they were predictable, repetitive, and oft lackluster. Soon the world will love DC as much as I. He will no longer be mine alone but I'll always know that I. saw. him. first.

"Everyone Here is Crazy" FourFour's recap of the Project Runway reunion. (Still no word from Dan Renzi on this episode)

Vanity Fair's Oscar Night Party Looking at this photo here...I think if someone could trim my hedges to read "NATHANIEL R" I think that would be a good indication that I'd made it. Any volunteers?

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Anonymous said...

That Lego BBM is ridiculously cute.