Friday, February 10, 2006

You Knew This Was Coming

Listaholic here. Never planning to lay off the juice.
You remember the women? The men are coming...and they're doing it soon. Stay tuned.


Ramification said...

what are the Aughts?

Ramification said...

oh cool, we call the the naughties here in the uk, should have figured. Hmmm, my number one from the 00s would probably be Johnny Depp!

Javier Aldabalde said...


*Already rooting for Gael.

(The Aughts are the '00s).

Anonymous said...

Gael. Jake. Paul Walker.

OK, that last one was a joke.


Anonymous said...

top 10 (not in order) off the top of my head: depp, crowe, jude law, sean penn, clooney, bernal, cheadle, owen, dicaprio, denzel, and... will smith? jim carrey? jamie foxx? nicholson? cruise? pitt? hrm... this is tough.

Anonymous said...

Hooray! Looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...

If Russell Crowe makes Nathaniel's top ten, I will watch A Beautiful Mind once a month for the rest of my life. (Okay, that's a lie, but I'm confident Nathaniel won't rank Crowe that highly)

I think his top ten will include Jude Law (three "major" filmbitch nods, one win), Gael Garcia Bernal, Ewan McGregor, Tony Leung, Jim Broadbent, Ian McKellan (maybe not, but around there).

Thinking about it, though, there isn't anyone like Nicole Kidman for men - no one who's made that determined attempt to ascend into the pantheon. Or will Nathaniel disagree? Can't wait to find out.

Anonymous said...

Russell Crowe would be the male equivalent of Nicole Kidman, only that Nathaniel isn't as fond of his work. I think his top 10 will easily include Jude Law, Tony Leung, Ewan McGregor, Gael García Bernal and probably Johnny Depp (Based on Nat's love for his Pirates performance), Jim Broadbent and probably Tom Wilkinson and Ian McKellen. Can't wait for the countdown, whenever that is.

Anonymous said...

well, I wasn't really trying to guess Nathaniel's list, more just brainstorming my own, however...

if man has made "a determined attempt to ascend into the pantheon" over the last five years, a la Nicole Kidman, I don't see who you could pick other than Crowe.

Remember before 2000 he was best known for well-regarded but not very widely seen roles in LA Confidential and The Insider. Since Gladiator he's gone mega-star in both a critical and commercial sense. How can you argue with Gladiator, A Beautiful Mind, Master and Commander, and Cinderella Man? He fronted four consecutive best picture nominees, including two winners (counting the insider, not CM, obviously). No one else has a track record that good in the last five years, critically and commercially (even if CM was a commercial disappointment). Kidman's big advantage here is she's been much busier.

Anyway, Crowe is clearly quite the asshole, but it's hard to argue against him for #1. I see cases for Penn, Depp, maybe Law, maybe Clooney.

(This is of course just how I see it -- Nathaniel is clearly entitled to his own view of what factors, and indeed what performances, are worthwhile and which aren't. I'm looking forward to seeing who he picks...)

Javier Aldabalde said...

"Amores Perros", "Y Tu Mama Tambien", "Bad Education", "The Motorcycle Diaries".

Two alredy classic movies, one spellbinding turn, non-stop hits... Argue THAT.

And this year "Babel" and "Toto" are coming.

Anonymous said...

kewl i think this should be awesome!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Crowe has a tremendously strong body of work, but if I were going by what I liked and the quality of the work, it's not that impressive (to me, at least). The only movie and performance of his that I have genuine enthusiasm for is Master and Commander. Gladiator was a star-making performance and all, but I'm totally indifferent towards it. I pretty much hated everything about A Beautiful Mind, his overly mannered performance included. Cinderella Man was more middle-brow Ron Howard sap, and while his performance was good, it was hardly revelatory or trascendent in any way (Academy voters seemed to think that as well).

I find the work of Law, Bernal, Penn, McGregor, etc much more interesting, impressive, daring, worthy and substantial.

Javier Aldabalde said...

where are the film bitch awards? i'm getting very impatient.

Javier Aldabalde said...

WOW "A History of Violence" and "Brokeback Mountain" were clearly ahead of the rest.

Loved the medal to Viggo, the gold to Cronenberg, Ledger, Bello and Lubezki.

Great choices overall!

Ramification said...

How about Javier Bardem, he would definitely make it into my top 10 based on 'Before Night Falls' alone, not to mention The Sea Inside and The Dancer Upstairs.

Anonymous said...

to right and the anonymous right after arkaan: Yeah, you're right. For some reason, after pushing him out of the top spot, I didn't even bother to consider him for that "ascending" position. My bad.

If it weren't for Nathaniel's dislike of Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, I think Clooney would be a great contender for the top spot.

anonymous-after-isaacpinkf, I tend to agree with you about Crowe's performances, though I didn't care for Master and Commander at all. Russell Crowe is a better actor when he's not a superstar (see Proof/Romper Stomper/LA Confidential/The Insider), imo. And since I hate him as a star, it works quite well (:wink)

Glenn Dunks said...


The sad thing is, when you were doing the actress countdown I made my own list for the ladies and men and found the men's list was so much easier. And it's probably because men just have more roles or something, but in the actress list there reached a point where I was throwing people on for one or two performances that I merely felt i liked, whereas the actor's list had pretty much an entire 100 men who I felt good placing there.

My top 10 was something like:
Christian Bale
Gael Garcia Bernal*
George Clooney*
Johnny Depp*
Chiwitel Ejiofor
Jude Law*
Ewan McGregor
Clive Owen
Sean Penn
Geoffrey Rush

or something like that.

* denotes men I feel very confident will be very highly ranked on Nat's list.