Monday, February 20, 2006

Monday Link Chasing

"make me feel goooooood"
Cinematical on the eventual return of P.T. Anderson with There Will Be Blood.
The Gilded Moose chases Naomi, marvels at Paris, and ends the Jake suspense.
Tim Robey compares a German actress to Emily Watson, Kerry Fox, and Maggie Gyllenhaal (!), so naturally...I am dying to see this movie.
Madonna has heard it all before. Please don't say you're sorry.

'i think i ate something questionable
Film School Rejects has the Oliver Stone World Trade Center poster. How can this movie not offend millions? I'm very queasy about this one and Flight 93.
Faded Boxers gives you "A Man's Guide to Brokeback Mountain".
Four Four continues to read my mind when it comes to Project Runway. And does it with screencaps and animation!
Popped Culture informs me of some Frank Miller news that seems like a doozy of a BAD idea.


Anonymous said...

Re: Ollie Stone's new 9/11 movie -- you're not the only who's queasy, Nat.

Remember those trapped Pennsylvania miners from a few years back? There was a whorish, garish TV movie on the subject(s) that aired within FOUR MONTHS of the event! TV movie producers and, let's face it, the networks are notorious for pimping tragedy big and small, and even THEY didn't dare go where Ollie Stone did. I have no doubt his 9/11 movie is going to be (a) overtly or covertly political and (b) unnecessarily divisive. This is not a smart move on his part, especially on the heels of Alexan...zzz.


Glenn Dunks said...

I saw the poster for Stone's 9/11 movie last week over at JoBlo. I don't know how I'll feel about the movies until I actually see them. I'm much more intrigued by Paul Greengrass' Flight 93 though.