Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Ten Tuesday Treats

1. "Reese Witherspoon Will Cut You" -Joe Reid
Because Joe always makes me laugh. And because I share Joe's secret character-composite fears about Ms. Witherspoon.
2. "From Print to Screen" -Matt Savelloni
Because I violently disagree with his thoughts on Spielberg. Under the heading of dissenting voices --equal time and all that...
3. "The 2005 Nick's Flick Pick Honorees" -Nick Davis
Because he always expresses himself eloquently. And because, well, awards. duh.
4. "Jokeback Mountain" -Jeremy Barker
Because the parodies are pitching their tents faster than Ennis and Jack.
5. "Cronenberg is Coming to America" -Martha Fischer
Because it's the weirdest news I've read today.

6."Children of Men Preview" -CanMag
Because I've read the book and I still have no idea what to make of this movie. (Obviously not a super-faithful transition) And I wonder if Julianne will ever take a role that does not involve pregnancy and/or mysteriously absent children again?
7. "Sweet Corruption"-The Malcontent
Because John Waters? We need more of him. If not his movies at least his amused irreverent spirit. [src]
8. "Ex-Gays Say Brokeback Too Tempting"-Blue Exile
Because we knew this would be coming. They call themselves ex-gays but to me they're just plain old drama queens. Come out and you might find that your "unfathomable pain" is a symptom of how shitty you've been treating yourself as a human being and not of your desire to have a three-way with Heath and Jake. [I mean who wouldn't? Seriously. Don't beat yourself up about it.]
9. Didja Read? The Fountain -Capt. Handsome
Because I really have to start paying more attention. I wasn't aware Aronofsky had gone the graphic novel route. Anyone read that?

10. "Pitch a Sequel" -T.F.E.
Because you like the contests. If you're feeling creative, enter this one!


R.E.M. Borja said...

I agree with Matt about Spielberg and "Munich." Spielberg makes the mistake at times of being too sentimental, but he all but erases that in "Munich." Perhaps credit goes to Tony Kushner, but "Munich" is, if anything, the best directed American film of the year. I'll grant that sex scene at the end was bizarre, though.

John T said...

I also agree that the Munich sex scene was just bizarre (oh, and your Heath Ledger link isn't working).



poppedculture said...

Thanks for the link love Nathaniel, much appreciated. Love your blog.

adam k. said...

Matt from Poop Shoot has kind of gone over the top with the Spielberg worship. So... Spielberg is God. And Munich is easily the best film of the year despite all the numerous flaws that Matt himself points out. And War of the Worlds is the third best film of the year. And Steven Spielberg is still God. OK. Fine. We all have our opinions. But this "he just can't win" crap makes no sense whatsoever. He's already won. The oscar. Twice. He's already won the title of "most famous filmmaker alive" and probably "most wealthy filmmaker alive" outside of maybe George Lucas. And he's won ANOTHER oscar nomination for best pic/director this year. What HASN'T he won? The slavish devotion of every human being on earth? Is that really necessary? Steven Spielberg is quite talented and seems like a very nice person, but why do people feel the need to anoint him "Ultimate King of Cinema For All Time, Without Possibility of Replacement, Ever"?

Plus, not only did Matt claim that Brokeback was an "otherwise good movie whose major flaw was glorifying adultery as true love" (um... whatever. I don't have the energy), but he also claimed it paid too little attention to the supporting players and how the tragedy affected them (that's right, he means the supporting characters that DIDN'T EVEN EXIST in the short story until the screenplay fleshed them out). Sorry, but a lot of this is downright nonsensical.


well, i'm glad you feel that way.
i just put it there because i feel that i have to get it out in the open that people who love spielberg just freak me out.

Spielberg obsessions remind me of Christian paranoia. It's a majority faith that sees every possible inkling of different opinions as a personal affront and as validating their own opression --which is weird since they're the majority and more often than not, the opressors.

so that's kinda how i feel about film fans who think Spielberg is, as you so correctly called it "Ultimate King of Cinema For All Time, Without Possibility of Replacement, Ever"

Javier Aldabalde said...

Spielberg lovers are indeed an odd kind. But you know what's really creepy about them? That they don't know they're wrong. Just like crazy people don't know they're actually crazy.

It's a disease.

And like the best plagues it never dies.

Gustavo H.R. said...

Matt Savelloni has actually good taste in movies. You don't.

What's the surprise here?


gustavo, so eloquently you express yourself ;)

but if you need to worship spielberg to have good taste, than I'll prefer to go without tastebuds. Thanks.