Tuesday, February 21, 2006

"oscar blahblah oscar blahblah movies blah"

oscar blabbing (some link love)
Ed & Eric at Slant give their must-read breakdown of each Oscar race
Filmjerk throws #s at me. I get a headache. Me no do math.
Kris gives me nightmares predicting still more future glory for Opie & Spielberg. Can't we please move on?
NY Times discuss Jon Stewart's Oscar gig.
Lylee on the mannered (& nominated) performance of Huffman (& Hoffman)

more to movies than Oscar...(more link love)
Josh Horowitz interviews the long missing Whit Stillman. Funny stuff.
Tom Tykwer is (finally) back. This trailer unnerves me.
Dark Horizons passes along the strange rumor that Ang Lee is following up Brokeback with a lesbian biopic.


RC said...

Film Jerk gives me a headache too...and I like the numbers...I think the layout/font/column width makes film jerk a hard site to follow.

--RC of strangeculture.blogspot.com

Ramification said...

Gives me a headache too but its a good read. However they state that Judi Dench is a first time nominee in the Best Actress category, but she was nominated for Best Actress twice before (Mrs Brown and Iris). After reading that I started to question whether or not they used the right data for their calculations.

Quote : 'Good news for everyone but Charlize Theron, as 22 of the last 27 winners (81.48%) are first time nominees in this category (remember, Judi Dench won her Oscar for Supporting Actress)'