Sunday, February 12, 2006

Light (?) Reading

Julianne does a little sidestep [NY Mag]
The Business of Blasphemy [Rob Thurman]
Giles as Elton? Terrified but I'll watch the pilot [Whedon]
I am not alone re: feelings re: Santino, Nick & Nina [Johnny a Go Go]
Jack & Ennis's Grocery List [from "Elvira" by way of Lady Bunny though I first saw it anonymously on Oscarwatch than linked on ModFab. In other words, you've probably already seen it. But it's funny. So excuse my tardiness.]


Anonymous said...

As the Buffyfan I am I'll be watching too to the pilot of Him & Us. Actually I give a chance to anything that involves anyone of the Buffy cast & crew.

P.S. I miss Emma Caulfield (Anya)

Anonymous said...

Don't you love Julianne Moore? I hope 2006 is a return to form for her. I'm kind of dreading Freedomland, but here's hoping Savage Grace, The Children of Men, and I'm Not There are good. Although I heard a rumor that her role in I'm Not There is more of a cameo. Depressing, no?