Saturday, February 18, 2006

Symposium Wrap Up

The guest critics/bloggers are all still working on their prediction charts, but the Oscar Symposium is otherwise a wrap. You can read their emotionally fluttery and/or bawling acceptance speeches, thoughts about Oscar's show length and technical standoffish, and Jon Stewart as host as we wrap up the meeting of minds on Day Four.


John T said...

Loved the symposium Nathaniel! If I may, my answers to the four last points would have been:

1. Jon Stewart is going to be funny, but not terrificly funny-I wish they'd go back to Steve Martin or Billy Crystal to be honest (who do you think out of those two, if either, will take home a trophy someday)?

2. Fire Gil Cates-this is my one chance a year to see what people like Sandy Powell and Gustavo Santaolalla look like!

3. Brokeback, Brokeback, Brokeback, PSH (sigh), Reese (yippee!), Weisz (excellent), and Paul Giamatti (blah-I know conventional wisdom says it will be Clooney, but I think a makeup Oscar looks appropriate to the Academy here).

4. I'd gush, thank Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson (just because), and say it should have been Annette!

Anonymous said...

Yes, thanks for organising, and thanks to all of the contributors who have, well, contributed over the past few days. ENCORE!

My personal favourite wordplay (from many) was this from Nick:

"I think Annette Bening, Catalina Sandino Moreno, Imelda Staunton, and Kate Winslet will get together for an Oscar night of daiquiris and nibbles, and collectively scream, "Not only were we ALL better than last year's winner, but even SHE was better than ALL of this year's nominees! So where are our Oscars? Where the fuck is the justice???"

Not only was I howling with laughter, but also mentally gatecrashing the party.

I too feel that an Amy Adams win could seriously happen (she could "do a Marcia Gay Harden", so to speak, and thank voters "for taking the time to view the tape"), but that SAG loss just stops me from predicting her. Like MGH, getting into the race was the hard part, because then one has to figure the voters will check out the work. So either SAG voters didn't do their homework, OR they just don't dig on the performance enough to beat out Weisz.

Seriously can't see Williams taking the award though.


Anonymous said...

What happened at the Independent Spirit Awards with Ally Sheedy?

Glenn Dunks said...

Gabriel's biopic is gonna be Best of the Year! Plus, anyone who actually stands up and crowns Eiko Ishioka gets BIG brownee points from me. Love her work, wish she got more!

also: this bit was sooo funny because it was sooo true

Me: Did you see that trailer for the new Mel Gibson?
Friend: apocalypto LMFAO!!!

Sometimes, e-acronyms speak louder than words.

I think only funny emoticons can add to the hilarity of things like that.



ally sheedy won and completely freaked out. She was on the stage for i think 12 minutes, dragged her friend up with her. Screaming, carrying on, etc...

it was grand television.