Thursday, February 15, 2007

I Link You

Here are some links that I composed construction paper Valentines for last night and was too shy to send yesterday.

Stale Popcorn Sofia Coppola = Baz Luhrmann. No really.
Love sick a blog-a-thon. I meant to participate but I got too many projects going. Still, much there to read.
Coming Soon a re-teaming of two A History of Violence stars
Coffee, Coffee... 10 Favorite Actresses. My honey Natalie is listed
Slant on Jennifer Hudson's impending Oscar win. Spot on

1 comment:

Craig Hickman said...

Ed Gonzalez on J-Hud:

Nate, you say "spot on." I say self-important, pessimistic drivel.

Just because people see something in Jennifer's entire performance that he obviously can't or won't means they are blindsided?

Doesn't pass the laugh test.

We all like what we like.

And as for the rest, I say let tomorrow take care of itself.