Tuesday, February 06, 2007

We Can't Wait #12 Sunshine

The crew of the 'Icarus 2' check out the new Death Star... our sun

Director Danny Boyle has brought us hacksaw wielding London roomates (Shallow Grave) toilet plunging heroin addicts (Trainspotting) Cameron Diaz doing...um.. something (A Life Less Ordinary), American tourists going mad in the tropics (The Beach), Londoners fighting zombies (28 Days Later) and saintly little kids with bags o' money (Millions). Let's just say that filmography is unpredictable. So what is he up to with astronauts and Sunshine?

Any clues?

Gabriel: Not really, but boy, that trailer is gorgeous. Looks like Kubrick or Tarkovsky, high-minded sci-fi. And with Michelle Yeoh in the cast, it's got potential to be incredible.

Nathaniel: Love her. I really thought we'd see more of her after Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon but the career has been sparse.

Joe: Jeez, looking at his filmography, I suppose I shouldn’t be as devoted to the man as I am, but I do believe I’d follow Danny Boyle to the center of the sun. Which is such a coincidence, if you think about it. A compelling sci-fi premise combined with an entirely new canvass for Boyle to paint? Awesome. I still think 28 Days Later is one of the best and most underrated movies of the decade, so here’s hoping Boyle does his best work with post-apocalyptic genre material.

JA: Plus, Boyle earned more of my respect by moving on to something totally different and not directing 28 Days Laterer (aka 28 Weeks Later), the sequel that I fear will only, inevitably, piss on the original's memory.

Nathaniel: It's weird to me that Rose Byrne is starring in both this AND 28 Days Laterer (your title is better). She's having an extended Boyle moment this year.

JA: With Sunshine, it's all about that cast. And Boyle. And that terrific trailer. And the possibility that Chris Evans will reenact the opening sequence of Barbarella and strip naked in zero gravity.

Lulu: I'd be even happier if Troy Garrity did the Barbarella homage... Woof

Nathaniel: Shouldn't there just be an entire omnibus film as Barbarella homage? Imagine what, say, 10 directors with 10 luscious movie stars could do with it.

UPDATED: new gallery of stills highlighted by Cinematical

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe that there is no mention of Cillian here. Danny Boyle has made one of my very favorite movies and for that I will eternally love him, but the extremely talented and promising Cillian is the reason I will see Sunshine on opening night.


Cillian oops. Maybe this older post will appease you.

Anonymous said...

I always look forward to Danny Boyle movies (even when they're not great they're something to watch) so this is definitely one of my most anticipated for the upcoming year.

Barry said...

I personally thought 28 Days Later wasn't as great as everyone said it was. I gave it a C

Middento said...

I, too, am looking forward to this, precisesly because he seems to be able to do almost anything. 28 Days Later followed by Millions -- I mean, the man is kicking it old school with his ability to switch genres so easily.

Anonymous said...

Must be a British thing - Michael Winterbottom switches genres virtually every film.

Anonymous said...

So, okay, I'll admit upfront that I've only been paying cursory attention, but doesn't this list of "must see" swing wildly towards sci-fi/comic book fare? If it's boys in tights you're looking for, let me recommend the ballet. Pretty boys (and girls - especially if you're into anorexia), lovely music and, generally speaking, tragic endings. What more could you ask for?

Poli said...


Really, you don't get quality ballet in Texas, so the movies are my only escape.

However, I wonder how many on this list will actually make it to my city. *crosses fingers*