Friday, February 09, 2007

Linkers Dozen

Glenn Gaslin his weekend at the end of the world (Children of Men and Idiocracy)
Culture Snob giving credit where it's due: Prairie Home Companion
Coming Soon Wahlberg on Departed 2
Scanners "How not to blow your Oscar speech"
The Guardian on Mexican filmmakers and Oscar. Good quote from Cuarón [src]
Trading Faces the mysteries of Dakota Fanning's eeriness revealed
Victim of the Time on "things I just don't understand" re: Little Miss Sunshine and fact-based films
WOW Notes on a Scandal's evening w/ AMPAS
Cinematical, inspired by Norbit, investigates other bad timing /post-nom moves by actors
film ick news to make the omnibus/auteurist over drool
Cinevistaramascope unveils their top ten. So does...
Nick Davis has begun his as well. Of course, he plans to make us beg, or at least hit refresh frequently, to see the whole thing that #@*% so & so


J.D. said...

Nick is weird.

My awards are florishing, I think.

Got 7 categories up now, I think.

My site:
My blog:

Bjork scares me very much. [shudders]

FMI, does The Science of Sleep qualify for a Foreign Language Film? I can't decide. It's a good deal in french, but I know it's primarily english. But it's a French production. And there's spanish. IDK. You tell me. I'm leaning towards letting it in. Any help?

J.D. said...


My site: Here.
My blog. Just go through my profile.

I'm a glutton for disappointment.

NicksFlickPicks said...

All right, y'all, decide: am I a #@*% so & so or am I weird?

RC said...

hey, thanks for posting these links!