Monday, February 26, 2007

Oscar Night Review: Lesbians, Goodfellas, and Our Queen

If you care at all about the Oscars, you already know who won. So let’s start with something you didn’t know: Jennifer Hudson’s auspicious show biz beginnings. No, not auditioning for American Idol. Everyone knows about that. No, long before she became a foolishly rejected American Idol or an actual Oscar Winner (!) she was an original cast member of Xanadu!

You didn’t know, did you? If Hollywood is looking for an historian of such facts I am more than available. These things get lost in the shuffle of our rapidly shifting pop landscape. I am ready and available to document.

Jennifer eventually took off the Greek disco muse wrap and joined the land of the standardly glamorous for Hollywood's High Holy Night, the Oscars. [Also known as "Nathaniel's New Years Eve" --now I can get on with 2007. Finally] But she didn’t make my best or worst dressed list. With or without the Xanadont flourishes.

for Best & Worst Dressed, Hot Men, Power Lesbians and the crowning of Mirren and Marty

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Yaseen Ali said...

Nathaniel. You know I love Kiki too, but she deserves to be on the "Worst Dressed" list. It was a disaster.

SusanP said...

OMG.... Xanadu... that's just... I'm in awe.

Excellent round-up. I had been thinking of writing my own version, but it will be redundant by the time I get to it.

So what's the favorite to win Best Pic next year??? :)

Anonymous said...

GREAT round-up! Am a first time commenter though have been lurking for about 6 months. Love your site!

Dreamgirls performance was one of the great highlights of the evening. Could see Beyonce about to explode with need to upstage Jennifer Hudson & put her into her place for once and for all. I was actually expecting a full-on catfight to break out and any moment during those duets.

Almost cried when I saw the "3 amigos" up there, knew marty was going to get it. Love his eye-brows. =)

Anonymous said...

Ah... thank you so very much. Jonathan Ross devoted a measley 5 minutes to the Oscars before moving on to the delights of Ghost Rider and Freedom Writer ... the quite nice interveiw with Imelda Staunton was not enough to compensate.

Once again, my sanity is restored courtesy of Nathaniel.

NicksFlickPicks said...

We're totally agreed about Best Dressed, although I might sub out Kate Winslet for Adriana Barraza, who looked terrific.

I gotta echo Ali, though, on the Worst Dressed: there was no excuse for Kirsten Dunst. Is that part of why she and Tobey were fighting?

(And I think Wahlberg was the best dressed fella, or at least neck-and-bowtied-neck with Clooney.)

Anonymous said...

I have to state it here since you'l never be able to say something nice about Clint Eastwood, but that italian-to-english translation was the most endearing moment of the night. All my friends made comments about it, even the Eastwood nay sayers.
Ennio Morricone and Clint were perfect together (The Good The Bad and Ugly - great, great, great) and helped us to overcome that awful Celine Dion moment.

- cal roth


i dont know that i'd never say a nice thing about Clint Eastwood. Im' just restoring balance to the universe is all.

anyway... how's this. He's older than Peter O'Toole but doesn't he seem SO much healthier and lively. He could live for another 70years! was that nice?

anyway... i really can't believe he's older than O'Toole. The difference is pretty remarkable.


vega welcome. i love comments

yorkshire thank you

nick --maybe tobey and kirsten have always been fighting? Maybe that's why both of them always look like they didn't keep their appts with their stylists and hairdressers? too busy fighting?

Anonymous said...

After Jennifer Hudson changed a third time, she looked the best in a gold beaded gown. Check

Also there has been a pattern of Best Actress Oscar winner dresses starting from 2003 when Nicole Kidman and Catherine Zeta Jones won. They were wearing black and the following year when Charlize Theron and Renee Zelwegger won they wore white. The next year instead of just black or white there were two discint colors. Blue on Hilary Swank and Yellow on Cate Blanchett. The next year, Reese Witherspoon and Rachel Weisz won with gold and black. This year the color was gold. Jennifer Hudson wore it and so did Helen Mirren....

And I heard Eddie Murphy walked out last night when he lost...

Anonymous said...

WOW! Never thought about that pattern. Jennifer Hudson was amazing in that gold dress and Naomi Watts looked EXACTLY like Cate Blanchett from 2005 (same colour dress, same hair, same "black belt") it's scary.

And that's probably why the producers didn't want or let Eddie to sing song. He would have just belted out right in the middle!

Craig Hickman said...

I thought Penelope Cruz's dress was a hot mess.

And I enjoyed the Beyonce Jennifer show. I don't believe they are faking anything. I just don't buy the rumors. And for those who buy the rumors, than Beyonce is a better actress than she's given creidt for because she has now cried on two occasions when Jennifer's name was announced. And yes, the cynics will say that's because she was in pain.

But I think she's genuinely happy for Jennifer.

And the creators of Dreamgirls weren't the only folks "slapped down" last night. (Interesting choice of words, and very revealing, to say the least.)

There were just enough upsets to keep the show interesting.


who said anything about 'slap downs'? --comment conversations are so confusing ;)

Anonymous said...

Nat, Any idea why Ang Lee wasn't there last night to present for Best Director as last year's winner?

Pfangirl said...

Nat, you were spot-on about that little Devil Wears Prada 'reunion' sequence during the Costume Design presenting. It was my favourite part of the whole show as well...

Glenn Dunks said...

Anon, they don't typically do that with directors because they're not famous enough.

I wasn't a bit fan of Naomi's outfit, but she is preggers so the looseness may be related to that.

Kelly Preston was disgusting. And I agree on the Anne Hathaway thing. That dress confused me. I hated J.Hud's jacket on the red carpet. Thank god someone told her to take it off.

Mirren, Blanchett, Cruz were all great. However, my best dress was Gwyneth Paltrow. Not only was that colour supurb on her, but the dress was delightfully retro and chic. I loved it. Extremely straight hair helped too.

On the men's side, it was a battle between my eternal love Hugh Jackman, eternal hottie Mark Wahlberg and eternal charmer George Clooney. I call it a three-way tie. Although I loved Hugh's hair. Don't ask me why. But the hair struck me as really nice.

And, still agreed on Ellen. The show certainly didn't feel like it finished at 12:30.

And duel on stage was hilarious but entertaining. Notice by even Anika Noni Rose got into it when she came out.

Glenn Dunks said...

LOL, That retched dog-arsed excuse for a man Stephen Kojucaro (or whatever. "Kojo") on Entertainment Tonight gave worst dressed to Nicole Kidman, followed by Jennifer Hudson and... there was someone else, but can't remember.

Best dressed was Cate Blanchett, but #2 was, *vomit* Cameron Diaz and there was also Jennifer Lopez and Kirsten Dunst. What is that man sniffing?

Anonymous said...

I agree about Cate Blanchett and Hellen Mirren being best dressed, but I was kinda 'meh' about Kate Winslet and Maggie Gyllenhaal, and I really didn't like the bodice on Penelope Cruz's dress.

It's a shame about that jacket-thing J. Hudson wore because the dress was pretty.


well she redeemed herself with the other two dresses

StinkyLulu said...

I think we can blame Andre Leon Talley for Jennifer's Intergalactagown. (Wasn't it on the NBC pre-show that he "took" her to some major designer who designed that ensemble for her?)

I also think the pockets were just...weird.

adam k. said...

OMG. "Intergalactagown" made me laugh out loud. And I am in a public computer cluster right now, and it's supposed to be quiet.

That jacket really was heinous. If you include it, JHud would have to be worst dressed of the night. I actually didn't hate anyone else's dress, not even Nat's worst-dressed. Cate Blanchett's alligator green/brown thing freaked me out at first, though. Loved Winslet. Liked Dunst's gown, too... I don't get the hate.

And why does Clooney win best dressed just for wearing a suit and bowtie like everyon else? Being good-looking doesn't make you the best-dressed.

Nat, aren't you glad Marie-Antonette won costume design? Or was that moment tainted by the tackiness of having Devil people present it? I didn't really take issue with that, I just felt bad that they're film lost.

Really, the only moment that I hated was when Lubeszki lost cinematography. No excuse. OK, Pan's is prettier, that's the excuse. But that sucked.

Other than that, it was a great, fun show. MUCH improved from last year's debacle.

I actually was glad Alan Arkin beat Murphy even though I thought Murphy's perf was much more impressive. Goes to show you that yes, being an asshole + making Norbit = oscar loss.


no i was thrilled for canonero but my issue with having people from nominated films present is just that: you end up feeling bad for them if they lose... and conflicting emotion is yucky when you're supposed to be happy for the winner.

actually being good looking does make you best dressed. ha ha or at least it does for men (since they all wear the same outfit so it becomes about overall impression / hair / etc...)

Glenn Dunks said...

Adam, I can tell when certain guys have tried to look good. So many others don't even bother. And I think as punishment for having the women spend days getting ready, men should have to look good too. Putting on a suit or tuxedo isn't that hard.

Plus, if you're a guy who isn't overweight then you should have to bear a tuxedo with bowtie. Really. Rent one! With the bowtie already tied and just clip it on! It's not hard.

Schlubby guys do look weird wearing them though so ties are fine. But, even then why straight black?

Anonymous said...

Reese looked awesome

Anonymous said...

Leo DiCaprio was the most handsome man there