Monday, February 12, 2007

Thank You For Linking

Wet Circuit celebrates Xanadu on its own "girly space-time continuum"
Hollywood Elsewhere thinks Zodiac is great but the studio seems skittish
Stale Popcorn wise words on Beyoncé and other divasingers-turned-actors
Cinephilia Arden liveblogs the Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue. Wheeeee
The Carpetbagger examines why The Painted Veil didn't ignite w/ Oscar
Moviehole if they have to make movies of third-tier superheroes, I guess the casting could be worse than this. Is this the best idea Nicolas Cage has had in years?
Cintra Wilson on the unstable allure of Anna Nicole Smith. I didn't have anything to say about this but I always think Cintra's writings on celebrity are worth a look
Post Modern Barney wonders what Tobey Maguire is thinking...
Wit of the Staircase a new book on Robert Altman's masterpiece Nashville
Eddie on Film clearing up some Oscar mistruths by going straight to the source. Here's the Academy's official stance on recent statistical arguments.


Jason Adams said...

Ooh that review of Zodiac's got me all hopped up now...

Anonymous said...

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