Monday, February 26, 2007

PSA: Attention Casting Directors

Elisabeth Shue is still very much alive. She proved it by showing up on the red carpet at last night's Oscars. Can someone please give her a job!? I mean a real job. I don't mean like a victim of spooky child job or a mom of Hot Young-Man walk on. I mean a real meaty role. Remember how completely incredible she was in Leaving Las Vegas? How can you give a performance like that and be mostly ignored.

Plus: still pretty.

First casting director to give her a great role again gets a gold star and my thanks.


Anonymous said...

Hear freaking hear! And not a single close-up of her during her husband's speech. Amateurs.


Jason Adams said...

I love her, too, Nat. She was terrific if barely there in Mysterious Skin, and yeah, I don't get why she hardly gets work.

Glenn Dunks said...

Yes please.

She's in that group of actresses that also includes Jennifer Jason Leigh and Robin Wright Penn. Not really famous except to movie afficionados. They barely work unless it's as a plain supporting character and all their lead roles are in movies so arthouse it hurts. Plus they all sorta look the same.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for (and amen to) your spot-on shout-out. This woman deserves so much better (roles, that is.)

Beau said...

she really was excellent in 'mysterious skin'. never got around to watching 'leaving las vegas' and it might take me a while to do so. that two minute recap of 'the wicker man' fluttering about on YouTube and seeing 'Ghost Rider' everywhere has put me in a kind of anti-Nick Cage funk.

Brian W said...

This picture makes her look like she's going to age really beautifully. Kinda reminds me of Vanessa Redgrave.