Friday, February 02, 2007

The Notorious Linky Page

ArtForum Michael Tolkin talks about his working relationship with Robert Altman and Altman's taste for mowie-wowie. Good piece [src]
Cinematical has a list of the Sundance Festival purchases.
Dennis Cozzalio hates Julie Andrews and fears Mary Poppins 'Nanny of the Netherworld.'
EW on the 'real sex' rumors floating around about Sienna Miller & Hayden Christensen in that Edie Sedgwick movie. PR hoax sure? I mean, can you imagine Hayden Christensen having sex with a woman anyone?
Gilded Moose Breaking Tragedy!
Glitterati is Uma quitting acting?
Hollywood Elsewhere Someone doesn't like Eddie Murphy...
NewNowNext Remember when I was talking about Kimberly Peirce's new film and the hot ensemble of rising stars: Here's two of them you know and love at a film premiere pallsing around.
Windmills of My Mind Is Becoming Jane the new Pride & Prejudice which was the new Sense & Sensibility?

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