Saturday, February 10, 2007

We Can't Wait #4 Evening

In this new film from acclaimed cinematographer Lajos Koltai, Vanessa Redgrave plays a dying woman who spends a lot of time flashing back to her youth when she looked exactly like Claire Danes. Imagine that. Her daughters struggle to accept their mom's mortality whilst having their own dramas. Evening's cast also includes Meryl Streep and her daughter (!) as the younger version of her, Patrick Wilson, Hugh Dancy, Glenn Close, Toni Collette and Natasha Richardson. I could say more but they had me at the cast. I don't even care if it's bad.

Lulu: Indeed. And that it comes complete with a Patrick Wilson/Hugh Dancy chaser? Well, this is just like crack for actressexuals. Not that I'm compulsive that way.

Gabriel: All about the cast. How can this possibly fail? The deck is stacked so high...

Joe: The cast, of course, is phenomenal, but I’ll be the first to take up the mantle of Michael Cunningham, who has adapted the screenplay from Susan Minot’s novel. Cunningham wrote The Hours (book, not screenplay) and A Home At the End of the World (book and screenplay). The Hours made the better movie, while A Home was an absolute mess as a movie, though the book was heartbreakingly wonderful. Hopefully we can chalk the latter up to first time screenwriting jitters, because the talent that’s been assembled would be criminal to waste it.

Question for my fellow round-tablers: who’s got the prettier face, Claire Danes or Hugh Dancy?

JA: Oh come on, I like Claire Danes a lot, but Dancy's so much prettier then her. He's also probably the only one of the two who's made out with Cunningham. Allegedly.

Amazing cast + Cunningham = so there.

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Glenn Dunks said...

That cast is very wow. But you gotta wonder, sometimes these big casts get together and you ask "what did they see in it?" cause they can turn into disasters.

But, I have faith in Meryl and Toni especially.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to figure out how you're going to wedge NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, MY BLUEBERRY NIGHTS, THERE WILL BE BLOOD, EASTERN PROMISES, and CHARLIE WILSON'S WAR into the final three slots!

gabrieloak said...

Evening is a wonderful novel so I hope the film is good. But I didn't know Hugh Dancy was in it...I'm going to see the play Journey's End especially for him.

Beau said...

Hugh Dancy.
Claire Danes.
Toni Collette.
Meryl and Vanessa.

Kamila said...

"The Hours" is my favorite picture and I can´t wait to see "Evening".

The cast is amazing, the plot seems great, but I don´t know about Lajos Koltai.

But, like you, I don´t care if this movie is good or not, I will probably love it!


jeff yeah... too bad I don't believe in ties. One of those just missed the top 20. One of them is still coming up.

kamila that's the best thing about ensemble movies. if there are enough wonderful beloved faces... it goes a long way

beau no yum for Streep & Redgrave? talent is delicious.

Beau said...

They're a different form of yummy. Which isn't to say the previous three aren't enormously talented, but Streep and Redgrave are just trancendent. I'm strongly considering making a trek out to NY for a night just to see Redgrave do "The Year of Magical Thinking".


do it!

I haven't seen it yet but it's Redgrave.