Tuesday, February 06, 2007

We Can't Wait #13 Southland Tales

Donnie Darko, Richard Kelly's first feature, was shot in 28 days. It would take much longer to find distribution and then plenty more to become the cult favorite that it's become. The first edit was 165 minutes long and it eventually got whittled to 113 before it hit theaters. So maybe, just maybe, there's nothing to worry about in regards to the production history of Southland Tales , what with the delays and recutting.

This new film stars features a hodgepodge of Los Angelenos like shady police officers, boxers with amnesia (The Rock), and porn stars turning to reality television (Sarah Michelle Gellar). The cast includes everyone from Cheri Oteri through Miranda Richardson and on to Seann William Scott. As far as I know, no tall demonic rabbits appear. It takes place in the future known as 2008. So they'd better get it into theaters soon, right?

Joe: Big sprawling casts always tend to attract me. Big sprawling casts full of maybe not the greatest collection of actors ever are almost more fascinating, in that they’re all like snowflakes – no two are the same. The Sin City cast looked like the weekend clientele at a brothel...you know, the one next door to the methadone clinic. The Bobby cast looked like a sketchy mix of old cougars and the young men who would be their prey. The Southland Tales cast looks like..like the line at the Hollywood unemployment agency? I mean, how else to explain the “Land of the SNL Lost” vibe? Anyway, my point is that even the most motley of crews can come together perfectly, and Kelly’s style is strong enough to be able to keep them all in line, I think.

The Cannes reception doesn’t scare me so much – Cannes can be such a funhouse mirror for how a film will actually be received Stateside. Also worth noting is that if the Darko director’s cut is anything to go by, Kelly can improve a film a good deal upon editing and fine-tuning. I’m not giving up hope just yet.

JA: The man who brought Jake Gyllenhaal to my attention making a movie with Buffy? It's like, come on, Richard Kelly, you're not even being subtle anymore. You obviously want to break down my door and ravish me, but are forcing yourself to speak through these obtuse cinematic codes. Really, dude, just come on over, we can talk. I don't think you need to spend years of your life crafting my wet dreams into celluloid.

Lulu: Ok. If this is pre/post-apocalyptic, I'm in. Otherwise, I'm just confused.

Nathaniel: I'm assuming that a lot of people will be. Take Gabriel for instance. Not a peep out of...

Gabriel: I'm going to believe the naysayers at Cannes, who felt that the movie (I'm paraphrasing here) was a pile of stinkydoodoo...

Lulu: No reason to bring my sister into this.

Gabriel: ...although I do have a crush on The Rock, so...I'm conflicted.

Nathaniel: Conflicted? Confused? Anxious for it to arrive? Southland Tales will supposedly do just that in April provided that it doesn't end up in some distribution hell wormhole

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Anonymous said...

Lulu: Ok. If this is pre/post-apocalyptic, I'm in. Otherwise, I'm just confused.

I'm with Lulu - love post apocalyptic - also really interested to see what Kelly has to say with his second feature. Interesting cast I think that could go either way.

WickedScorp said...

Cheri Oteri in dreads. That may be reason enough.

Glenn Dunks said...

Plus it's a quasi-musical. Don't forget that!

It really seems like Kelly has thrown in everything plus the kitchen sink. Even if it is a disaster, it'll be a fascinating one.