Friday, February 02, 2007

We Can't Wait #20 The Bourne Ultimatum

Oscar-nominated director Paul Greengrass (United 93) discussing a shot with Matt Damon

Matt Damon proved himself a gifted actor early in his career but carrying a huge action flick? That was a gamble in 2002. The risk paid off and this series, which supposedly concludes here with The Bourne Ultimatum, is now a no brainer bet for two hours of quality action thrills that don't insult your intelligence. Aside from the smarts of the series one of its key strengths has been in the casting. Damon carries the films but he's always had ample great support from name actors in small key roles. For the third installment wimpy Julia Stiles and steely Joan Allen reprise their roles. The Bourne Ultimatum opens in August.

Gabriel ranked this first on his list. What's the draw?

Lu: Yes. Really. WHAT is the draw?

Gabriel: What's the draw? What's the DRAW?!?! You gotta be kidding me. Matt Damon in buff mode (check those biceps!). Joan Allen, Goddess of All Things. The best director to emerge in the new century. Excellent new cast additions (Paddy Considine and David Straithairn). And the conclusion to the most intelligent and gripping action franchise our time. What's NOT to get excited about? I mean, you're all fussy, artsy types, but seriously...

JA: Who you callin fussy? Do I get to see Julia Stiles die if I go to this movie? I want that guaranteed with admission, or no sale here.

At this point I'm lying and saying I'm waiting for all 3 films to be on DVD so "I can experience the trilogy in its complete form" though.

Joe: When was the last time you’ve looked forward to an action movie for the acting chops? Yet here we are. I’m almost giddy waiting to see Joan Allen let loose again like she did in Supremacy. And, as if I wasn’t already hugely in his corner, Damon made yet another leap in skill level, I found, with his performances in The Departed and The Good Shepherd. Both artistically and commercially, he’s on one hell of a roll, and I don’t think he gets praised for it enough. From Ocean’s Eleven onward, the man has been on fire.

Nathaniel: I'm a little agnostic on the series since they killed off Franka Potente. You just don't kill my Franka! But, that said, I'm seconding Joe that Damon is hot right now and the thought of Joan Allen throwing us that Pamela Landy shade again. I'm totally there even if it wasn't actually on my list.

Readers, are you heeding this Ultimatum?

UPDATE: New set photos @ Random Good Stuff [src]


Anonymous said...

Hmm. Wish you'd refrain from Stiles hatred, because I really rate her. However, I HATED the last Bourne film. HATED HATED HATED. So I'm not that jazzed about this, despite really liking the first film.


WickedScorp said...

I'm still peeved that they killed off Lola. Aside from that, I did not appreciate Paul Greengrass's handle of the last film. The cinematography was especially horrendous. The frantic movement resulted in many scenes becoming a complete blur; most grievously, since he had trained for them, Matt's fight scenes, which were so expertly filmed in the first. Should never have let Doug Liman get away.

Anonymous said...

Wickedscorp speaks words that drip with truth. Kudos.


Anonymous said...

I gotta say...meh. I've never been able to get into these movies.

par3182 said...

wickedscorp said exactly what i wanted to say...

loved the first one, hated the second

i'll still see this one on dvd, mainly for matt's arms

Glenn Dunks said...

I mostly liked the first one (I don't remember it at all though except for the buggy car chase), but the second one was really great I thought. If I wasn't excited for where it's going (I haven't read the books and apparently they defer largely from them too?) I'm excited to see my girl Joan on screen again and see her in a big hit too! She needs more so she can make more Upside of Angers.

Anonymous said...

Compare "Bourne" to any of the other crap that passes for action movies, these days, and then DARE to whine. The first two were so elegant and tight, I'd go see 3 even if that bombastic ego, Michael Bay, was directing...and I despise his work. But I don't have to face that problem since Paul Greengrass is kicking serious butt, again. And Matt. And Joan. And I don't even mind Julia Siles; she was pretty good in "Supremancy." So I'm there and when it's on DVD I'll be there. And build my own little set. And watch them in order again and again and again...and I'm not even thirteen. My one hope is someone somewhere in the promotonal office has the bright idea of showing all three movies at a theater, in order. Man...that would be heaven.