Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Oscars Ahoy

Everyone is talking Oscar. Herewith a quick tour of some musings elsewhere

Positively Ponyfied has a funny tour of Oscar's way with Original Song.
Denver Post overdoes it with this "blogs have the power" theory
That Little Round Headed Boy has an interesting dream for Oscar. His plan intrigues. They need to shake things up.
StinkyLulu is profiling each nominee in --well, you know.
Hollywood Insider The rumor mill has Supporting Actor down to the wire between Arkin and Murphy
Movie City Indie "all that money and my ass on the line" on ThinkFilm's Oscar campaign for Half Nelson

and some people are just giving their own awards instead...
Robert Licuria's 13th annual "Cadet Awards"
Joe Reid "Rezzie" Awards. Good stuff from my frequent guest contributor

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John T said...

Interesting thing about the Mirren/Whitaker/Hudson/Murphy stampede. When was the last time (if ever) the same quartet won all four major awards? Last year they came close, but Giamatti won the SAG.