Saturday, March 10, 2007

Best Actress Contenders 2007 (K-Z)

On Tuesday the rules for the longest Oscar predictions contest evah will be posted. I'm crazy but if you're reading this you probably share the sickness, don'cha? Here's the second half of the list of possible Oscar contenders. So ponder these names as well

If you know of an actress I forgot (anyone with a film coming out and with a last name from K to Z) please don't hesitate to say and I'll consider adding them. Feel free to debate these individual actresses in the comments. Page one was also updated with terrifying realizations like the return of Helen Hunt... (sigh)

For the record the photo is Natalie Portman in Goya's Ghost. So at the very least she'll probably get soom good reviews for how she "transformed herself". Remember when Charlize Theron got all the credit for her astounding ability to make her skin look all mottled in Monster? What's that --make-up artists ?!? Never heard of 'em!


Anonymous said...

What about Meryl Streep fpr Dark Matter?

Anonymous said...

Didn't Julie Taymor direct Salma Hayek to a nomination for Frida?

Anonymous said...

Rachel Weisz-The Colossus
Lindsay Lohan-Chapter 27
Samantha Morton-Mister Lonely,Control
Julia Roberts-Charlie Wilson's War
Gretchen Mol-Trainwreck: My Life as an Idiot,Boy of Pigs
Toni Collette,Hey, Hey, It's Esther Blueburger

Anonymous said...

Renée Zellweger . Leatherheads

Rachel McAdams . Married Life

Sarah Jessica Parker . Smart People

Sarah Jessica Parker . Spinning Into Butter

Molly Shannon . Year of the Dog

Keri Russell . Waitress

Anonymous said...

Marianne Faithfull - Irina Palm

she was great in it. saw it at the berlin film festival

Anonymous said...

What happened to Dirty Tricks? I remember one of your posts about how Meryl Streep wouls win her 3th Oscar...

Just read the whole list... Jodie Foster has no competition...

(Go, Jodie Foster!)

- cal roth

Anonymous said...

It'd be great if Marianne Faithfull would get nominated, but the Academy would never have the balls to nominate that role. Hope Tilda gets in, she's always great.
As for Sigourney, she has the best chance for a nomination in The Girl in the Park, if it gets released by the end of 07.

Anonymous said...

I strongly believe that I'm more excited than the rest of the world put together to see Parker Jesus Posey taker a lead(!) role in a new Hal Hartley(!) movie that got decent word-of-mouth(!!!!) around festivals. Plus, Fay Grim in Henry Fool already counts as one of my favourite Parker Posey performances.

Also, I got to see Laura Linney in Jindabyne - it's an excellent (but not all that showy) performance in a solid (but flawed and not all that striking) movie. Unless Australiana magically translates into the kind of exoticism that sells tickets in the US, I can't imagine that the movie will register much come awards time. (Even in Australia where the director Ray Lawrence is God, the reception was quite warm but with some reservations. Despite pedigree, it hardly got any awards in a much more limited field.)

Glenn Dunks said...

Jindabyne is directed by Ray Lawrence, by the way. Agreed with goran that I doubt it will tickle Oscar's (or America's) fancy. It was my #1 film of 2006 and thought it was sort of magnificently stunning (almost on par with Lantana, but if you have to be compared to a movie, Lantana is a tough one to beat). I'd nominate Linney for the "sick" scene alone. "People don't make themselves sick. It's something that happens to you. Something bad." *melts* so good.

Sean, Collette is probably going to be supporting for Esther Blueburger (I think Keisha Castle-Hughes is lead), but, it's also a movie aimed at a younger audience and it's Australian so I doubt it'll even get a release in America.

For The Other Boleyn Girl I really think it will be Portman Lead/Johansson Supporting. Just makes sense. BTW, Boleyn is written by the same guy who wrote The Queen and The Last King of Scotland. Another nom on it's way for a Peter Morgan-written film?

And, yeah, Julie Taymor lead Salma Heyak (who's now preggers!!) to a nod for Frida.

On the Helen Hunt thing, I'm actually predicting atm a nod for Bette Midler in the supporting category. I figure that makes as much sense as many others. She apparently has a juicy mother role.

The Jaded Armchair Reviewer said...

No Michelle Pfieffer for Stardust? Could steal it a la Devil Wears Prada?

Susan Sarandon's movie interests me as the only Doris Duke biopic I've seen was on TV with Lauren Bacall. =/

Oh how I wish for that Bette Midler win (if only they had released For the Boys two years later.......)

par3182 said...

i was hoping to never hear the name helen hunt again

AMMONART25 said...

Are you trying to pull an early April Fool's on us? That is NOT Natalie Portman in the photo...It's quite clearly Helen Hunt before 6 hours in the make up chair!

J.D. said...

Oh, Nat, guess what I just found out?

Film Bitch Gold Medalist Ziyi Zhang. Yup. You did it.

(2000, duh.)

Oh, and I started my Most Anticipated films list, called 16/07. And I'm D-List. :(

Oh well.

More hope for Cate!!

Anonymous said...

I think Meryl Streep is Support in Dark Matter.

Dirty Tricks comes in 2008.

I think Meryl has this Year the Best Chances as Lead Actress in Lion for Lambs and as Supporting Actress in Dark Matter.

Other Films

in Rendition as Supporting Actress and in Evening as Supporting Actress.

Anonymous said...

thanks, Frank for sharing your views of Meryl's categories for this year;s movies.

Anonymous said...

Julie Taymor directed Best Actress Nominee Salma Hayek in Frida.


page has been updated with more candidates.

Anonymous said...

Irina Palm is not quite as dirty as it sounds. it´s a bit like one of those Brit films like Calendar Girls or The fully Monty. you don´t get to see anything, it´s all about imagination. the role is quite conventional, but she is still great in it...

Anonymous said...


Love the nicknames.

Anonymous said...

An odd one that you're missing and it makes me cringe to suggest it is Mischa Barton (yes her from the OC) for "Closing the Ring".

Dickie Attenborough directs a love story that jumps between 90's and WW2. It has historical elements (like every good film he's done) and tragic love story (like Shadowlands). Plus every interview Dickie's been doing recently he's been bigging up Mischa - saying she's the best young actress he's ever worked with and that we'll be seeing her at next years BAFTA's.

Might be all talk though, but certainly one to keep an eye on.

Glenn Dunks said...

I saw that Juliette Binoche Mary movie at Blockbuster today! They have one copy. Direct-to-DVD. I was actually tempted to get it and then I snapped to my sense. And then I noticed Shortbus and got that instead.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Goya's Ghosts get terrible reviews overseas? It had trouble finding a distributor over here.

I thought Running with Scissors' failure had put Dirty Tricks on hold indefinitely, but maybe I'm wrong. Anyway, Dark Matter was a non-starter at Sundance.

The Colossus isn't being made either.

Anonymous said...

Ellen Page in An American Crime deserves a listing


i didn't include ellen page because of the academy's new rules that you can't have two lead actors of the same genitalia ;)

and clearly Catherine Keener is a bigger star so she's lead.