Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Surprise! Shanghai Surprise Still Exists

It's a great DVD day...for masochists.

Mel Gibson box set Get yer triple feature of rage and machismo: Braveheart, We Were Soldiers and Payback (the latter is the directors cut --rumored to be very different in tone... i.e. more brutal. That is definitely what people are into now so it's probably a good move financially.
Bobby (2006)
Shanghai Surprise (1986) because you almost forgot that Sean Penn and Madonna were once newlyweds making a movie together and you want to relive the mid 80s all over again, don'cha? This is a "special edition" I'm thinking the only thing that could earn this movie that title is if they reunited Penn & Madonna for a feature length commentary track. Un-com-fort-a-ble

also on DVD today
Doris Day Collection this is volume 2 which includes Romance on the High Seas, My Dream Is Yours, On Moonlight Bay, I'll See You in My Dreams, By the Light of the Silvery Moon and Lucky Me. (so, yes, the biggies are in volume 1)
Phantasm (1979) apparently horror fans like this one a lot
Major League (1989) baseball comedy


Colin said...

Off-topic but Nathaniel, do you intend to watch Hard Candy? Because one of the best perfs of 2006 is in that film.

Anonymous said...

Shanghai Surprise special edition?! WOAH!

[add to cart]


Beau said...

If Colin's referring to Page's as opposed to Wilson's (still exceptional, but hers is in a league of its own), then yes, I second that notion.

Anonymous said...

That blank space after Bobby is brilliant. Really, what is there to say about Bobby?