Wednesday, June 06, 2007

20:07 (I'm a Poet)

Each morning a screenshot from the 20th minute and 7th second of a movie

"A passion for art never made anyone rich. I don't know why but poverty is always a sister to genius."


Paul C. said...

SATYRICON isn't even close to being my favorite Fellini, but it certainly is memorable...

Notas Sobre Creación Cultural e Imaginarios Sociales said...

I simply adore this!
Must rewatch soon.

Anonymous said...

I remember thinking, as I watched the film, that if I'd dropped acid beforehand the whole thing would have made complete sense. (Is the editing really that fragmented or did it get butchered after release?)

I must say Fellini - or whoever was his casting director - certainly had an eye for faces, because I have never seen so many interesting and intriguing looking people of all races in one film. And that boy-toy at the beginning of the film - was there ever a more beautiful boy? As a committed lesbian myself I could totally get why they were fighting over him.